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Category Archives: Top Schools in the Philippines

Best CPA Accountancy Schools in the Philippines

Whether you love or hate accountants, one thing is clear: there are a lot of them in the Philippines. Did you know that there are more than 175,000 CPAs or Certified Public Accountants registered in the country, according to the Board of Accountancy? That may initially

Best Psychology / Psychometrician Schools in the Philippines

If you’re someone who wants to learn how people think and what causes their behavior, then a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree is a course you may want to consider. The BS Psychology program studies the attitudes, behavior, and cognition of a person through

Best Physical Therapy Schools in the Philippines

The Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (PT) is the choice for individuals looking to help treat and rehabilitate people with disabilities arising from illness, injury, or aging. The BS Physical Therapy course is a 5-year college degree program in the Philippines where aspiring therapists are trained in

Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering has always been one of the top pick courses of many students looking to venture into the field of engineering. The BS Mechanical Engineering program is diverse and broad in scope because anything with something

Best Respiratory Therapist Schools in the Philippines

The health of the lungs is an important aspect of one’s health. Thus, we need people who specialize in maintaining the health of lungs and other respiratory organs. This, among others, is the expertise of a Respiratory Therapist. Respiratory Therapists Licensure Examination In the Philippines, licensed Respiratory

Best Forestry Schools in the Philippines

Forests are a source of resources, about as much a home for numerous fauna and flora. Thus, in a world where pollution and environment degradation are rampant, the conservation and management of forests is an important task. The development and improvement of processes involved in

Best Schools for Nutritionist-Dietitians in the Philippines

As the saying goes, “health is wealth,” thus, it is vital for people to maintain proper health. One of the many ways in doing so would be by eating the right food. To help us develop the appropriate food plans, we can seek advice from experts

Best Criminology Schools in the Philippines

Would you like to work for an institution that is in the front line in terms of preserving the security and stability of a nation, like law enforcement agencies, security administration offices, crime detection groups, and prevention or correctional administration units? A Bachelor of Science