Paypal withdrawals still pending after 3 weeks

Paypal users in the Philippines rejoiced when Paypal started allowing the direct withdrawal of funds to bank accounts. However, those who initiated a withdrawal before this feature was offered have nothing to be happy about.

Some of them have reported that their withdrawal transactions are still pending after 3 weeks.

In the discussion thread Delayed Paypal withdrawal to EON account, MT_daw wrote:

I did the transaction last January 21, and … it is not yet added to my EON balance.

Jericho added:

My withdrawals (to my EON account) since January 21 is still on pending status as well. I called PayPal and they said it’s the bank’s responsibility to claim that the funds withdrawn has cleared. My theory – UnionBank takes a while to clear it because of the slight increase of the dollar.

donna168 complained as well:

Nag withdraw to credit card din ako last January 26 pero hanggang ngayon pending parin ang statu. Ilang araw na pending pa rin, I’m just wondering kung sa side ba ng Paypal o ng EON may problema.

RNHalawi also shared:

I have 3 pending withdrawals to my EON. Madami din akong kilala na pending pa din. My last successful withdrawal was on Jan. 22, but my 2 succeeding withdrawals pending pa din until now.

Some members initially claimed that the problem lies with UnionBank but there are increasing reports that more and more users worldwide are also experiencing delay in the processing of withdrawal transactions.

Also having delayed Paypal withdrawals? Tell us in the Delayed Paypal withdrawals discussion thread.

20 thoughts on “Paypal withdrawals still pending after 3 weeks”

  1. hi. pending pa rin yung withdrawal ko last january 24, 2008. I already contacted paypal about this but i will have to wait for a week or more to receive a response. This delayed paypal withdrawal process is getting widespread. I’ve search google and there’s just too many of us suffering the same problem. here’s my post about my withdrawal problem. It s*cks. I badly need the money!

  2. katatawag ko lang kanina sa Customer Support ng UnionBank… they verifed me that we can used our EON account as a LOCAL BANK (unionbank) in paypal ..

    regarding on my 2 pending withdrawals(EON), She told me that PAYPAL is responsible for that… kapag “PENDING” pa ang nakalagay it means di pa naipapasa ng paypal ung funds to UnionBank.. kaya Paypal daw ung may prob..

    almost 10days nang pending ung sa kin/ badtrip!

  3. you mentioned that we cant use our EON account as a local bank ? tapos withdraw ng funds using the withdraw a local bank feature, has anyone tried this? and successful?

    1. Yes, EON bank account number is working for the withdrawal to local bank,I have already 3 SUCCESSFUL withdrawals.
      But I also have 6 PENDING withdrawals to my EON CARD, started Jan 23 and every day after.STILL PENDING…..

  4. is that so Pat? I’ll try that one? Eon Cyber Account gamit ko.. i hope i get my withdrawals fast unlike yung january 24, 2008 withdrawal ko still pending up to now.

  5. I read in a forum that someone made a withdrawal yesterday (feb 4) tapos completed na daw.

    Nagwithdraw ako on Jan 28, until now pending pa rin.


  6. johndeemar balingit

    i lost my tracking number in xoom and my sender didnt online till now?how can i see my archive details in xoom by last feb-02-2008?

  7. Did you get a confirmation email about the transaction? You can find the tracking number there. If you didn’t get one and your sender did not give this you the tracking number, then I’m afraid you won’t know about the transaction unless it’s already processed.

  8. Apparently the pending problem coincided with the Paypal technical update – related to the bank account option that they added the last week. Technical glitch.
    You can still withdraw through your bank account thoug. Everything is fine. I just let the pending sit there as saved money.
    No biggie.

  9. Hey Israel, thanks for the input.

    What if I make another withdrawal from PayPal to my card? though the last time I withdrew is still pending but I’m scared that it won’t be completed again.


  10. pareho tayo laarni. Takot na din ako mgwithdraw to my eon card.. but i tried using my eon card account number in the paypal to bank withdrawal. completed na just waiting for the funds to reflect in my account. if it works then bank withdrawal na lang gagamitin ko.

  11. I have withdrawn my paypal funds to my EON DEBIT card and sadly to say,  the transaction failed. The bank’s customer service failed to explain to me the reason why there’s no  transaction  records.

    In my paypal account, the transfer history indicated  paypal’s fund transfer to EON DEBIT card. 

    Checking the EON DEBIT card account balance is still ZERO.  

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