Puregold Price Club (PGOLD)’s Dividend Yield and Dividend History

James Ryan Jonas

Find out below the Dividend History of the stock Puregold Price Club Inc (PGOLD) in recent years. You can also see below the annual Dividend Yield of the stock in the past five years.

In 2017, PGOLD’s Dividend Yield was 1.40% after paying total dividends of PHP 0.70 per share. This return was almost double the 2016 dividend yield of 0.77%.

The nominal dividend amount of PHP 0.70 paid in 2017 was more than double the PHP 0.30 dividends paid in 2016.

View the tables below to see PGOLD’s dividend yield and payment history in recent years.

Puregold Price Club Inc (PGOLD)’s Dividend Yield

YearDividends per Share (in PHP)Dividend Yield (Year-end %)
2014NoneNo Dividends Paid

Puregold Price Club Inc (PGOLD)’s Dividend History

Dividend TypeAmountEx-Dividend DateDeclaration DateRecord DatePayable Date
2017Cash DividendsPHP 0.2012/27/201712/15/20171/2/20181/26/2018
Cash DividendsPHP 0.201/9/201712/22/20161/12/20171/20/2017
Special Cash DividendsPHP 0.2012/27/201712/15/20171/2/20181/26/2018
Special Cash DividendsPHP 0.101/9/201712/22/20161/12/20171/20/2017
2016Cash DividendsPHP 0.201/5/201612/18/20151/8/20161/18/2016
Special Cash DividendsPHP 0.101/5/201612/18/20151/8/20161/18/2016
2015Cash DividendsPHP 0.201/7/201512/19/20141/12/20152/5/2015
Special Cash DividendsPHP 0.101/7/201512/19/20141/12/20152/5/2015
2014No Dividends Paid
2013Cash DividendsPHP 0.2012/27/201312/16/20131/6/20141/30/2014
Special Cash DividendsPHP 0.1012/27/201312/16/20131/6/20141/30/2014

How to Compute Dividend Yield?

The Dividend Yield shows the dividend income paid to the stockholder as a percentage of stock price, computed using this formula:

  • Total Dividends Paid / Stock Price

Take, for example, a company whose stock price is currently P100.00 and which paid dividends of P5.00. The Dividend Yield, in this case, is 5% (computed as P5.00 divided by P100.00).

The higher the dividend yield, therefore, the higher the income that stockholders receive. Clearly, it is potentially lucrative to invest in stocks that pay consistent, sustainable, and above-average dividend yields.

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