Problem with Google Adsense

What’s wrong with Google Adsense recently?

That’s the question my friend who runs an entertainment portal emailed me to ask. He is wondering why the performance of his Adsense income has been “weird and erratic” during the first three days of March.

For instance, his double-digit daily earnings dropped considerably to just one digit during March 2 and 3. And yet, the number of ad clicks “strangely increased” with no corresponding increase in ad income.

One strange thing is the number of ad clicks on March 1. Although page impressions were relatively stable, the number of ad clicks that day surprisingly spiked to an “abnormal” 2,875. And yet, he only earned $21.35 that day.

The next day, March 2, ad clicks were supposedly 475 and yet the earnings were a meager $3.61. This, considering that on February 25, ad clicks were 105 and earnings were $21.89.

Worst, on March 3, ad clicks increased to 740 but the earnings fell to $1.06.

Can someone explain what’s going on?

In my case, my own Adsense income has been fluctuating uncontrollably since January 2009. There was one time when my income dropped by 50% from the previous day then went back to normal the day after only to drop again by 80% the following day.

I too have no idea what is going on.

A few minutes ago, I tried logging in to my Adsense account but cannot access it. I don’t know what the problem is but even after I’ve correctly typed my username and password, I just get redirected to the same Adsense homepage again.

Can someone tell me: What’s wrong with Google Adsense recently?

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24 thoughts on “Problem with Google Adsense”

  1. James ,

    I got divided by 2.5 … I have also some doubt with the system since it all started last march 1, I just thought it is only me having the problem and your post confirms. that lots are affected. I have made a tweet with Marhgil and he says that cpc at his blog is also low

  2. my adsense cpc is going down too. earnings dropped by 33% in the last 2 days, despite having almost the same number of ad impressions and clicks. but that screenshot looks drastic. 740 clicks for $1? that’s insane.

  3. My theory says, because of the 2,875 clicks, maybe it was sort of punished by google adsense. That’s why most of the clicks are regarded as click fraud.

    We’re also experiencing downturn on our adsense earning since January.

  4. Perhaps may problema ang Google?hehe kasi halos lahat yata tayo nag-dedecrease ng earnings? Yung Adsense para sa Search Bar ba panu maka-earn? Kasi meron din nagsearch sa site ko kaso wala akong na-earn eh diba mas malaki nga yun? May bago yata sila, yung Adsense for Domain? Do you know how it works? Please hit me up if you know(my email is valid) kaya you can sure do contact me. Thanks and can’t help but re-opening your site..galing yung post about kay Alex Laguilles, keep posting!

    Clap! Clap! Clap!

  5. Maybe I can help. There are several things that could be causing this. One is that there could be some guessing on Googles part of click fraud. Another thing that could be happening is that someone is targeting this website for extremely low advertising. Because of how bad the economy is, I have seen a lot of people targeting websites for the keywords related to those website and getting extremely low cost per click. (On the Adwords Side of things) This is leading to relevant ads, but almost worthless clicks for the adsense publisher while the traffic is driven to completely irrelevant sites. The best way to try to correct this is to exclude these irrelevant sites from being allowed to serve up ads on your site. Hopefully this could make somewhat of a change, and allow the ads which would generate a higher click to start showing on top consistently.

  6. Strange, ang sa akin naman tumaas ang earnings ko these past few days. In fact, kahapon ang earnings ko ay 500% ng average daily earnings ko pero I attribute this to me updating my posts sa isa kong blog everyday (I write a post minsan once a week lang) and I had a post na mataas talaga ang searches. My trouble right now is hindi nag uupdate ang adsense stats ko (impressions, clicks, earnings, etc) ngayong araw din lang ito nagkaganito.. Di kaya me problema ang adsense ko 🙁

  7. There are two possible reasons. First would be your indexed pages on adsense I think there’s a tab for that. It’s possible some of the pages have been blocked, that happened to one of my sites. As a result the impressions, clicks & income from those pages don’t reflect. Another could be that they’ve detected click fraud instances and deducted them – particularly for the days when your impressions & clicks are high yet income is down.

  8. my earnings have dropped as well this march. and even in the last week of february.. I thought it was only me.. marami pala tayo.. right now am doing all i could to increase my earnings.. ecpm has been very low lately.. but di naman kagaya nung sa screenshot..grabeh naman yan..740 clicks tapos $1.06 lang.. that’s so so bizarre!

  9. as for me naman, down ang isang server ko that i use to drive REAL traffic to my other sites. kaya i expect na mababa ang earnings ko pero hindi bababa ng $10. last february, i used to earn $49 a day with no help of SEO, just using the system i created to drive REAL traffic/people to visit my sites. astig noh? hehe.

    guys, having low adsense earnings could only mean one thing — if you depend mainly on adsense for your bread and butter, kawawa ka talaga at the end if ever may mangyaring hindi maganda sa account mo or worse, kay Big G.

    Also, para hindi masabi na link-bait itong comment ko, I decided not to include any domain that i have. but if you decide to learn how to market your sites offline, just reply to my comment and leave your e-mail address there.

    And to James, one of these days, we’ll talk about the nature of my business, okay? Miss yah James!

  10. In my case, I noticed something odd when my CTR increased when I changed my blog’s template last January 30, yet my earnings dropped by half. Now I notice that my earnings back to normal but with fewer clicks. The expected behavior that the more clicks, the higher the earnings, still happens though, but only about half of the time, really strange.

    Hi Paul, I’m interested in your offline marketing strategy, please drop me an e-mail at Thanks.

    Hi James, as for your logon problem, I think the message below which I got from the Inside-AdSense google group explains what probably happened.:

    Date: Wed, Mar 4 2009 9:02 am
    From: Inside AdSense Team

    We’d like to take a moment to explain a login issue that some of you
    may have encountered last night, as well as let you know about an
    upcoming stats delay you may notice.Login loopIf you tried to sign in
    to your AdSense account between 10:45 and 11:35 p.m. PST last night,
    you may have found yourself in a “loop” between the AdSense login page
    and your Google Accounts page. We’re in the process of trying out some
    new designs for our US English homepage, and we rolled them back after
    users reported a login error with one of the designs. You should now be
    able to sign in as normal. Rest assured the next time the new designs
    are rolled out, you’ll actually end up where you want to be: in your
    AdSense account! Thanks especially to the forum posters and Twitterers
    for quickly bringing this to our attention.Slower statsYou may notice
    more of a delay in your stats than usual today, as our engineers will
    be performing some maintenance work on our system. Please be assured
    that ads will continue to be served to your pages, and all activity
    will continue to be tracked as usual. Although it may take longer than
    usual to see impressions, clicks, and earnings reported in your
    account, you’ll be credited for all valid activity on your sites. We
    apologize for the short notice, and appreciate your patience as we work
    to keep our systems updated for you. Posted by Erica dela Cruz and
    Arlene Lee – Inside AdSense Team

    Posted By Inside AdSense Team to Inside AdSense at 3/04/2009 09:02:00 AM

  11. i also experience having probs logging in and the adsense report on page impressions and clicks are very very very strange indeed. i did not have that great volume of traffic today and yesterday but the earning jumped up… what da???

  12. I suspect google may have been tweaking, that causes the abrupt behavior. But they should be able to provide reasons one of these days.


    Your strategy is quite interesting, can you email me at ferdzter @

    just compress my email, spambot is everywhere 🙂


  13. This is interesting. Bad trip pag ganyan nangyari sa account. Actually, my earning for february went up till this first week of march. I hope di mangyari sa akin ang ganyan super baba yan.

  14. Last month was one of the lowest and weirdest performance on my earnings. Hope this month will change for the better. I think fixing your font will make it more stable because the default keeps changing to different styles. But looking at your screen shot earnings, well it really looks weird. By the way is that really your earnings James(Feb 25-28)? I was expecting $50-$70 a day based on your impressions, traffic and niche.

  15. paul I’m interested email me at…. you guys here are amazing I just don’t know how you could be able to do those 2 digits earning everyday…. wow hopefully some of you could help me email me also at that address above… thanks guys.

  16. it would be better if he’s tracking his blogs or websites using Google analytics so that he could check what particular webpage is the clicks coming from.

    Usually, nangyayari ang ganito if your adsense account received invalid clicks.

  17. @ice_hot, that’s not my earnings. I earn way less than that 🙂

    @Dex, I too experienced that erratic adsense performance during the first days of March. Now, though, everything seems back to normal. I haven’t received any update from my friend yet if his adsense earnings stabilized.

    @Marhgil, you said it. $1 for 740 clicks? Really insane.

    @Pinay Celebrity Online, I have a feeling it’s because of invalid clicks too.

    @jonhar, in Adsense for Search, you earn whenever a visitor clicks on the sponsored search results. You don’t earn when visitors simply use your Search Bar to search. As for Adsense for Domains, read our article here.

    @JC, those are good insights on the issue. I’ll relay that to my friend.

    @Rhodilee, it might be late now to tell you this but Adsense had maintenance work on their site that day that’s why our Adsense stats were stuck. They announced it on the official Adsense blog.

    @yhadz, thanks for those insights. I’ll also pass that along to my friend.

    @Paul, hope to see you soon so we can have some chat.

    @Jay, as regards my own Adsense performance, everything has been erratic since late last year. In recent weeks, though, earnings have dropped relative to last year’s levels. I really hope this is only temporary.

    @Nerbie, good for you. Probably the blog’s niche is also a factor because I see Adsense publishers posting in other forums that they are not seeing a decrease in their earnings.

    @Lito, that’s not mine. That’s my friend’s who run an entertainment portal.

    @Selboy, I’m not sure if he’s tracking his blog. But he told me that he emailed Adsense to inquire about the incident. I hope he gets a response then I’ll ask him to share it to us.

  18. @James, the servers I use to promote my business websites are up and running again. Im expecting my Adsense earnings to go back to an average of $20 a day again. I’ll keep you posted.

    @Jay Castillo, Ferdie, Lane, Rhodilee, Eliwingz, I apologize if I haven’t sent you any e-mail up to now regarding the system I developed and used. The thing is, I am using my system to do offline promotions for my business sites. I will e-mail you my proposition this week (between March 9 and 13) on how you, guys, can earn more from adsense.

    At present, I have 3 clients who are using my other servers to earn money from Big G. I’ll keep you posted, I promise.


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