18 summa cum laude graduates in UP Diliman

That’s all I can say about the news that eighteen (18) students of the University of the Philippines – Diliman (UP Diliman) are set to be awarded the highest academic award of summa cum laude in the University Graduation ceremony this Sunday, April 26, 2009.
In UP, a summa cum laude is a student who earned a final General Weighted Average (GWA) of 1.20 or above. The perfect grade is 1.00.
Leading the pack is Scott Riley K. Ong, a BS Biology major who has a GWA of 1.036. This means he got a grade of 1.00 in all of his subjects with the exception probably of one subject in which he got a 1.50 or two subjects each with 1.25 grade.
The complete list of these amazing students, their courses and GWAs are as follows.
The 18 summa cum laude graduates of UP Diliman
Batch 2009

  1. Scott Riley K. Ong, BS Biology (1.036)
  2. Juan Lorenzo B. Pablo, BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (1.061)
  3. Maria Patricia Rouelli G. Sabino, BS Computer Engineering (1.082)
  4. Mikhail P. Solon, BS Physics (1.084)
  5. Joseph Ray Clarence G. Damasco, BS Mathematics (1.107)
  6. Frances Antoinette C. Cruz, BA European Languages (1.109)
  7. Laureen Carmela B. Lukban, BS Psychology (1.114)
  8. Anna P. Canlas. BA Broadcast Communication (1.117)
  9. Jan Carlo B. Punongbayan, BS Economics (1.151)
  10. Mark Joseph S. Tan, BS Chemical Engineering (1.16)
  11. Angelo Aresenio de Guzman Santos, BS Mathematics (1.169)
  12. Joseph Jeeben R. Segui, BS Mathematics (1.173)
  13. Christina Marianne G. Mantaring, BS Computer Engineering (1.178)
  14. Angelo C. Ani, BS Industrial Engineering (1.191)
  15. Luther Paul dela Rosa Caranguian, BS Electronics and Communications Engineering (1.192)
  16. Shyne De Vera Galapon, BS Chemistry (1.193)
  17. Andreo C. Alonzo, BA Journalism (1.198)
  18. Ma. Theresa S. Pamintuan, BS Business Administration and Accountancy (1.20)

If I am not mistaken, this is the highest number of summa cum laudes ever in the history of UP Diliman.
The College of Science has produced seven (7) summa cum laudes this year, four of them with a BS Mathematics degree.
The College of Engineering, arguably a college with tough courses, has five (5) top students this year.
Amazing, indeed. I just hope the brains of these students and all graduating students this year will be used to create a better Philippines.
Source: UPdate

17 thoughts on “18 summa cum laude graduates in UP Diliman”

  1. wow! grabe… can’t say anything at all about, the numbers and achievements of all these intelligent kids speak for itself.
    hope that they will use their talents and intelligenc for nation-building

  2. Wow!!!
    I’m happy that there are some people in the list coming from the BS Mathematics course – same as mine!
    Although I came from Ateneo de Manila and not from UP.
    But UP and Ateneo both have the highest standards I think when it comes to the course BS Mathematics.

  3. @elmot, I too hope these bright graduates will work for the betterment of the nation. We need more people like them!
    @Millionare Acts, wow mathematician ka pala! Galing naman! 🙂
    @leela, nde kaya ikaw yung BA Journ na summa? 😉

  4. Wow! Really amazing indeed! 🙂
    Ang galing naman nito James! A big big congratulations to all of them! They really deserve it! 🙂
    Indeed. I hope if ever some of them will work abroad, they will still return here in the Philippines and use what they have learned to help advance our nation. Magagaling at masisipag. Wala na akong masabi. Props to you guys! Congrats din to UP for the excellent education and training. 🙂

  5. Halimaw! hehe.. Congrats to all the graduates! Hope you will have a better life after this course and welcome to real life! God Bless!

  6. Hi, BS Math graduates! Congratulations! You might want to apply in our academic institution as academic consultants/teachers and co-partner with us in raising the standards of math education here in the Philippines. We offer a very good salary and benefits. For interested applicants, here’s my contact number 09285027401. Thanks and God bless!

  7. Amazing!
    I hope my future children will be as intelligent as these genius students in UP Diliman”,
    Ang gagaling nila pramiz…
    sana mpangasawa ko si Scott Riley K. Ong, BS Biology (1.036)

  8. I got one of the BS Math graduates na summa as my Math53 instructor this year, at ang galing galing nya. Genius talaga siya.
    UP has many great students, indeed. Sana ‘wag lumipat yung mga BS Math graduates ng UP sa ibang universities, UP needs them.

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