How to make money online with Clickbank

A lot of people have been writing us in the past asking why we don’t recently feature a lot of “make money online” opportunities. The simple answer is that we can’t find a lot of genuine online income opportunities.

Most of the money-making schemes found on the internet, especially those which ask for an “investment” in exchange for future “profits”, are scams.

There are some, like Paid to Click (PTC) or other Get-Paid-To programs, that pay but a lot of time is needed in return for meager cents.

Genuine programs like Google Adsense are starting to show a decline in earnings so those starting out may now have to double their efforts to earn a few dollars.

Fortunately, a genuine make-money-online program has been recently introduced for Filipinos. Last week, Clickbank has started accepting affiliates from the Philippines.

Clickbank is not exactly an entirely new way to earn money on the internet. It has been in existence for several years now and, in the past, Filipino affiliates are welcome but Clickbank decided a few years ago to stop getting members from the Philippines possibly due to online fraud and invalid earnings.

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing program — which means you, as an affiliate, earn money when a sale of a product you are promoting is made. The product doesn’t have to be owned or made by you. The Clickbank marketplace has thousands of sellers with thousands of products where you can be an affiliate of.

So how exactly do you make money through Clickbank? Here are the basic steps.

  • 1. Register for an account at Clickbank.
  • 2. Once accepted, browse through their Marketplace and choose the products you want to promote. There are several categories and products so you won’t run out of things to earn money from!
  • 3. Generate the Clickbank hoplink (or referral link) for the product you wish to promote. Make sure you copy this correctly because this is the only way for Clickbank to track earnings.
  • 4. Advertise your hoplinks any way you want! Make a blog post about it, link it on your sidebar or links page, email it to your friends (but don’t spam) or create a site about it. (Our sample Clickbank hoplinks can be found on the right.)
  • 5. Wait for your earnings to come.

Happy earning!

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52 thoughts on “How to make money online with Clickbank”

  1. Yung linkshare ba panu kumuha ng hoplink?kasi code na iimbed ang nandun eh, di tulad ng clickbank. commision junction is also worth checking. clickbank, linkshare, commission junction, lahat sila magagandang pamalit sa Adsense.

  2. Wow, that’s awesome.. but I don’t have a citibank account, is it really required that you own a citibank account? Ho much is the payment per ad? per size and per page?

  3. @jonhar, yung sa LinkShare para lang sa Commission Junction. Meron silang image ads o text links na pwede mo gamitin to promote. Yung sa CJ, nag-try ako dati pero mahirap makabenta kasi nga primarily targeted to US audiences ang products nila. Itong ClickBank, try ko rin pero nde ako nage-expect na kumita nang malaki kasi nga ang mga Pinoy nde naman masyado mahilig bumili online.

    @Click here, no, you don’t have to have a CITIBANK account. What you need to have is a CLICKBANK account 🙂 Your earnings depend on the referral commission rate of the product you are promoting. Some products offer as much as 50-70% commission on the product price.

    • Hi po James tanung lang po bakit ndi nalang naten gawin yung mag generate ng traffic sa ibang bansa kasi sa totoo lang sa 10% ng mga tao d2 sa pinas 3 to 4% lang ang bumibili through online so maliit yun chance na kumita tayo ng malaki isa pa marame tayong mga affiliates ndi lang 10 o 20 affiliate marketers pls give me some advice i tried many online businesses but it doesnt works mahirap talaga kumita d2 sa pinas kahit online kase walang bumibile through online puking ina bat ganun so pwede nmn po ata yun sa ibang bansa naten gamitin ang pag advertise ng products pls reps or mess me up on gmail

  4. haloo! this is great info! but i wonder if clickbank interferes with adsense? will i be penalized if i use clickbank together with adsense? is that the reason why i dont see clickbank ads on this page?

  5. This looks good. I’m really looking for something to replace my bidvertiser space. Grabe hina ng bidvertiser… imagine, 100k impressions only 14 clicks and super low cpc, sayang lang space. Thanks for sharing.

  6. @jobs4u pwede sabay clickbank and adsense

    @agentmagno – pwede blackhat since pay per sale naman sa clickbank.

    Medyo mahirap din sa clickbank these past few months. Eto nga 1000+ targeted leads na binigay ko, di pa din nag convert to a sale.

    • Tol mahirwp talaga kumita kung wala lang traffic halos lahat nmn ei kahit sabihin naten mahigit 1000 na yung visitors mo mahirwp pa den mas maganda kung sa ibang bansa ka tlaga mag generate ng traffic ndi d2 kasi mga walang pera d2 ei kaya isipin mu rin yung mga visitors mo kung sila ba ay bibilhin yung products mo Hindi basta basta knlng magclick at mag invite ng mga visitors. Add mo nlng for more info kase nagsisimula palang din ako ei.

  7. Clickbank is a real nice affiliate network, but it can be hard to succeed with it, there is a lot of competition and you need to know hoe to do it the right way! There are a few basic steps you should take to make money with clickbank here is a very short form (for more information, just visit my blog)

    1. Find a good product (would you buy the product?Is there a market for the product?)

    2. Write a Product Review and post it on your blog for example.

    3. Use Article directories, Squidoo, Hub pages and other Web 2.0 sites (Tumblr, Newsvine….) to post more reviews (with less informations) and link to your blog.
    4. Write press releases and more articles.
    5. Bookmark All!

    Very Important: Build a mailing list, this brings you money over years!
    .-= ben´s latest blog ..Mass PPV Traffic, a first Pre-View! =-.

  8. This site is great. We all know that Paid to Click sites or PTCs are just a small time extra income generator. But if you’ll think of it in the long term, let say, you earn $0.30 per day you will earn about $9.00 in a month and more or less $108.00 in a year. Convert to Philippine peso at 45 per US$, that’s about Php4860.00! Almost half of your 13th month if your just earning P10,000.00 per month!

    Anyway, if you guys have extra time searching for Paid to Click sites or PTC’s, this blog will help you find out more about them: .

    Thanks and Enjoy Clicking!

  9. I have been hearing about Clickbank on some other forums and blogs and they are legitimately paying their members. However, I also used them on one of my blog and I am very disappointed not to make any sale. There might be a trick here because others claim that they are earning such incredible amount on this affiliate.

    • kua paturo naman kung panui gamtin yung cickbank?di ko kc maintindihan kung panu ako kikita dun ng pera,i need help.add mo naman ako sa ym ko, tnx,,need ko step by step na gaawin sa clickbank tnx po^_^

  10. Yes Clickbank is a place where you can make easy money..That is if you do know how to put your personal hoplink/affiliate link on massive traffic. You must have knowledge on SEO,PPC,CPA or alike to generate traffic..Maselan din kung tutuusin..Making money on the internet is fun,easy and lucrative as much as blogs are concern. Creating blogs could be helpful to attract your audience about the product you are promoting. In line with promoting, Advertising sites has a great role on this. Google on top of it has amended some rules and policies due to Fraud and Legitimacy of some website owners yet there were some options to gain more traffic that do not use this techy things around not to mention budget you are gonna spare on single click of a visitor..

  11. mga kuya’s dyan pwede po ba paturo papano magkapera sa clickbank, yung maintindihan kopo kasi unang beses pa ako papasok dito. thanks sa inyo

  12. mga bossing tanong ko lng talaga po!!!! ehh paano po bah makukuha ung earnings natin sa clickbank dito sa pinas? anong bangko? kc i think un ung mga nasa mga pag iisip natin i mean yung wala pa talagang idea kung san kukunin ang earnings natin? tanks po pls email me @

  13. Best Affiliate Program for only P500 makakapag umpisa ka na, earn 80% (P400) for every customer you bring.
    no need to request your pay out, you will receive your commission automatically.

    100% no scam
    100% sure pay out every friday!
    100% highly recommend
    Pm for more infoB

  14. There’s a new affiliate marketing with some sort of first level networking today in the philippines. Here’s my review on Ignition Marketing Philippines

  15. Thanks for ur info Angela I was broke seriously and I’m looking for online business I tried many things to make money online but nothing works so I want to keep connect with you and add you on gmail
    can I??

  16. I just signed up with ClickBank for an affiliate account with country declaration: Philippines and they say ‘your account is under review…’ and it took ages for them to reply that they cannot accept my application for now. They did not disclose the reason. Same goes with ClickBetter, but this time they said that they are not anymore accepting applications from the Philippines. Sounds weird but thats their stand on the issue. I wonder why these payment processors do not allow Filipinos to use their system.

  17. Hello admin, i must say you have hi quality articles here.
    Your page can go viral. You need initial traffic boost only.
    How to get it? Search for: Mertiso’s tips go viral

  18. Hello admin. Pwede po ba ako matulongan ninyo?
    Wala. Kasi ako account sa clickbank.may online sana ako na babayaran which is in dollars. Baka pwede kng sino may clickbank account ay sa kanya nlng ako mgbayad. Ng cash philippine monetary, Clickbank kasi ang transaction nila.


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