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7 Ways How to Make Money Online with Blogs

blog-for-moneyIf you REALLY want to make a lot of money from blogging, here’s our tip: DON’T BLOG — the usual way.

To make money, don’t blog?

“Blogging,” for most people, is about writing stories they want to tell – be it about the latest trip to Boracay, a review of the Star Trek movie, or just plain ranting about the boss or the work.

Several bloggers who write these things do make money from blogging. But not a lot definitely. The problem is that the stories they share usually have a limited audience. On the internet, if you can’t attract a good number of visitors, you can’t expect to earn a lot from your blog or site.

How to make money in blogs without much effort?

The blog is indeed a platform that can be used to communicate almost anything. But if you want to turn your blog into a money-making machine, don’t use it primarily as a platform for your loves, hates, rants, or raves – stories which probably very few people will appreciate.

Use your blog to deliver content that millions of people, including those in other parts of the world, will find worth reading and re-visiting.

How then can you make money from blogging without exerting a lot of effort? Instead of writing stuff that will purge the last of your creative juices, create blogs with profitable niches but are NOT difficult to do.

7 Easy-to-Do Blogs that can make you money

What are some examples?

1. Fan Blog

fan-blogThis works even if you’re a paparazzi-type fan of a celebrity or a die-hard car fanatic. To earn money from a fan blog without exerting a lot of effort, don’t waste your time creating lame analysis or critiques. If you can’t write a la Us Weekly or Car Magazine, try doing a Perez Hilton. Simply get an interesting photo, manipulate it or add doodles, then add attention-grabbing captions.

You can also scout the net for uncopyrighted celebrity photos, then compile them in a “Celebrity Sightings” section of your blog. You can also embed interesting videos which you can get for free from YouTube.

Same thing goes for a Car Enthusiast Blog, although you might have to do it in a more serious tone. You can have a “Cars Just Launched!” blog by copying and pasting official press releases of car launches. Add photos and videos usually provided by the company. To provide “value,” include car comparison charts which you can find in Consumer Reports or in other car magazines. Just make sure you don’t scrape or plagiarize.

2. News Aggregator Blog

This is probably one of the easiest blogs to make. You get stories from traditional media, rephrase it a bit or put an interesting twist so as to make the post “fresh” or “unique.” You earn from the ad clicks of visitors, so the key thing here is to post stories that a lot of people are searching for online. The problem, however, with this blog is that most news are seasonal or, in most cases, non-recurring. For example, writing about the Olympics can bring huge traffic to your post but once the Olympics season is over, you will definitely need a new, popular article to write about in order to bring in hordes of new traffic to your blog.

3. Collection-of-Sorts Blog

With a “collection of sorts” blog, what you create is a compilation of interesting (usually funny) text, photo or video content which you can get for free from various content sharing sites.

Examples of this would be:

  • Text Collection – inspirational quotes; funny jokes; funny text messages
  • Photo Collection – weird or funny print ads; funny pics (as in and
  • Video Collection – funny, weird, or scary videos; best TV ads (as in

Where would you get content? Funny jokes can come from SMS message you received or some joke you heard on TV or radio. Interesting photos can come from uncopyrighted pics on Flickr, Photobucket, or Webshots or you can also solicit contributions from your readers. Best videos are easily available on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Just a reminder, make sure you are not violating any copyright before publishing content on your blog.

4. Lyrics Blog

lyrics-bloggingA lot of people love to sing that’s why they search for the lyrics of a song online. Ride this trend by creating a lyrics blog. To differentiate your blog, you might want to post the lyrics of a song that is about to be released or of an old song that is difficult to find the lyrics online. Add to your post a YouTube video of the song to have “richer” content. Aside from earning money from ads, you can also sign up as an affiliate in Amazon or iTunes to provide an additional monetization scheme when users download songs or albums through your site.

5. Board Exam Results Blog

The announcement of the results of a board exam usually triggers a surge of searches for the exam results. Exploit this by creating a board exam results blog.

The key factor here is to optimize your post ahead of the announcement date so that it will appear on the search engines weeks or months prior to the announcement. Don’t make a post on the announcement date itself. That’s because you lose income from visitors who visit in anticipation of the results. More importantly, it might be too late before your newly-created post will appear on search engine results.

Prior to the announcement, simply state that your post will be updated once the results are out. Then properly update it upon the release of the exam results. Where to get the list of exam passers? From the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) site or from or

6. Exam Reviewer Blog

Alongside your Board Exam Results Blog, create an informational blog that will help future examinees prepare for the board exam. Now, this might require a bit of effort because you will be talking about your experiences. If you still have your old reviewer books, you can repost sample exam questions on your blog — as long as it does not violate the book’s copyright. You can even sell those reviewers online! That’s one more way to make money from your blog.

7. Law Blog

Don’t worry, this law blog won’t entail you giving legal advice to people. All you have to do is repost text of actual laws on your blog. That’s not difficult to do. These laws are publicly available, which means there are no copyright constraints and you can easily get them from the websites of the Senate, the House of Representatives, or government agencies.

You can earn from it because there are a lot of people searching for copies of actual laws, and we’re not just talking about lawyers or law students.

In the Philippines, seems to be the preeminent source of text of Philippine laws, but does that mean your law blog can’t compete with it?

Make money from blogging without really trying

make-money-bloggingOf course, the seven blog types above are just some examples. What you can do to your blog is limited only by your creativity and innovativeness.

There indeed is money in blogging but it doesn’t mean you have to write well or exert a lot of effort. To earn money in blogging, all you need is a niche market that is not yet saturated and good, valuable content that your visitors will find worth reading and worth re-visiting.

All set to make money from blogging without really trying? Good luck!

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79 thoughts on “7 Ways How to Make Money Online with Blogs”

  1. agentmango says:

    finally sir, hahaha! i’ve been waiting for this post since last week and sa wakas meron na rin. So sir you are talking about how to make money with those niches. I thought of this before but never tried, instead i made a blog of greater competition.

  2. agentmango says:

    and sir, can i make a request please? Can you make a post of your strategy in link building to rank high in SERPs? im looking forward to that. thanks

  3. mark domingo says:

    nice post man! I’m planning to put you in my success stories…

  4. Original Blogger says:

    If you’re going to start a lyrics blog, how would you do it? Is there a need for contacting copyright holders of the lyrics?

  5. Patrick says:

    Another type of “Collection-of-Sorts Blog” is a collection of interesting websites of the same sort.

  6. ice_hot says:

    hehehe… sa wakas meron na rin tips!

    i’d like to agree to the things written here. the key to blogging is to provide useful content to the readers. your blog should not be focused on the blogger alone. he should consider the interests and needs of the readers. seo should come later…

    ice_hot’s last blog post..The Secret Works!

  7. The pinoy Entrepreneur says:

    Hi! I think if you really want to earn from blogging without really trying, the best way to do that is to come up with good content first. PinoyMoneyTalk is a testament to that. You have to print articles that your readers would want to read on a constant basis. (So I guess you really have to try hehehe ^^)

    I’m not so much a fan of Board exam results and News aggregate sites. The former, although you do get a lot of traffic, your visitors come only once. The later, you can get much more credible news from the news on TV or in the newspapers. ^^

    Earn and Save Money Now!
    The Pinoy Entrepreneur

  8. BrianB says:

    These blogs are not easy at all. It took me half a year to make one blog profitable, and prior to that it’s been linked by the number one and two biggest blogs of its niche. Still, took me a while. People pouring their hearts out on their blogs and still expect to make money are doing a far easier job, though with not very lucrative results.

    Besides, “news aggregator” is a redundancy. There are aggregators that “lift” posts from others verbatim. News and review blogs are a wholly different set than “news aggregators.”

  9. BrianB says:

    I think putting a little discretion and being picky about your news posts should distinguish you from a mere aggregator.

  10. Randy Marasigan says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the mention of, but let me comment about this phrase:
    “This is probably one of the easiest blogs to make”.
    If your site for example is a mere “aggregator” who’s scraping contents from other blogs/main stream media then I would agree that it’s probably easy.

    Our site is not your typical “aggregator”, we actually create contents in real time. For example, we have to watch live streams (NBA games, Press conference, American Idol, BGT, etc.) to publish breaking news.

    Having a “news” site is not easy because you have to publish more unlike other type of blogs where you can post weekly or even monthly.

    – is the best example of a successful News/Aggregator blog. They publish original contents but sometimes their posts are just 2 liners with just a link to the original content, which is ok, as long as you follow the “Fair Use” law.

    This is a great post James. Thanks!


  11. Tyrone @ Millionaire Acts says:

    Hmmm… I wonder what category should my blog belong based on the descriptions above? By the way James, I think there is a problem with your adsense.

  12. Jay Castillo says:

    Nice post James! I can relate to #7 because I have some posts on my blog explaining laws and regulations concerning real estate and taxation, although my wife is the one actually doing most of the explaining because she is the lawyer, not me. They also say keywords related to this niche also get higher CPC’s. =)

    Jay Castillo’s last blog post..Development Bank Of The Philippines Properties For Sale Through Sealed Bidding On June 10, 2009

  13. Mr. M says:

    Nice tips. At dadagdag ko lang para maging successful ung blog kaylangan may dedication at dapat interested ka talaga sa topic mo, hindi ung pinili mo lang ung topic mo dahil mabenta ung niche:).

  14. jonhar says:

    Though I agree that a blogger should not write about his rants and simple things that he just would like to blurt out, it is still important that one has to write about what he really likes or has passion about. Blogging is not just about earning or making money, it’s more importantly about what your heart tells you. Most of sucessful bloggers I know became who they are because they love what they do not just compelled to do so just for the sake of earning because once the need for money is satisfied, the urge to write will be lesser. But if you write because it’s what you passion is all about, you gotta keep going. Yes it may seem a little less than what others may earn but hey, you’re happy with what you do and I think fulfillment about something you have accomplished is much more important that merely earning.

    Don’t just take a niche because it’s what the most people search or it’s in demand. There’s more to life if we listen to our hearts (HSM song). Blog about it because you’re comfortable, happy and knowlegeable with it. I know the rest will follow.

    @ Mr. M, you’re right about the interest and determination, those will drive you more genuinely than just money.

  15. Entrepinoy says:

    Making money is online is not the all thing for most bloggers but giving service to fellowmen in cyberspace.

    Entrepinoy’s last blog post..5 Tips to Make Money from Mango Production

  16. Dexter | Techathand Dot Net says:

    Nice Tip James.. Most bloggers earns money thru SEO.. and Of course One needs to do the mentioned topic above to earn money :)

  17. eijiro says:

    Sir James, question ulit.. before ako mag-start ng blogging kelangan ko ng website.. as you’ve mentioned, there are free blogsites na pwede gamitin.. pero what if gusto ko yung sariling website? anong magandang web hosting company ang recommended mo? and for forums also?thanks!

  18. elmot says:

    i think one key factor for one to really make money online based on these kinds of blog niches is by using SEO techniques especially when there are hot issues like sex scandals…

    elmot’s last blog post..Elmot’s List of Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009!

  19. Maggie says:

    WOW! That’s a very comprehensive list. Thanks for sharing this

  20. Janmck Hilado says:

    Thanks very much Kuya James for this! I can say that this is very true because this is what I’m starting to do now and it really shows some results. I also have a lot of blogger friends who doesn’t earn even though they try so hard in their SEO and other promotions because you’re very right in saying “Our first make money from blogging tip: if you want to earn from blogging, don’t “blog.””. They just blog about their interest that other people are not interested of.

    Thanks for this wonderful posts kuya! I’ll continue making more NICHE blogs!

  21. Click Here/ Sikap Pinoy says:

    Thanks for the advice bro. I’m just new in blogging, this really helps. What category does my blog belong then? Hmm. no moneymaking category? I love your posts here, just lessen the “video scandal articles” ok? hehe they are not even related to “pinoymoneytalk”.=)

  22. Topic Warehouse says:

    Sikap Pinoy is right. Lessen the Video Scandal Articles. Mahal po namin ang PMT and we have been reading it for over a year now..

    off-topic: pano po ba magka-avatar dito?

    Topic Warehouse’s last blog post..Finding Hot Selling Products to Sell

  23. Filome says:

    Thanks.. i’ll use this…
    nice tips :)

  24. Mike Mamaril says:

    I think the fan blog would be the most viable among the 7, since the web is already saturated with almost everything already. With a fan blog you can start a new niche if a show, movie, and so on is relatively new; and ultimately get more traffic which can generate revenue.

  25. Donny says:

    What a nice post here!. I will go this blog everyday.

  26. charlie says:

    An important consideration when choosing what to blog about is what you really love. Your passion for your topic will allow you to deliver great content on your blog. And I read from one very successful internet marketer in the US, SEO will deliver you your first visitors but its the great content that you provide that will make people come back.

    You have a great post. And I enjoy your site so much James. Thanks!
    .-= charlie´s latest blog ..Do You Still Have Your Dream? =-.

  27. Obnoxious Queer says:

    Content is king but I may also say that keyword is king! If you target to use a certain keyword. Make sure to make it in bold. And it’s good that your blog has a targeted niche. “Artista” blog will do.

  28. Dexter | says:

    I got 2,3,4 & 5 and need to work for 1,6,and 7 :) but wait law.. ??? hirap yata yun ah :)

  29. James | says:

    @Dex, good example ka pala sa list ko hehe. As for the law blog, ang idea ko jan ay simpleng presentation ng actual laws natin. Good resource kasi yun sa law students o lawyers o basta mga taong naghahanap ng actual text ng isang law sa Pilipinas.

  30. Jennifer says:

    You rock! I just got a new business idea….wohooo! I must admit I’m technically challenge but this got me excited.Consider me a retard from the stone age era. I think this is a good start.

  31. Renino Niefes says:

    Thank you for this very helpful post. Sana ma improve ko din ang blog ko.

  32. Elvin says:

    Thanks a lot! It gives me a new idea about blogging…

  33. Nica says:

    Love this post. I am thinking of getting a collection of sorts-blog but mostly of blogs I stumble upon.
    .-= Nica´s latest blog ..My Falling Star =-.

  34. satrap says:

    thanks for the informative post. yeah when you think about it, there are many ways to start a money making blog. amongst the seven ways that you have pointed out, a blog about other blog would do good as well. simply start a blog where every week, you list intersting blogs with their most popular post on it. that can be done either in one specific niche or just a general blog.

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