Problem with Google Adsense

James Ryan Jonas

What’s wrong with Google Adsense recently?

That’s the question my friend who runs an entertainment portal emailed me to ask. He is wondering why the performance of his Adsense income has been “weird and erratic” during the first three days of March.

For instance, his double-digit daily earnings dropped considerably to just one digit during March 2 and 3. And yet, the number of ad clicks “strangely increased” with no corresponding increase in ad income.

One strange thing is the number of ad clicks on March 1. Although page impressions were relatively stable, the number of ad clicks that day surprisingly spiked to an “abnormal” 2,875. And yet, he only earned $21.35 that day.

The next day, March 2, ad clicks were supposedly 475 and yet the earnings were a meager $3.61. This, considering that on February 25, ad clicks were 105 and earnings were $21.89.

Worst, on March 3, ad clicks increased to 740 but the earnings fell to $1.06.

Can someone explain what’s going on?

In my case, my own Adsense income has been fluctuating uncontrollably since January 2009. There was one time when my income dropped by 50% from the previous day then went back to normal the day after only to drop again by 80% the following day.

I too have no idea what is going on.

A few minutes ago, I tried logging in to my Adsense account but cannot access it. I don’t know what the problem is but even after I’ve correctly typed my username and password, I just get redirected to the same Adsense homepage again.

Can someone tell me: What’s wrong with Google Adsense recently?

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