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Longer PSE trading hours

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) was to extend trading hours for two more hours starting June 30, 2009 but due to delays in the implementation of the new trading system and recent volatility in the financial markets, this plan has been shelved to October 2009,

Good time now to invest in stock market again?

The Business Mirror reported yesterday that the Philippine Stock Exchange was the best performing stock market in Southeast Asia during the 1st quarter of 2009. From January to March 2009, the 30-company Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) surged 6.05% — a remarkable performance considering the

Where to get annual reports of companies

In the past week, I received three emails from students asking where they can get annual reports of Philippine companies. It seems like they are required to pass a copy of an annual report for one of their Management subjects. So where exactly can you

Global stock markets down 30-40%

Almost everyone knows by now that the US economic crunch is hurting stock markets worldwide. Huge losses are currently the trend and stock prices everywhere are plummeting. How big are these declines, you ask? Check out the table below which summarizes the year-to-date losses of

How many Filipinos invest in the stock market?

A recent survey conducted by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) showed that very few Filipinos participate in the stock market. According to the survey, there were only 430,681 accounts being maintained for Filipino investors by PSE trading participants in 2007 – representing not even 1/2

(Tutorial) How do I start trading stocks?

I’m ready to start trading stocks, what do I do? Are you sure you’re all set? Have you reviewed our stock trading tutorial about the types of stocks and other securities being traded, how profits are made, how much you need to trade stocks, and

San Miguel Brewery IPO

Shares of the beer unit of food and beverage conglomerate San Miguel Corporation will be listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange starting May 12. Investors, however, can subscribe to the initial public offering (IPO) of San Miguel Brewery Inc. (SMB) from April 28. More than

Free Tour of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)

Just before the Holy Week holiday, we went to the Tektite Tower in Ortigas to have a tour of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). It surely was exciting to actually visit one of the country’s stock trading floors but, at the same time, disappointing because