PLDT (TEL): Dividend Yield & Dividend History

Here’s a summary of the Dividend Yield and Dividend Payments made by PLDT (TEL) in recent years.

For the entire year 2017, the company distributed total dividends of PHP 76.00 per share. PLDT’s Dividend Yield that year was 5.14%. This return was a slight decline from the 7.77% paid to stockholders in 2016.

The nominal dividend amount of PHP 76.00 per share paid in 2017 was also the lowest amount of dividends given to PLDT shareholders since 2013.

View the tables below to see PLDT’s dividend yield and payment history in the past years.

PLDT (TEL)’s Dividend Yield

YearDividends per Share (in PHP)Dividend Yield (Year-end %)

PLDT (TEL)’s Dividend History

YearDividend TypeAmountEx-Dividend DateDeclaration DateRecord DatePayable Date
2017Cash DividendsPHP 48.008/22/178/10/178/25/179/8/17
Cash DividendsPHP 28.003/16/173/7/173/21/174/6/17
2016Cash DividendsPHP 49.008/11/168/2/168/16/169/1/16
Cash DividendsPHP 57.003/9/162/29/163/14/164/1/16
2015Cash DividendsPHP 65.008/24/158/4/158/27/159/25/15
Cash DividendsPHP 61.003/12/153/3/153/17/154/16/15
Special Cash DividendsPHP 26.003/12/153/3/153/17/154/16/15
2014Cash DividendsPHP 69.008/22/148/5/148/28/149/26/14
Cash DividendsPHP 62.003/13/143/4/143/18/144/16/14
Special Cash DividendsPHP 54.003/13/143/4/143/18/144/16/14
2013Cash DividendsPHP 63.008/27/138/7/138/30/139/27/13
Cash DividendsPHP 60.003/14/133/5/133/19/134/18/13
Special Cash DividendsPHP 52.003/14/133/5/133/19/134/18/13

What are Dividends?

Dividends are distributions of income by the company to its shareholders. Simply speaking, it is the share of stockholders in the total earnings generated by the company for the year.

While stock price appreciation could provide bigger profits than dividends, price gains are only realized when the investor sells the stock. Dividends, however, are tangible and actual profits that investors receive from the company. This may be in the form of cash dividends or stock dividends.

What is Dividend Yield?

The Dividend Yield shows the dividend income paid to the stockholder as a percentage of stock price, computed using this formula:

  • Total Dividends Paid / Stock Price

Take, for example, a company whose stock price is currently P100.00 and which paid dividends of P5.00. The Dividend Yield, in this case, is 5% (computed as P5.00 divided by P100.00).

The higher the dividend yield, therefore, the higher the income that stockholders receive. Clearly, it is potentially lucrative to invest in stocks that pay consistent, sustainable, and above-average dividend yields.

What are important Dividend Dates to remember?

Here are important dates related to dividend distribution:

DateWhat It Means
Declaration DateThe company's announcement or declaration date that it will be distributing dividends
Ex-DateAlso called "Ex-Dividend Date," this is the first day a buyer of a stock is NOT entitled or is EX-cluded from receiving dividends
Record DateThe date a stockholder should be "recorded" in the books of the company to be eligible to receive dividends
Payment DateThe date dividends are actually paid to eligible shareholders

Take note that stock prices typically rise from the time the dividend was announced (Declaration Date) until the Ex-Date (the first day when buying a stock does NOT entitle the buyer to the dividends).

Stock prices would fluctuate and possibly rise right before the Ex-Date because investors are scrambling to buy the stock in order to be entitled to receive dividends. Historically, as well, stock prices start to decline from the Ex-Date onwards since those who bought the stock, just to receive dividends, start selling it because they have already earned the right to receive the dividends.

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  1. Good evening po. Ask ko lang kasi meron ako dating stockholder certificate since 1985. Naalala ko pa 5000 ang bili ko sa shares on that time. Every 6months may dumadating sakin na 790 pesos dividend na tseke ng RCBC. Kaya lang nung nag announce ang PLDT na isurrender yung certificate namin last 2013.pagpunta ko almost 3000 lang ang binigay skin. Wala pa kasi ako masyadong idea nung time na yun kaya tinanggap ko at kinuha nila yung certificate na may 10 cummulative per share with 20 dividend per share. Sa tingin nyo po ba after 32 years yun lang po ba ang dapat natanggap ko? Kasi medyo nagkaidea ako na mataas na ang per share ng pldt. At tumaas ang market nila pero bakit ganun lang po ang binigay nila skin actually may kasabayan po ako marami kmi mga almost 200 or more po kmi nung nag surrender ng certificate. Curious lang po kung pwede pa po ba ako humabol sa pldt company about dun sa stock certificate

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