First Country Bank – Overview

First Country Bank (, banking arm of First Country Financial Group, is a microfinance bank that focuses on promoting micro-entrepreneurs and helping marginalized members of society. Former DECS Undersecretary Dr. Alejandro Wilfredo Clemente and members of the Bankers' Club (retired top bank executives from BSP, LBP, Citibank, DBP, and other thrift and rural banks) founded the bank in 1995.

First Country Bank received the "Most Outstanding Microfinance Bank" award from the Consumers' League of the Philippines Foundation in 2004 and the "Big Leap Forward" award from the People's Credit and Finance Corporation in 2005.

The bank provides Microfinance Livelihood Loans to members of:

  • More than 700,000 public school teachers nationwide thru the Department of Education Automatic Salary Deduction Program;
  • More than 280,000 military pensioners thru assignments of their monthly pensions of the bank is an accredited depository;
  • A large number of OFWs and their dependents thru credit redemption and collateral guarantee insurance with the assistance of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration; and
  • Housewives of employed and under-employed, thru the methodology of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh.

First Country Bank is a member of the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).

Deposit Accounts

Regular Savings Account

A regular savings account earning 3% interest p.a. Minimum needed to open an account is P500 while maintaining balance to earn interest is P1,000.

SURE ATM Savings Account

A savings account that offers an ATM card, the First Country Bank SURE Card. Offered in partnership with Asiatrust Bank.

SURE Current Account

A checking account with a 3% interest on the balance. Earns 8% interest if minimum of P100,000 is maintained.

Fiesta Savings Account

A one- or two-year special savings account that earns interest, and depending on the deposit amount, a cell phone, or any other item of your choice, is provided by the bank for free.

Katuparan Savings Account

A choice of 30, 60 , 90, and 180 day special savings account with higher interest rates.

Special Products

Bankers Club Prime Savings Account

A one-year special savings deposit that offers higher interest rates and credits interest every month.

Bankers Club 5-Years Double Your Money

A P100,000-minimum double your money in 5 years time deposit account. More info in the First Country Bank’s 5-Years Double Your Money Time Deposit article.

Bankers Club Pensionado Plan

A long term savings account equivalent to “Double Your Money in 6 Years.” Tax-free interest income is credited monthly to the depositor's savings account.

Bankers Club Fund

A form of loan syndication designed for rural banks and cooperatives that yields high returns with relatively low risk. Minimum investment is P250,000 for each entity at a rate of 15% per annum, plus a special premium at the end of every year depending on the net total profit margin that the bank earns through the project. Holding period is five years, equivalent to the "double your money in 5 years, tax-free" product.

Bank Contact Details



Head Office
Ground Floor, Mega Plaza Bldg.,
ADB Avenue corner Garnet Road,
Ortigas Centre, Pasig City.
Tel. Nos. : 687-5655 / 687-7155 / 687-7381
Fax : 687-3199

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  1. Hi Leyarn, first let me say that our site, is not in any way related to First Country or to any other financial institutions or investment companies mentioned in the site.

    Regarding your question, can you show us a link to First Country Multi-Services Corp? I searched in Google and found no search result for that company. I checked First Country’s site and it’s not mentioned there as one of the companies belonging to the First Country Group.

  2. Sir,
    i want to know the amount to be loaned by each teacher (maximum and minimum), how many percent interest and how many months to be paid..regarding this may i know also the atty.-in-fact that designated for this matter..thanks

  3. If you have a 100 thousand and you want to DOUBLE IT IN 6 YEARS. Well all you have to do is to look for the more than 50 branches of BANCO FILIPINO in your place and open a 6 year time deposit. Unlike the obscure rural banks which who knows might not be there at the end of your 5 year time deposit, BANCO FILIPINO will be there in your entire lifetime and the lives of your children.BANCO FILIPINO is the only BIG BANK offering this DOUBLE YOUR MONEY so you get the benefits of the stability of BIG LEAGUE BANK and the RATES OF A RURAL BANK. Best of both worlds. I assure you im not connected with this bank but is merely researching where to place some of my money after I have already exceeded the PDIC coverage for myself, my wife and ITF account for my 4 kids. In other words I already have more than 1.5 million in BANCO PARANAQUE and am looking for banks that will be a safe heaven for my money less the risk that I have to experience nightly with my favorite rural bank.

  4. hi..may i know if the first country funds is a member or subsidiary of the first country?and if its also recognize by the government? and if its a legal?

  5. May I know if the FIRST COUNTRY FUNDS located at DELTA, Timog Avenue is a sister company of the FIRST COUNTRY BANK? Thanks…

  6. Hi!
    May i know what is the website of the first country financial that will show me all the products we have because i’am an account supervisor of the company in ortigas and i want to post it in my adds in the internet!

  7. First Country Bank in Ortigas nagsara na last december 2010, sayang buti nalang covered sa insurance ang pera na invest ko sa PDIC….sorry to say but first country bank went down the drain as well.

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