EntreCard Paid Ads and how to convert EC credits to cash

James Ryan Jonas

In my 15 months of membership with EntreCard, I have accumulated more than 11,000 EntreCard credits already. Previously, this just keeps growing and growing because I rarely use credits to advertise. But with EntreCard’s new paid ads system and cashout scheme, it looks like I can make money online by converting these credits to cash.

What is EntreCard?

EntreCard is a way to advertise your blog for free on someone else’s blog. You earn EntreCard Credits, the “currency” of the EntreCard economy, when you “drop” your card on someone else’s EntreCard widget and when other bloggers advertise on your blog. You then use those credits to advertise your blog on the EntreCard widgets of other blogs. Aside from the free promotion, you get to earn more blog contacts too since you basically are introducing yourself to other people on the blogosphere.

What is the Paid Ads system?

EntreCard recently launched an advertising network in which paying third-party advertisers can advertise on any member’s EntreCard widget. According to EntreCard, 75% of the total money earned will go to Entrecard members who want to turn their credits into cash. This will supposedly “deflate the economy, make credits more valuable, and lead to lots of exciting new products and services in the market.”

How exactly can one make money from EntreCard?

The idea is that you sell and convert to cash the EntreCard credits you have accumulated. Your participation, however, will depend on whether you approve paid ads on your blog’s EntreCard widget or not. EntreCard emphasizes that the success of the cashout scheme is based on the success of the paid ads system, so members are encouraged — to the point of being required — to approve paid ads.

Details of the EntreCard cashout system can be found here, but here a few more major points.

How much will the value be of the EntreCard Credits?

Its worth will depend on the success of the paid ads system but according to EntreCard (EC), credits may be worth approximately $15 per thousand if the EC economy goes back to levels seen in early 2008. In effect, my 11,000 credits could earn me $165. Not bad.

When will the cashout system begin?

EntreCard expects to launch it this weekend (April 11, 2009).

Are there rules that EC members have to abide by with the paid ads and cashout system?

EntreCard is requiring users to display ads within the top two pages of their blogs, meaning, the ad must be displayed on a blog after scrolling one complete screen.

Good or bad for EntreCard members?

The paid ads system may be to the detriment of some EC droppers and advertisers because, technically, the free users will now have to compete with paying advertisers with regard to the ad space. But if this is a way to sustain the EntreCard economy, then in the long run, EC members will benefit. Also, if members can start earning from the EntreCard advertising widgets on their blogs, what’s wrong with that?

I personally look forward to the launch of the cashout system. Finally, there’s a way for me to dispose — and earn from — my 11,000 EntreCard credits.

James Ryan Jonas teaches business management, investments, and entrepreneurship at the University of the Philippines (UP). He is also the Executive Director of UP Provident Fund Inc., managing and investing P3.2 Billion ($56.4 Million) worth of retirement funds on behalf of thousands of UP employees.