First Country Bank’s 5-Years Double Your Money Time Deposit

NOTE: Today we start a series compiling various deposit and investment products being offered by banks in the Philippines. These articles are for informational purposes only, they do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Pinoy Money Talk.

Product Name

Bankers Club 5-Years Double Your Money

Product Details

5-year investment in the form of a time deposit
100% return on investment at the end of 5 years
Minimum investment of P100,000
No withholding tax

Offered by

First Country Bank (

Bank Details

First Country Bank, banking arm of First Country Financial Group, is a microfinance bank that focuses on promoting micro-entrepreneurs and helping marginalized members of society. More details at the First Country Bank – Overview article.

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First Country Bank's Double Your Money Promo

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6 thoughts on “First Country Bank’s 5-Years Double Your Money Time Deposit”

  1. If you have a 100 thousand and you want to DOUBLE IT IN 6 YEARS. Well all you have to do is to look for the more than 50 branches of BANCO FILIPINO in your place and open a 6 year time deposit. Unlike the obscure rural banks which who knows might not be there at the end of your 5 year time deposit, BANCO FILIPINO will be there in your entire lifetime and the lives of your children.BANCO FILIPINO is the only BIG BANK offering this DOUBLE YOUR MONEY so you get the benefits of the stability of BIG LEAGUE BANK and the RATES OF A RURAL BANK. Best of both worlds. I assure you im not connected with this bank but is merely researching where to place some of my money after I have already exceeded the PDIC coverage for myself, my wife and ITF account for my 4 kids. In other words I already have more than 1.5 million in BANCO PARANAQUE and am looking for banks that will be a safe heaven for my money less the risk that I have to experience nightly with my favorite rural bank.

  2. Hi,
    I think we can put confidence in the rural bank since they are all members of PDIC. Which ensures your money up to 4 or 5 hundred thousand. Do you think your money will be safe even if after the banks closed or bankrupt?

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