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Top 10 banks in the Philippines

Update: Largest Banks in the Philippines (2009)

Banco de Oro (BDO) is now the largest bank in the Philippines, in terms of both assets and total deposits.

This is according to a report of comparative sizes of Philippine banks which I got from my bank.

Until 2007, Metrobank was the largest bank. As of December 31, 2008, however, Banco de Oro has overtaken Metrobank and has grabbed the title since.

BDO’s rise to the top is primarily due to its merger with another big bank, Equitable-PCI Bank, in 2006. Clients are also flocking to BDO because of its longer banking hours and presence in most SM malls.

In 2008, Metrobank slid to #2 in terms of both assets and deposits. Trailing Banco de Oro and Metrobank is Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

Here is the list of the biggest banks in the Philippines in terms of assets and deposits. Figures from the report were taken from the published financial statements of the banks concerned.

Top Ten Commercial Banks in the Philippines
As of December 31, 2008

In terms of ASSETS

  1. Banco de Oro (BDO) – Php 808.0 billion
  2. Metrobank – Php 758.5 billion
  3. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) – Php 658.4 billion
  4. Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) – Php 434.0 billion
  5. Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) – Pho 290.9 billion
  6. Philippine National Bank (PNB) – Php 276.8 billion
  7. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) – Php 270.2 billion
  8. Unionbank of the Philippines (UBP) – Php 208.2 billion
  9. Chinabank – Php 207.3 billion
  10. Citibank – Php 187.8 billion

In terms of DEPOSITS

  1. BDO – Php 634.3 billion
  2. Metrobank – Php 585.8 billion
  3. BPI – Php 541.2 billion
  4. Landbank – Php 333.6 billion
  5. PNB – Php 201.2 billion
  6. RCBC – Php 196.4 billion
  7. Chinabank – Php 173.9 billion
  8. Unionbank – Php 162.0 billion
  9. Allied Bank – Php 139.8 billion
  10. Citibank – Php 121.6 billion

Figures taken from published financial statements of each bank.

Update: Largest Banks in the Philippines (2009)

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160 thoughts on “Top 10 banks in the Philippines”

  1. jonharules says:

    San kaya dito yung pinamataas magbigay ng interest kung mag Time Deposit ka? Tsaka diba of all these bank, Union lank yung pwede ma link sa Paypal account?

  2. Cash Gifting says:

    PNB yung pinaka gus2 kong bank and yung BDO. pareho silang pangmasa and sila rin yung bank na hindi matitibag pwera nlng kung bumagsak ang pinas. dapat nilagay mo din yung rank according to waht benefits is the best.

  3. James | says:

    @jonharules, here’s a thread in the PMT Forum that might help you: Time Deposit rates of banks in the Philippines

    For Paypal, as far as I know, UnionBank EON (debit) card lang yung pwede. Pero yung credit card ng karamihan ng bangko, pwede magamit sa Paypal.

  4. paul says:

    BDO is going strong. Straight na yan to 2009

  5. chari says:

    mas ok para saken yung BPI at METROBANK.. mas maganda service nila at mabilis.
    ok lang din ang banco de oro kaso mabagal sila saka nakatayo pa habang nakapila ng mahaba..
    anyway, sana may list din ng top 10 sa mga best benefit givers…

  6. Friendster Beauties says:

    mas maganda ang service ng BPI at wala pang service charge yung deposit from a bank account na malayo sa iyo.

  7. lily says:

    Speaking of banks, galing ako sa RCBC San Fernando La Union kanina and made a deposit (to a different account). Ang mahal ng service charge nila, P110. Buti pa sa BPI wala.

    1. Buboy772000 says:

      BPI works for me. Sila ang trendsetter pagdating sa technology, others follow. Online banking is superb. My only rant is making deposit, you have to stay at the line for you to be served. Sana baguhin na lang nila na ticketing service and seat at your convenience.

  8. Sikap Punoy says:

    No wonder why BDO comes at number 1. BDO is like everywhere, especially in Makati, all corners has like BDO ATM. Besides BDO’s servcie is faster and better compared to otehr banks who creates delays, long process of transactions and otehr excuses.

  9. Millionaire Acts says:

    Naku, sa dami ng pila sa BDO. Dapat talaga maglagay sila ng maraming branches. Saksakan ng haba madalas pila sa BDO.

  10. James | says:

    @lily, deposit to another RCBC account ba yan na nasa ibang branch? May “provincial charge” nga yung ibang bangko pag ganyan. Dati, P50 ang provincial charge ng BPI pero ngayon ata tinanggal na nila ito.

    @Millionaire Acts, yun din ang mejo kainis sa BDO. Sobrang haba talaga ng pila lalo kung nasa loob ng SM ito. Kaya yung pinipili kong BDO branch, yung wala sa mall at nde malapit sa mataong lugar para nde mahaba ang pila. hehe..

  11. Rowena says:

    Basta for me, BPI ang number 1 sa lahat. Sa metrobank ang babagal ng tellers, the same thing with BDO, palibhasa mga young tellers kaya maaarte. di tulad sa BPI kahit mga young sila, mabibilis at magagalang pa!
    Sa iba pang bank, negative din comment ko kasi halos lahat ng big banks sa Makati naka-pagtransact na ako ng mga personal kong accounts. BPI is very good!

  12. Jonas John says:

    In terms of profitability, pinaka malaking kinikitang bangko ay ang BPI. Doon ko binabase ang pagka-matibay ng isang bangko, yung kumikita ng malaki. Kahit ipagsama ang kita ng Metrobank at BDO noong 2008, they can’t still beat BPI’s net income. BPI cosistently has been the most profitable bank in the Philippines. Mas malaki pa ang kinikita ng BPI kaysa sa bangko ng gobyerno – Landbank. Not to be bias, pero para saakin, ang may pinaka magandang sevice ay ang BPI. Mabibilis at magagalng ang mga employees. Di ka na nila papaliguy-liguyin pag hindi puwede ang hinihiling mo – direct to the poing kung magsalita pero may galang. Ang babata nga lang ng mga empleyado ng BPI, total make-over, di lang yung hitsura ng bangko ang nag-iba – modern look, pati empleyado, ang babata. Di tulad dati, halos, puro matatanda ang makakahaubilo mo. Puwede ko pang gawin ang mga transactions ko sa ibang branches nila na di tulad ng ibang bangko, may mga transactions ka na sa branch of account mo lang puwedeng gawin.

    Net Incomes of the following bank as of January – December 2008:

    1. BPI – PHP 6.56 billion
    2. Landbank – PHP 5.02 billion
    3. Metrobank – PHP 4.4 billion
    4. Chinabank – PHP 2.9 billion
    5. BDO – PHP 2.2 billion

  13. cheenee says:

    basta sakin the best sa lahat ang Allied Bank, Young and Pretty na mga tellers and other frontliners very approachable pa. Wla pang kaartehan in terms of Bank Transactions. Mabilis ang solution.

  14. cheng says:

    in Fairness sa BDO, Parang Kabote nagsulputan, kya di kna mahihirapan maghanap ng branch. anywhere meron, kahit 1 street lng

  15. Angelina says:

    – they BDO tellers are slow
    – Cashiers officers cannot explain properly why they have such requirement and which one is which?
    – for example: the listing on primary IDs and Secondary IDs, and how exactly do they combine it.
    – very maarte, and I’d rate their customer service -1. only looks are good, but that does not help me. And i’m trusting my money with this young snobs? I dont think so.

    – IN canada, we have older tellers, not the best looking one. But in terms of customer service, you can rely on them. A+

    – I agree, BPI service does rock! they are awesome and easy to approach.

  16. dienazty says:

    Still, MetroBank is the best! They proved that they’re the best for the last 15years and still going bigger. Lets see if BDO can hold on this race for #1 bank. If they can manage to keep their #1 spot for the next couple of years, That’s the time they can prove that they are the best. Unlike MetroBank, I think they’re focusing to be stable and not affected in the global crisis.

  17. Tyrone @ Millionaire Acts says:

    For me, BPI is also the best! But I like Metrobank’s online capability of paying my bills.
    .-= Tyrone @ Millionaire Acts´s latest blog ..I Was Featured at Good House Keeping Magazine =-.

  18. Riza Collugly says:

    …sa lahat ng bdo branch mahaba ang pila pero kaya naman nila i-handle. kc khit 1 tao ang dame transactions..paano ginagawang bayad center ang bdo.
    and compare sa ibang banks like bpi at metro ang tatanda ng mga tellers nla… kaya medyo mabagal kht 1 lng ang transaction mo.

  19. DisgustedDepositor says:

    I agree with what a lot of you have to say. There are banks that have satisfactory customer service while other banks have a lot to be desired for. What currently disturbs me is the bias of these banks especially towards people in the provinces (i.e. outside Metro Manila). No offense to those born and raised and/or working in Manila right now, but this is especially apparent in background / credit investigations.

    Case in point, my friend, who happens to be a budding entrepreneur, applied for a credit card. Let me tell you that he is financially stable, has a senior management position in his family business, owns both his house & car, but he is young (at 21 years) and from Mindanao. I have another friend who applied who works in an entry-level position at a big Manila company–a yuppie–who lives with his parents in a modest subdivision. And although I love this friend, he is not the most financially stable–and more importantly–responsible.

    To make a long story short, the former’s application was declined while the latter’s was wholeheartedly approved with a sizable credit limit. I was, like, what?? It makes me sick really.

  20. jepot says:

    Para sa akin BDO ang no.1 kasi ginagawa lng ng ibang cliente ng ibang bangko na bayad centre ang BDO eh tska in the first place (para to sa mga nagcomment sa taas na mabagal ang sistema/proseso ng BDO)eh kayo rin naman ang may kasalanan for example if you want to open an account on them syempre kailangan nila ng “valid i.d’s” so yun ang ipepresent mo at ang meaning ng valid eh mga govt’issued i.d’s ok?! gets nyo people above?! second yung capacity nyo kung saan nanggaling mga ariarian nyo! tska pagpasok nyo dapat alam nyo na purpose nyo sa bangko kung ano yung ikukulateral nyo or what so ever, kasi sila lng naman yung magooffer what kind of product fitted sa capacity nyo!, bout sa bagal naman na nabasa ko sa mga q’mags na nagpost sa taas, eh tanga pala kayo eh naisip nyo naba na nakakain naba yung teller na nasa harapan nyo para sabihin nyo na mabagal sila?! and they are in the peak of merging process sa system.

    Basta BDO ang no. sa akin kasi yung asawa ko dito nagtatrabaho. Lam ko hirap ng trabaho ng asawa ko lalo na’t isa siyang frontliner.. meron talagang mga tao na hirap umintindi sa kalagayan ng iba.. iniisip muna nila yung sarili nila..

    1. carlos rico suarez says:

      baka cguro, kabilang ng nakasimangot na tellers yung asawa mu, pagkarating nya sa inyung bahay, panay sabi, buwesit mga depositors……kaya atat ka ng atat….dyan………..kahit anu pa comment natin….cla pa rin ang yayaman!

    2. Fool says:

      di naman po.. kasi kung saan maginhawa ang tao dun sya. opinion lang nila para sa iba na ayaw ng bad experience! Para sa lahat na banko —> dapat kasi hindi lang isa ang teller nyo. Hindi naman kayo superman o god para masolo nyo lahat na trbaho! wag kasi maka sarili at sakim! hope you find the hidden msg :D haha! Peace!

  21. maricel says:

    As for me, I always prefer BPI…i feel at home… lahat ng empleyado approachable and consistent. Unlike sa ibang bank, very slow and obsolete.
    However, I always wanted banks which opens during saturdays. It is really hard on my part who works weekdays with no noon-breaks…hope they will grant my wish…

  22. ronald says:

    bdo is still the best bank ever. all its employees are courteous and responsive. the bank is open until 6pm and even on Saturdays. I congratulate BDO for being the number 1!

  23. ralm says:


  24. lou says:

    BDO is still the no.1, kaya lang sobra na haba pila sa mga branches nila, sana magdagdag ng manpower, even during saturdays and sundays, especially sm bacoor branch super dami tao, bumabagal na service. Hope the management will take necessary actions on this. Congrats for being no. 1!!!

  25. maika says:

    dati first bank ko is metro bank pero bakit ganun my charge kaya lumipat ako sa BDO ni piso walang change pero ang problema lang is penalty sobrang mahal charge sa check
    pero magand xa kase madaming atm branch di tulad ng metro bank di ako maka pag withdraw sa same company kase ckonti lang ang brank dito sa paranaque at manila
    mostly sa mga sm madaming BDO kaya im pround number talaga…..
    love it BDO..

  26. klent says:

    hito all my fans…thank you for all your support…i love you all…mwahh

  27. lowee cajigas says:

    hi to all of our fans…specially all sibugaynon who really support in our dance the one of the member of moving colors…lowee 123

  28. dynoreen says:

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  29. dadzki says:

    basta ako sa Union bank pa rin kasi dun ako nagwo work hehehe

  30. Dennis says:

    tinde BDO sa SM, evryday, as in daily, 10am to 7pm OPEN..
    kaya lang mas malaki pa rin deposit ko sa BPI,
    kz conservative sya, parang malabo bigla ma-bankrupt,
    Aggressive kz BDO at MBTC, madali maka-loan, malaki business and development expense, etc.
    hirap naman sa LBP at DBP, superbagal, dami requirements, walang flexibility

  31. Mavic says:

    BPI is the best for me.
    friendly and fast tellers in all branches.
    i’ve tried to open an account in BDO but i left because it’s taking forever to call my number.

  32. Camille says:

    Kelan po ito ngyari sa inyo? balak ko po kc sna mag shift ng bank… BDO ba ok?

  33. Kai says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I just want to ask…
    Anong advantages meron sa BDO na wala sa BPI?
    I’m planning kc to open an account sa BDO?
    And how about their process and services? is it ok?

  34. maika says:

    bdo kase is makikita mo maraming branch
    i think ha kase bdo ako and i never try pa mag open ng bpi
    but i hate metro kase ka da trasaction need to pat 210 peso

  35. Camille says:

    when did it happen to you? why 210?

  36. mb23 says:

    bpi kc walang charges na hinihingi.. khit san sulok ng bansa inter branch deposit at w/drwal wala pong charge…bank anywhere kc cLa…

  37. Kenneth says:

    Convenient para sakin and BDO dahil my mga branch sa SM .. same din sa BPI .. yung maganda sa BPI, walang service charge sa interbranch na deposit ..

    Pero pinakagusto kung bank talaga is yung Isla Bank .. hehe .. :) .. dito kasi sa iloilo, hindi hassle pag nagdedeposit ..kahit sabihin natin na thrift bank lang cya, kampante pa rin naman ako kasi matagal na rin sila sa banking industry .. :)

  38. Mr. Entry Level says:

    After graduating college, I decided to opened a personal account at BPI last 2008. Unfortunately, as time goes by, I haven’t maintained its maintaining 3000Php because I resigned to my first previous job because of some personal reasons. There are 500 pesos left in my account but when I checked it, it became 400 pesos. The next time I checked it, it became 200 pesos then dropped to 100 pesos until finally, when I checked it, it says “you have no record with us”. I just want to know, what was happened to my account? Are those deductions is what you called the dormancy fee? If ever I decided to recover my account, am I going to pay such amount as penalties? Hope you can help me regarding this matter.

    1. polens says:

      there is a charge that is called falling below maintaining balance fee. i wasn’t sure if its 200 pesos per month.

  39. mark says:

    I think you are being charged with
    Fees for not maintaining your balance at metrobank.

    If you are concerned about maintaining balances.
    Avoid BDO, BPI and Metrobank.

    What i can suggest is Unionbank EON account with Visa
    NO maintaining balance on 350 pesos annual fee.
    They wont even close your account even its zero balance
    and no reactivation or something like that.

    You can swipe the card coz it has visa on it
    as long as you have a balance in the account.
    Swipe it like a credit card.

    I think its the best account in terms of charges.
    You can do online banking as well.

  40. hershel says:

    bpi works for me

  41. ilocano_express says:

    Lets help our country deposit @ Land Bank of the Philippines.

  42. onie boy says:

    hmmmmm!pag dating ng araw 5 commercial banks na lang ang matitira, kaya most probably laglag ung iba jan.payo ko lang sa inyong mga depositors mag goverment owned banks na lang kayo,dahil hanggat me gobyerno sa pilipinas secured ang mga govt. banks….

  43. IDM says:

    But we are still not sure whether today’s government banks will remain as government banks in the future. Always remember that there’s a word called PRIVATIZATION.

    1. polens says:

      i don’t think so..

  44. Joe Alviento says:

    RCBC is the best and still going strong! BPi sobrang discriminating yung Preferred Lane nila. Sabagay sa pangalan palang feel mo na eh.. parang dinidiscourage nila maliliit na deposit.

  45. brx says:

    Basta ako masaya walang kaaway at may pera. Kayo ba masaya sa ginagawa nyo?

  46. jayson x says:

    i’m applying for an office staff position in Metrobank Head Office goodluck to me..
    still waiting if i’m still in… :( metrobank help… this is my first job :(

  47. john says:

    BDO the best

  48. marj says:

    ONB, One Network Bank the largest Rural Bank in the Philippines may be a Rural Bank but Products and Services surmounts those with Commercial Banks…

  49. NoahG. says:

    The best pa din ang PHILIPPINE BANK OF COMMUNICATIONS. Makikita mo tlga ang best quality of client service with all of their branches. Fast and Quality service at its finest. PBCOM the best in the Metro!

    1. JINGOY says:


  50. ryds says:

    just go to a bank which has the top assets and deposits……

  51. theUnknown says:

    Ako gamit ko is BPI Family. Mura lang ksi magopen ng account 1000.
    In terms of service, matino kausap ang BPI hindi sila ng bobola, kung hindi pede hindi pede.
    200 php din yung min withdraw.

    In terms of stability, I think BPI is one of the best, if not the best. Kasi sobrang tagal na niya na bank (from the Spanish period pa.) unlike other banks, gov’t handled pa siya noon and now the AYALAs. Ilang economic crisis na din yung pinagdaanan niya, and they still stand strong. And I ask my professors, even my DAD, who are accountants and economists and they told me that BPI is their top choice. BPI is very conservative, this is very true – mahigpit sila. But, you can feel secure knowing that the Bank that handles your money is BPI.

  52. wi-tribe says:

    for me, matino kausap BPI yan first choice in terms of banking next Landbank and least choice ko BDO. super haba ng pila, mabagal transactions kahit na open sila ng weekend hindi parin ako satisfied sa service nila. Although my friends are working in other banks like PSbank, UCPB, PNB, Landbank, EastWest, Unionbank i prefer BPI. why i choose BPI, the service is fast and reliable the client is well served and well cared, the product sounds great, and the visibility is better.

  53. wi-tribe says:

    experience BPI banking now!!!

  54. wi-tribe says:

    I agree with jonas, makikita talaga stability ng bank through NET INCOME. atleast hindi napupunta sa wala pera mo. SUPER AGREE, WALA OTHER CHARGE BPI I can transact everywhere khit sa other branch located yung account ko. Astig!!!

  55. Jonha @ Happiness says:

    Para sa akin ay maganda ang service ng PNB, Allied Bank at BPI. Ang lamang ng BDO sa kanilang lahat ay dahil convenient ang locations pero nakakadismaya ang service nila kasi nga pang-masa talaga ang target market nila. Maganda naman talaga ang BPI tsaka wag nating kalimutan ang ibang less commercialized (literally) banks like Bank of Commerce, PSB at May Bank.
    .-= Jonha @ Happiness´s latest blog ..It Can Only Get Better- Be Still Philippines =-.

  56. zander castro says:

    rcbc ang the best….period.

  57. johnson says:

    I LOVE RCBC. Im so amazed with their electronic channels… they’ve exude my expectations with the best customer service…they’ve proven it that without mergers they’re still on the top 5… that’s stability…. they have produced new products that are so appealing to the clients. For me, I’ll be with RCBC for life… its personnel are so dynamic and really went out of their way just to serve you.

    1. Erbarron217 says:

      I agree. we

  58. Alyanna says:

    Saan po nakuha yung info? Pwede po paki-cite ang source? Gumagawa po kasi ako ng thesis about banks..

  59. Armando Balusbalus says:

    I trust only Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) nothing more and nothing less!

  60. PJ says:

    Hay nako kong service and security ang pag uusapan. HSBC nalang kayo, one of the largest bank not only in ASIA but around the globe!!!! mabilis ang transaction, high tech masyado, at hindi pinahihirapan ang customer.efgfff

  61. Jayla says:

    I prefer metrobank now. I don’t like BPI..gnun b tlga sa kanila? kc magaaply ako passbook account and I know pde ka sakanila magopen w/ just 10k..then the lady told me minimum deposit for their passbook account is 75k and that’s their maxi saver account..what the?!magse-save ka tpos you have to put up that much na agad? then i also learned na u need to present a proof of q pd ndbi clearance q dhl may address aq dun..she said no..sobrang pahirap..kaw n nga magoopen kw pa phhrpan..and then she even told me,if i wanna apply,i should go to the nearest BPI branch to either my work or to my house. with metrobank, im happy kc they’re in the top 3 most stable banks now and i got my savings account w/o that much struggle.

    1. polens says:

      ang alam ko po hindi na nila ini-encourage ang passbook kc compare sa atm, mas convenient sa clients ang atm, they can withdraw anytime over thousands of atm machines anywhere, anytime and cost effective sa part ni bank..

    2. polens says:

      ang alam ko po hindi na nila ini-encourage ang passbook kc compare sa atm, mas convenient sa clients ang atm, they can withdraw anytime over thousands of atm machines anywhere, anytime and cost effective sa part ni bank..

  62. eric says:

    bpi is the best!!!
    in terms of service kahit sobrang haba ng pila naka smile pa rin ang tellers.
    sa bdo bihara mag smile.. kahit bata, masarap yung may greetings parang welcome na welcome ka.

    kakaiba talaga ang banko sa pinas parang food chain na kanya kanyang gimik.. pero para sa akin
    iba na ang nauna… masinop sa lahat ng bagay.
    bpi yan… kahit mababa minsan interes eh sigurado ka sa pera mo.

  63. rose says:

    i’ve tried bdo,metrobank but bpi is the best, especially now u can deposit checks anywhere, good as cash, no charges

  64. bhugs says:

    for me the best bank is BDO….it have a lot of branches nationwide that cater the needs of Filipino people.the best ang bdo

    1. Gismo782 says:

      Not in Las Vegas, I tried to find a BDO and they are now close folks…It seems like all of the P.I. banks are closing in Las Vegas, Nevada

  65. Jake says:

    Im applying with BPI and if ma tanggap ako .i can assure you all guyz na accomodating po ako sa lahat ng customers..masayahin kasi akong tao

  66. Jake says:

    guys alam nyo ba magkano starting salary ng BPI new hiree? tsaka mga benefits nila sa mga empleyado

    1. Ladyminnie_tolibas says:

      nope just wanna know how much kasi po gusto ko ang service ng bpi walang maintaining balance pag once ng open ka ng account… 

  67. Doncan says:

    All banks offered the same products and services.But think about it only BPI knows the needs of their customer and can responds customers problem quickly.for me BPI is not just the Best but Excellent

  68. joy says:

    One of BPI’s best features is allowing its clients to deposit cash/cheques to their or anyone else’ account anywhere without service charge. Thanks BPI!

  69. thomas says:

    well ,for me, i don’t know tlga kung anong bangko is d best. But for now, i prefer BPI, nagpaplano nga akong mag shift ng bank (sa BDO) kc pagtinanong ka ng tao ng “anong bangko ka?” yung expect nla BDO yung isasagot mo. Pero sa totoo lng, yung mga teller sa bpi approachable, masarap kausap, friendly at very imformative. Go BPI! gOOd luck to me in BDO..

  70. thomas says:

    at tsaka nga pla,, marami din yung branch ng Bpi dito sa Iloilo, pwede ka pang magdeposit gmit ang atms nla, unlike sa bdo, dpat sa teller tlga, nkakahiya nmang kakarampot lng ang dala mo.

    BPI also offers an atm that does not have any maintaining balance. Kaya nga lang, may charge 5 pesos kpag nagwithdraw. ‘EASY SAVER” Yung name nang account. :) // Only 200 pesos to open.

    1. Troysandoval99 says:

      thomas, talaga?..hahay, may rcbc na aq

  71. thomas says:

    I don’t know lng kung marami dn yung branch ng bpi sa ibang lugar. hehe// :)

  72. Rico says:

    for me BPI is kung mag ipon at magtipid naman lang tayo eh doon nalang sa BPI na walang bayad mag deposit in any branch nationwide

  73. lulu says:

    I’ve noticed that BDO has a lot of branches, kaya nga lang, yung mga location nila ay hindi maganda. Karamihan sa mga cardholder nila ay nagwiwithdraw sa BPI atms. Marami din yung branch ng BPI, higit sa lahat maganda din yung mga locations nila.

    Marami nga ang branches ng BDO pero pangit naman yung mga locations nila.

    XD.. sorry BDO..

    1. E3man says:

      That’s part of their branding strategy na a-la Jollibee. Gusto palaging nakikita kahit saan,

  74. jerome says:

    hopefully ma introduce na yong no maintaining balance sa atm ng bpi sa all over nilang branch kasi wala pa yan dito sa caraga.

  75. hannah says:

    Nice ang BDO peru preferable parin ako sa BPI.ewan ko kung bakit siguro very warm ang tellers nila pag mag welcome sa aming mga clients.kahit noon may inaway akong tellers sa BPI peru di sya galit sa akin until now.kaya sa kanya parin ako nakapila pag mag deposit ako.sorry teller.maiinit lang kasi ulo ko non.sori talaga

  76. bob says:

    yeah, its very true that BDO is the largest bank in the Philippines, but I’m surprised about the metrobank that they are the second largest bank here. i thought that BPI is the second and followed by the Landbank. jeje. Now i know.. but BPI is the best bank, because i like their service and offers.

    1. francis says:

      nagbabago kasi ang ranking,
      dati metrobank ang no. 1 then bpi ang second, after ng maeskandalo ang equitable-pci bank dahil kay estrada. then nakipagmerged ang equitable sa banco de oro, kaya sila naging pinakamalaki.

  77. edwin says:

    bpi is one of the oldest bank in asia for more than 159 years and counting. thru the years of expertise they proved that banking with them is like securing your wealth for the future. bpi pioneered all kinds of technology and services to their clients. banking with them is like a royalty. best customer service 24/7 banking thru online, phone and mobile banking and the innovation for their client needs. bpi is the best bank in the philippines and it always be the no. 1 bank in the financial industry.

  78. mark b. says:

    @bob, added info po. Metrobank is the largest bank before Banco De Oro and Equitable Bank merge. Before the ranking was, Metrobank, BPI, Landbank or BPI, Metrobank and Landbank. The trend now is bank merging thru BSP policy. and more bank will merge soon.

  79. Sam says:

    BDO kasi eh sigurista at mahilig sa monopoly (tingnan nga ninyo ang malls, sila na lang talaga) kaya gagawin lahat para masahod ang gustong magbangko. Although matagal na ako sa BDO, me mangilan ngilan na kunsumisyon din ako sa bangko na ito like pag nagdeposito ka BDO to BDO pero para sa ibang probinsiya o region eh me charges na. Convenient lang kasi nga kahit saan me sm pero ang pila naman eh parang prusisyon kadalasan. Customer service can be done thru any branch call using their own line pero ang hirap talaga. Internet banking is so complicated like kung me gusto kang i-link na ibang bdo account sa sarili mong account eh maraming cheche buretse. Dito sa thailand, napaka easy maglista ng ibang account kahit ibang bangko pa. Thru sms lang verification or one time password na ise-send sa celfone number mo eh tapos na. So many ways for any bank to secure the accounts of their depositors without giving them a hard time or depriving them of a maximum convenience in internet banking. E-mail nga ang tagal din masagot, which is done within your own internet banking account. Hay naku

    1. saiyon says:

      Kasi naman iisa lang ang may ari ng BDO at SM.. reigning!!!

  80. Lloyd says:

    bakit nag close ang banco filipino……sana bilihin sa BDO tulad ng ginawa nila sa PCI equitqble……kawawa na kasi ang mga depositor.

  81. Bblack30 says:

    hello looking for a good bank for when i retire to the philippines and one that has an affiliate here in the states.

    1. E3mman says:

      Go to PNB

    2. Justine Norman S. Gonzales says:

      Go for RCBC

    3. mcalleyboy says:

      PNB sucks…they have a check deposit fee and a lengthy holding period for your check 30 days plus holidays but almost every single bank gets negative remarks.

    4. Justine Norman S. Gonzales says:

      Go kna sa RCBC

  82. LIRPA86 says:


    1. Justine Norman S. Gonzales says:

      No RCBC is The best

  83. Thoux says:

    kung ayaw nyo ng mahabang pila sa tellers, bkit pa kyo nag open sa alam nyong marami ang pila? hindi nyo ba alam na parang mga sales clerk na nga ang dating ng mga bdo tellers kasi even weekends on duty sila. kaya puro bata ang tellers nila kasi mabilis turnover ng employees. Meaning, hindi maganda ang benefits. heheh

    1. Reign_seaman17 says:

      excuse me…kya mga bata ang tellers para mbilis mg service!!!at madali ang promotion sa mga senior;)pngit k cguro kya bitter k!!!!!!!!!!

    2. francis says:

      taga bdo ka cguro! haha

  84. E3mman says:

    You kept on talking about BPI and BDO. How about other banks such as PNB and RCBC? I’ve heard PNB is currently re-branding, meaning they have a lot of stuffs to offer llike bank products, promos etc.

    1. francis says:

      magmemerged na raw ang PNB at BPI, magiging pinakamalaking bank na un in a years time defeating BDO and metrobank

    2. Justine Norman S. Gonzales says:

      I suggest try RCBC, A lot good services offered for their client. They cater all client needs :) Indirect targeting

  85. buboy says:

    BPI works for me. Sila ang trendsetter pagdating sa technology, others follow. Online banking is superb. My only rant is making deposit, you have to stay at the line for you to be served. Sana baguhin na lang nila na ticketing service and seat at your convenience.

  86. b1boy says:

    actually po, pnb unang nag online ng branhes (escolta, ermita and bacolod). sila din po unang nagka atm (escolta). pero bpi nga ang nagpasikat ng atm. bdo and metro bank naman pinaka aggresive sa marketing. walang bonus marketing group nila pag hindi naka quota. :)
    kababasa ko lang pnb is spending P400M for their rebranding. aggressive president nila ngayon.

  87. Batasan88 says:

    As I was once trying to check local banks around Quezon city area, I came across with BDO Cubao with my request for information on time deposit based on high interest rates that they can offer to any depositors. One of the staff answered clearly that “BDO does not need money”. Very surprising indeed on hearing such comment. My goodness!!

  88. Marvin_paulo3000 says:

    I visit RCBC Baguio Swssion Branch just to inquire about the beaiutiful design of their ATM cards,but I am so discourage cause I am not entertained,instead,I have seen a gay man who is look like palengkera.who just chat with his fellow employee in the customer section area,I am so discourage of this situation.Hope the manager of thsi bank choose an employee that is presentable and hard working. 

    1. Justine Norman S. Gonzales says:

      LoL those things maybe confidential and branch employee probably don’t know but if you really want to know you must ask in their main office in Makati. I guess it’s avl solution,

  89. chelle20 says:

    how abt po pinakamagandang magpasahod na bank? yung marami ang benefits kya? sa mga employees pls pls pls.. ano po mga benefits nyo?

    1. zhyke says:

      Metrobank pinaka magandang benefits kesa bdo. meron sila Medical allowance, tellers incentive, mid-yr bonus, uniform/shoe allowance, yr-end bonus. ayun po. annual increase pa pala..mataas lang ng konti ung basic nila kesa bdo

  90. Ms. "How may I help you?" says:

    I think each of us have our own reasons and experiences why we chose our bank. But, BPI seems to dominate on this discussion..Stability, profitability, conservative approach on their offered products, faster lane, shorter queues, convenience on their technology, etc.. Parang SM, “they got it all for you..”

    As for me, I really miss my BPI clients, especially my dear senior citizens..

    1. Mbkeng Boc says:

      Bpi long wait and may mataray din na tellers lalo pag inter-branch

    2. Greet me nice.. says:

      May BPI din na super bagal, lalo ngayon may bagong machine sila.. Tapos yung mga teller hindi marunong mag smile

  91. JohnnySee says:

    Wala wenta BDO SM Pampanga, karamihan sa mga batang may itsurang teller puro suplada at may pagkabastos pa.

    1. Jonhnzinc22 says:

      same here…at BDO iligan of the teller is not good in service…i think shes processing a new account but she is not right….

  92. JohnnySee says:

    Wala wenta BDO SM Pampanga, karamihan sa mga batang may itsurang teller puro suplada at may pagkabastos pa.

  93. Faithkrish says:

    Ask lang po if yung BPI Easy Savers  ATM na deposit of 200 ay pwede rin bang mahulugan incase nasa labas ung maghulog?

    1. Kreyon_lee says:

      yes pwede.

  94. Ann says:

    hi need help…. left my ATM card to my mom and i didn’t change my temporary pin yet as i thought its not necessary to.. anyways, pinahulugan ko sa frend ko ng pera pero nung asa machine na mom ko the machine said cannot withraw money using the temporary pin. dunno how to instruct her as she is an old lady. .. ano kaya dapat gawin?

  95. Young Jaehun says:

    ..bastos din ang teller sa sm dasmarinas

  96. marlon says:

    suggest lang po sa inyong lahat magCITIBank na lang kayo in term of service and professionalism the best ito. and once nakapag-open kayo ng account sa citibank hindi nyo na need pumunta time to time sa bank just one click of your finger u can call the bank because u will have a personal banker to be assist and withdrw your money anywhere in the world with a free of charge and enjoy privilege as well..

  97. Troysandoval99 says:

    talaga suplada ang mag teller ng BDO!, 

    1. Shekshekreyes says:

      hindi naman lahat..

  98. Kreyon_lee says:

    no charge hustle free mag BPI kana Lets make it easy

  99. Randyboynextdoor says:

    BANKO DE ORO MAASIN CITY BRANCH  maganda doun marunong sila mag asikaso sa mga client nila,

  100. Depedrojomar says:

    is there any move with regards to the attitude of employee specefically RCBC

  101. Oring_gie says:

    y so many bad comments on bdo service staff? akala ko yong branch lang sa aming locality ang may mga masungit na employees. mgmt should look into this problem, countrywide na siguro ito

    1. Denmark_iye says:

      hindi naman.. i think it depends on the person himself or herself kasi dun sa sm makati all staff always smile, at friendly lahat sila.. mabibilis pa magtransact, compared to other banks i go to, 1 transaction equals 1 hour

  102. Areej Colo says:

    hayyyy naku basta BDO ako………

  103. Nosreffekapakz says:

    May kilala me BDO teller sa araw…BOLD dancer sa cubao sa gabi.tsk…tsk…tsk

  104. Samsung Samsung607 says:

    kulang sa customer service yung teller at bank manager ng BDO sa Santolan Pasig, dalawang branches nila dun…

  105. Samsung Samsung607 says:

    kulang sa customer service skills yung teller and bank manager sa BDO located Santolan Pasig. bad experience ang nakuha namin from our transaction…

  106. Tom_azucena says:

    maganda ung bdo dito sa amin sa iloilo mababait, mabilis magtransact, at saka magagaling mag accomodate ng mga clients.

    We find ways….

  107. Nwn_pop says:

    bdo ang pinaka maganda sa lahat.

  108. Sd_aj says:

    idiot and pumilipi sa bpi

  109. Nmae_q says:

    gusto kulang sa bihin sa lahat ng bdo na sama maging accomodating kayo sa mga clients, kasi marami ung gusto sa bdo kasi parang suplada,

  110. tito says:

    talagang ganyan ang mga bank pag no1 cla nagiging suplada at suplado kc komo marami na cla client

  111. Haspe says:

    For me, BPI is the real no. 1
    In terms of service, mas mabigil then nagkaroon na sila ng BPI express Assist kung saan hindi mo na kailangang mag fill up ng form. re: naman sa online, easy talaga kasi magkasama na ang savings account and credit account mo. unlike sa BDO magkahiwalay at dami pang proseso bago ka makapagapply sa credit card online. Pero hindi naman lahat ng BDO tellers mataray o masungit dito sa BDO BF sa Parañaque, maganda ang service nila at approachable naman. pagdating naman sa process ng credit card 1 month bago mo makuha yung approved credit card mo unlike sa BPI na after ma interview sa phone. wala pang 10 banking days makukuha mo na ung card. talagang bagay lang na “Let’s Make it Easy” dahil halos all of their transactions are so easy and convenient talaga…

  112. Ramil says:

    Ang tagal lahat ng service dito sa Tagbilaran Bohol BDO… Sasakit lahat namay sakit… very poor service thy have…

  113. kulasa says:

    san ba magandang mag apply na bangko? ung maganda ang benefits? sa chinabank kasi 4months bonus may medicine allow tapos may tellers allow at rice allow. sa bpi metro at bdo ganun din ba???? help me pls…

  114. vvjie says:

    Bpi is the best specially ang mga empleyado nila.. naalala ko lang sa Bdo Sm Annex sa North Edsa napaka Bastos ng Manager.

  115. erica montemayor says:

    China Banking Corp!

  116. Mary Frances Lauman says:


  117. onie says:

    what i can say is wow sa bagong system ng BPI ala european countries.pwede na pa palang mag deposit sa bagong CAM Machine nila in real time. wow wow talaga

  118. marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta says:

    Rural Bank of San Mateo, Isabela da best.
    Naka-tsinelas pa teller.

  119. gerliscout says:

    Mag-Psbank na lang kayo!lahat ng reklamo nyo, walang ganon dito. Maraming branches, pd magdeposit at withdraw kahit saan, walang pila, asikaso ka ng tellers pati manager, may prime td na mataas int rate. Kun stability naman, subsidiary ito ng metrobank. May online transactipns din dito

  120. clove oil says:

    Ang mahirap kasi sa BDO crowded ang bank. Pati mga ATM machines mahahaba ang pila..Pero yun nga sa services naman sila bumabawi.
    Clove of

  121. uknown says:

    bdo iba iba ang trato sa client pag d nila depositor pangit pag treat pag depsoitor ok k pag un n branch k depositor iwan n lang pag malaki k depositor maganda treat pag di pangit pero d namn lahat ng employee din GSUA GBUA

  122. Marjory Gaver says:

    It’s in fact a nice and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date similar to this. Thanks for sharing.

  123. neil bernardino says:

    mag metronank nalang kayo mas ok pa dahil mas ok ang mga teller nila di tulad ng bdo na ang susuplada nila at di tulad sa metrobank na maayos at ok makipag usap sa mga client ang mga empleyado ng metrobank at higit sa lahat top 6 na pinaka mayaman ang may ari ng metrobank walang iba kundi c george ty akalain nyo banking lang ang buisness nya pero pumasok sa top

  124. Mark says:

    BDO……saksakan ng kupad ang serbisyo…….ang susungit pa ng mga teller……..nagdeposit ako ng coin cents….bubulong bulong yung teller………parang walang breeding………..bastos……

  125. Michael says:

    Gsto ko sana mg open ng bank account. Kaso small time lng ako. . Above mininum lng sahod q.. help me nmn kung saan magandang bank.. yung aasikasuhin ang katulad kong small time.. salamat.. respect.

    1. Richard Gajo says:

      Para sa akin bro sa BPI. Ok lang yun kahit above minimun ang sahod mo basta pinag trabahuhan mo. If mag deposit ka wala silang hinihingi sa service fee or other charges. Kaya for sure ok sa BPI bro.

  126. Shailesh says:

    good bank information

  127. Richard Gajo says:

    Para sa akin in terms of Credit Card the best ang BDO most of the time my update at saka posting ng charges at payment mo sa phone man o sa email, kaya hindi ako nagkakapenalty kasi nakakabayad ako on time. Pag dating naman sa ATM the best ang BPI kasi pwd ka mag deposit 24hours sa machine nila tapos wala pang other charges na babayaran.

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