Philippine Passport valid for 10 years: How much and how to apply?

James Ryan Jonas

Good news! Philippine passports with 10-year validity will soon be available, and will be issued beginning January 2018.
The passport will still cost P950.00 — same price as current passports that are valid for 5 years.

This was announced by Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano during the signing of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 10928 on October 25.

In a video uploaded by the DFA documenting the IRR signing, Cayetano highlighted that:

  • Philippine passports with 10-year validity will be released starting January 2018
  • Price of the new passport will not change — still at P950.00

According to Cayetano, the DFA cannot immediately issue passports with 10-year validity since the Philippines has to inform other countries about the new law on passport validity.
Cayetano said the two remaining months this year (November and December 2017) will give the DFA enough time “to inform the whole world and get the appropriate communications out” that Philippine passports, beginning 2018, will now have validity of 10 years.

Exception to the 10-year validity rule

There is an exception, though, wherein 5-year passports will still be given. This is for minors below the age of 18.
Cayetano said that facial features of minors still change so those applying for a passport below the age of 18 will be issued passports that are valid for 5 years. Once the passport holder has reached 18 years old, he or she may apply for a new passport and will be given a passport with 10-year validity.
Watch the DFA video of Cayetano’s announcement below.

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