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The Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (PT) is the choice for individuals looking to help treat and rehabilitate people with disabilities arising from illness, injury, or aging. The BS Physical Therapy course is a 5-year college degree program in the Philippines where aspiring therapists are trained in various ways to restore physical function such as hydrotherapy, radiant and superficial heating, electrotherapy, therapeutic exercise regimens and techniques, therapeutic ultrasound, and patient education and training, among others.

Admission Requirements for BS Physical Therapy

Each school may have different requirements for admission but the following are the typical qualifications and requirements:

  • Must be a high school graduate – If there is non-completion of high school education, the student may opt to attend Alternative Learning System (ALS) and pass the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) to qualify for college.
  • College entrance exam
  • High School Scholastic Standing
  • National Secondary Assessment Test
  • Interview conducted by the college
  • Good Moral Certificate

Physical Therapists in the Philippines

While many BS Physical Therapist graduates who pass the Physical Therapist Licensure Examination end up as Physical Therapist Clinicians, there are other jobs awaiting them in the field of medicine, such as:

  • Neurological Physical Therapist, who helps patients recover from brain injury or disability such as ALS, cerebral palsy, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Traveling Physical Therapist, who works with different types of patients while traveling from place to place
  • Physical Therapist on Women’s Health, who focuses on helping women to be relieved from illnesses such as pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, and lymphatic swelling

The BS Physical Therapy course may seem difficult at first but many students can attest that this is an interesting degree to study. However, before one can enjoy the full practice of Physical Therapy, he/she must first pass the Physical Therapy Licensure Examination.

Physical Therapist Licensure Examination

The Physical Therapist Licensure Examination, along with the Occupational Therapist Licensure Examination, is conducted twice a year by the Board of Examiners for Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists under the supervision of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

The following are the scope and coverage of the Physical & Occupational Therapy board exam:

Physical Therapist Board Exam Coverage
  • Basic Sciences – 30%
  • Medical and Surgical Conditions, Pathology – 25%
  • Physical Therapy, Applications Electrotheraphy, Therapeutic Exercises, Principles of Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy – 45%
Occupational Therapist  Board Exam Coverage
  • Basic Sciences – 20%
  • General Medical and Surgical Conditions – 20%
  • Occupational Therapy Applications Programs, Organization and Administration in Rehabilitation Psychosocial Dysfunction and Physical Disabilities – 60%

Top Performing Schools for Physical Therapy Licensure Exam

Is your school one of top schools for BS Physical Therapy? Check our list below showing data about the average passing rates in previous Physical Therapy Licensure Exams.

Category 1: Physical Therapy (PT) Schools with more than 100 examinees

PESO BOND FUNDSJan-Jul 2018 YTD Gain (Loss) %Jul 2017-Jul 2018 1-Year Gain (Loss) %3-year Gain (Loss) %5-year Gain (Loss) %
1Cocolife Fixed Income Fund3.06%5.40%5.20%5.22%
2Ekklesia Mutual Fund0.78%0.57%1.14%0.84%
3ALFM Peso Bond Fund0.75%1.57%1.65%1.39%
4First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund-0.01%0.15%-0.09%-0.1%
5Philequity Peso Bond Fund-0.72%0.1%-0.43%-0.44%
6Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund-0.79%0.02%0.11%-0.21%
7Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund-1.34%-0.77%-0.48%-0.81%
8ATRAM Corporate Bond Fund-1.93%-2.16%-1.58%-0.6%
9Grepalife Fixed Income Fund-2.08%-1.7%-1.57%-1.84%
10Soldivo Bond Fund-2.6%-3.16%-1.62%No Data
11Philam Bond Fund-2.96%-3.78%-1.07%-1.01%

Category 2: Physical Therapy (PT) Schools with 51 to 100 examinees

FOREIGN CURRENCY BOND FUNDSJan-Jul 2018 YTD Gain (Loss) %Jul 2017-Jul 2018 1-Year Gain (Loss) %3-year Gain (Loss) %5-year Gain (Loss) %
1ALFM Euro Bond Fund-0.14%0.7%1.26%1.7%
2ALFM Dollar Bond Fund-0.5%0.37%2.2%2.93%
3First Metro Save and Learn Dollar Bond Fund-0.8%-0.4%0.54%No Data
4Philequity Dollar Income Fund-0.8%-0.93%0.76%2%
5ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund-1.62%-1%1.02%1.47%
6Philam Dollar Bond Fund-3.44%-2.52%0.98%2.73%
7PAMI Global Bond Fund-3.63%-3.91%-0.83%-2.29%
8Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund-4.24%-4.2%0.63%1.46%
9Grepalife Dollar Bond Fund-4.29%-4.55%-0.33%1.34%
10MAA Privilege Dollar Fixed Income FundNo DataNo DataNo DataNo Data
11MAA Privilege Euro Fixed Income FundNo DataNo DataNo DataNo Data

Category 3: Physical Therapy (PT) Schools with 50 and below examinees

PESO MONEY MARKET FUNDSJan-Jul 2018 YTD Gain (Loss) %Jul 2017-Jul 2018 1-Year Gain (Loss) %3-year Gain (Loss) %5-year Gain (Loss) %
3ALFM Money Market Fund1.46%2.22%1.59%1.38%
2Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund1.44%2.3%2.06%1.26%
1Philam Managed Income Fund1.18%1.73%0.29%0.33%

Note: The tables above only rank the passing rates of first-time takers; repeaters are not included in the passing rate. All figures are based on the four (4) past Physical Therapy Licensure Exams in February 2018, August 2017, February 2017, and August 2016.

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Source: PRC Philippines (

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