Earn money, get more visitors with your site’s toolbar

We recently noticed that a lot our of visitors are coming to the site using Conduit Search. Curious, I researched what Conduit is and apparently, one can create a toolbar for free with it. A toolbar is a group of icons on top of one’s browser that provides a shortcut to a site or blog.

How does one benefit from the toolbar? The toolbar provides an easy way for a visitor to visit his or her favorite blog or site. With just one click, the visitor can immediately access a site or read real-time content from a blog.

The good thing about the Conduit toolbar is that it is easily customizable and the options for the toolbar are virtually limitless. You can add your own links, have a message that instantly appears on your toolbar, and even deliver real-time RSS content to those who downloaded your toolbar.

Look at the PMT Toolbar we created.

It has our own branded logo, a search engine powered by Google, and shortcut links to popular areas on the PinoyMoneyTalk.com site, such as the blog, the PMT Forum, and even the options “Unread Forum Posts” and “New Replies to Posts” in the PMT Forum. These surely are useful links for most PMT members.

What’s more interesting is that Conduit provides a way for toolbar owners to make money. For every installation of the toolbar, the toolbar owner earns a certain amount depending on the profile of the person who downloaded.

A week after we created the PMT Toolbar, we already had 30 installations which gave us $5.00 of income.

Awesome, right?

If you want to create your own site or blog toolbar, head off to Conduit.com. To download the PMT Toolbar, click here.

Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement from Conduit. We are simply sharing something we found that can help increase our members’ income potential.

23 thoughts on “Earn money, get more visitors with your site’s toolbar”

  1. asteeeg… napakaganda ng idea ng toolbar… kaso lang i think it would only work to established blogs like PMT. yung mga nagsisimula pa lang, di magkakaroon ng installation… wawa naman kami…

  2. RT@ ice_hot:
    Mukhang suki tayo dito ice_hot ah..hehe..Sige lang, pareho ni James sisikat din tayo..There’s no need to rush, take one step at a time..hehe
    Magandang idea nga ito James,how do you keep track of your visitors nga pala?
    I’ll have it downloaded ASAP, not to make money pero para madaling i access yung mga fave blog ko, tulad netong sayo. Syangapala, bagong visit ko lang nung blog ni Abe Olandres, nakita ko mga vacation photos nya, ang galing ng Canon cam nya..hehe..Ikaw kamusta easter natin? hehe

    1. Hello mga suki, jonharules and ice_hot! Hehe.

      @jonha, sa bahay lang ako last week, dami kasi kelangang gawin at tapusin. Kaw, ano ginawa mo during the long vacation last week?

      @ice_hot, oks pa rin yung toolbar kahit konti pa lang visitors ng isang blog. Mas mapaparami nga ng toolbar yung repeat visitors tapos wala namang cost o hirap yung paggawa nun kaya ok na rin na mayroon ka na kahit bago pa lang ang isang blog.

  3. Great idea as a trinket, but as far as form goes I wouldn’t recommend this to be a highlighted product on a site. maybe offer it up in a freebie section. trends shows that sites who offer downloads tend to regarded as “aggressive” Still a neat gadget though

  4. created one and asked our users to install it, first day – was able to have 25 installation, amount earned? $1.50 only???? 🙁

  5. Yup, it’s not a lot. And it depends on the location of the users installing the toolbar. I’d assume those installing from the US or Canada would perhaps give a higher income. For example, we had 30 installations before and we got $5.00. That’s a bit higher than your rate, probably because of the location of your toolbar users.

  6. aah, yeah that’s probably the reason. about 99% of our toolbar users are from the philippines. we have 40 installations now and still on $2 :/

  7. It seems like another good opportunity to make money online but the problem comes from installing the tool where it might contain some malicious virus.

  8. I think good post. But I wouldn’t recommend this to be a highlighted product on a site. maybe offer it up in a freebie section. trends shows that sites who offer downloads tend to regarded as “aggressive” Still a neat gadget though

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