Got paid by Blogbank?

Philippines Blogbank - Make Money OnlineA local blog advertising network is Blogbank. Like Google Adsense, they get advertisers, take a cut on the advertising fee, then share the rest to blog publishers who agree to show the ads.

Blogbank’s ads are similar to Adsense’s 200×200 Small Square ads and, on the PMT Blog, they are located on the right sidebar under the section Sponsored Links.

Blogbank is managed by a group of bloggers and popular personalities in the Philippine internet arena. This adds to the credibility of the program. Unlike the people behind Asia Century, another local advertising network which eventually turned out to be a scam, I have personally met some of the people behind Blogbank.

However, my only concern is that I received payment from them only once, back in late 2008.

I was set to receive another share of my earnings during the 1st quarter of 2009 but until now, I have not received any. As for the 2nd quarter payments, I have not heard of any update. The last post on their blog was in April 2009 so this does not help either.

I already submitted my TIN and tax affidavit so this cannot be the reason for non-payment. I do not know what is so I’ll try to contact them and ask.

How about you, other Blogbank publishers, have you received payments already? Any thoughts to share regarding Blogbank?

Update: Markku of Blogbank and the RebelPixel blog emailed me to clarify that Blogbank has actually made the deposit already last May 27. He also attached a copy of the deposit slip. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm this  because the transaction is not anymore visible in my BPI Express Online account. Anyway, I trust Markku and the rest of the Blogbank guys that the deposit was made. I therefore retract my statement above that I was not paid.

I hope Blogbank remains a formidable local blog advertising network but if there’s one thing I hope they do, it’s to give their publishers more updates either via email or the Blogbank blog.

22 thoughts on “Got paid by Blogbank?”

  1. CarloBlogg Online 3.0

    as of now, di ko pa natatry yang Blog bank na yan. Im still sticking with adsense; mahirap din madaming ads ang nakalagay sa site pag mahina pa ang traffic (sa situation ko =) ) kaya, stick muna ako sa isang ad program.
    But ill try Blog Bank in the future, pinoy e =D
    .-= CarloBlogg Online 3.0´s latest blog ..One Piece Anime Episode 414| Watch it here. =-.

  2. @Tyrone, you’re correct. It’s Jayvee and a few other guys. Adgitize? I’ve seen it before but I’m not keen on trying a new one right now. Unless, of course, they pay higher than Adsense. Haha.

    @CarloBlogg, yup, same with me. I’m ok with Adsense right now and Blogbank and Infolinks. Minsan din kasi, nag-aagawan sila ng ad clicks kaya nde rin magandang maraming ads sa site.

  3. This is some bad news for all those who are under blogbank. Inconvenience and issues like this certainly tarnish their reputation.

    Si Jayvee pala may-ari nun
    .-= elmot l PinoySoundingBoard´s latest blog ..Too Cocky With The Party-List System. PoOf! =-.

  4. i used to run their ads in 2 of my blogs. have less than a hundred on each after serving for a month or so. pero mga ilang mos na wala namang ibang ads and no contact whatsoever so I deleted na lang. pero sayang, it looked promising e.

  5. I myself applied for Blogbank. I got approved after more than a month but had problems getting into my account. I emailed Jayvee directly but he never answered about my problems.

    Even though I never had ad experiences regarding Blogbank, I had trouble getting proper support. Which for me is a big sign of something fishy!

  6. According to their SEC filing, BlogBank is owned by JV Fernandez, Markku Seguerra and Brad Geisler of Geisler-Maclang Public Relations. They’re just having problems with advertisers not paying on time so they don’t have anything to pass on to bloggers too.

  7. I registered with Blogbank about two months ago, but I have yet to receive an approval or any news about my application. I just hope if I do get approved, they would have advertisers related to real estate. With nuffnang for example, I am not serving any ads because according to them, they simply don’t have any advertisers in the real estate industry at the moment. Currently nuffnang’s adspace on my blog goes to waste. =(
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  8. @elmot, that’s true. Online advertising companies should ensure that their members are paid or, at the least, updated on the payment status. Otherwise, they will start to lose their credibility.

    @Dinah, onga, early this year, they used to have 3 campaigns simultaneously. In the past months, parang naging isa na lang. Minsan, wala pa nga tulad ngayon, walang Blogbank ads. Mukhang apektado na rin ng recession ang companies na normally naga-advertise online sa Pilipinas.

    @Reel Advice, alam ko konting staff lang sila kaya mejo mabagal nga ang support. Pero dapat nga nde nila pinapatagal ang sagot sa questions para ma-retain nila ang credibility nila.

    @Marc, if that’s true, then that’s not good. And sad. I hope Blogbank can issue an update to their users about this but at the same time, still pay us publishers for our share in the earnings.

    @Jay, your Nuffnang’s experience is the same as mine. I have the Nuffnang ad codes on the blog for more than 3 months now I think but until now, I’ve not seen a single advertiser there. Apparently, Nuffnang finds it hard to find advertisers from the business / finance / real estate sector.

  9. Maganda talaga Adgitize kasi the community is really a good place pag addict blogger ka. Sa mga gustong mag sign up, eto pala ang link Adgitize see you!
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  10. Thanks for posting about Blogbank. I also have pending earnings at Blogbank ang tagal na. Until now walang balita sa kanila kaya inalis ko muna mga ads nila. Pati updates sa account 2008 pa nga eh. Dapat dyan binabasura na lang e nagagamit na lang yata tayo tapos paaasahin. Maintindihan ko pa kung maglabas sila ng statement para naman maintindihan ng members kung anong issue meron sila. Buti pa Nuffnang eh mabilis magbayad!

  11. I’ve got paid last April for the 1st quarter of 2009 earnings. This was the accumulated earnings since 2008. Up to now, no word on them.

  12. It’s strange that BlogBank decided to keep silent and did not publicly address the issue in their blog. It’s a sign of guilt. No doubt about that.

  13. Whatever happened to blogbank??!!baka naman yung mga kinita natin, e eto na yung pinambili nitong si jayvee fernandez ng honda city nya at yung mga diving trips nya??!!! wala ng balita sa kanila simula nung nagbayad last december 2009 ah!! kakapal naman ng mga pagmumukha nila.

  14.  Weird, nabawasan ung account ko pero ni isang centimo wla akong nkukuha.. nag eemail din ako sa kanila pero wlang reply. ano ba yan 🙁 

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