BPI Debit Card for use with Paypal?

Very few local debit and credit cards can be used with Paypal. For those without credit cards, the UnionBank EON debit card is a usual option. For those with a BPI Mastercard, however, there now is an alternative “credit card” that can be used with Paypal: the BPI e-Credit card.

I visited BPI earlier and a staff introduced me to it. The e-Credit card is similar to a supplementary card, which means it is attached to the regular BPI Mastercard.

BPI markets the e-Credit card as the “card for online transactions.” Its account number is different from the regular credit card number which means online, your regular credit card number won’t appear.

How am I protected with the e-Credit card?

The e-Credit card is pre-assigned at 50% of your regular credit limit or P50,000 whichever is lower. This means with the e-Credit card, you have a lower exposure when you use it online.

Is there an annual fee for the e-Credit card?

None, it’s free with the BPI Mastercard.

Will I get a separate card for my e-Credit Card?

Yes, but it’s not really a “credit card” but more of a reference card. It does not contain any chip, magnetic stripe, signature or embossing which means it cannot be used to swipe in offline transactions. What it has is your account number, account name, expiration date, and the card validation number — the same information you need to make an online transaction.

What if my e-Credit card is lost or stolen?

Report it to BPI Express Phone at 89-100 (891-0000). You can also request for a new card with a new account number.

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24 thoughts on “BPI Debit Card for use with Paypal?”

  1. a brief question though, have you asked if this was available to everyone? Have you also had the chance to ask the requirements for this BPI e-card?

  2. This is a good news as another alternative for EON Card.

    However, it seems that is initially available to the existing BPI Mastercard member as you mentioned that it is attached to the regular BPI Mastercard.

    I have the same concern as mentioned by Jamez, what if you don’t have BPI Mastercard? Does it mean that your really need to have or apply the for BPI Mastercard prior you get this BPI E-Credit Card?

    Vlad’s last blog post..Update on My Wife Pregnancy

  3. @Jamez and Vlad, a BPI Mastercard is necessary since the eCredit card is linked to this and the credit limit is 50% of your approved Mastercard credit limit. If you don’t have a BPI Mastercard, you need to apply for one before you can get the e-Credit card.

  4. but can you withdraw money into an e-credit card and then withdraw the cash from an atm? I’ve had one for years but I only use it for online purchases and it has not occurred to me that I can use it with paypal.

  5. James, may quick question lang po ako regarding sa Paypal.. Can you transfer money from the debit card like UnionBank EON or the e-Credit to your Paypal account? I was thinking na if it is possible to use only UnionBank EON in Paypal for deposit and withdrawal of money. Kung possible yun, could you provide the details how? Thanks!

  6. Thanks James for the quick response!
    So for example connected ung Unionbank EON ko sa PayPal, which is a debit card, basta may laman ung EON account ko pwede ako bumili online gamit ung Paypal ko? Thanks ulit!

  7. Marieclairetolentino

    can i get BPI debit card in BPI Ilagan, Isabela Branch?.. can i use this for paying online flight  booking?
    I have 4 savings account with BPI.  how long is the processing?
    requirements? kindly assist me via email at marieclairetolentino.com
    thanks heaps

  8. Hndi po ba ako pwedeng kumuha nito kahit wla pa akong BPI credit card?
    Hndi ko naman sya gagamitin para bumili online, kailangan ko lang na mapagwiwithrawhan ng paypal credits ko. 



  9. wilthy lazaga

    pwedi po ba yung BPInoy international ATM card ko gamitin sa paypal pag sign up?
    para pambili ko ng item online?


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  11. Edwardo Kerkvliet

    Having the superior health and financial resources to travel with my wife as much as possible, to see more from the environment and meet more of its people.

  12. Good Day!

    I have a BPI express teller account and i’m trying to sign up a Paypal account. But the atm card doesn’t have a Master card or Visa. Thanks in Advance.

  13. nag register na ako sa paypal pero wala pa akong bank account or credit card mayroon gustong mag pasok sa akin ng cash sa paypal ko paano ang gagawin ko para pumasok sa paypal ko mayroon bang hinihingi na account number ng paypal ko?

  14. HOW TO LINK MY BPI DEBIT MASTERCARD TO PAYPAL. I am not using credit card,. but I want to purchase goods online through my BPI DEBIT MASTERCARD.. DECLINE THOUGH IT IS FUNDED.

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