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GMA7 stock price jumps on first trading day

The Philippine stock market plunged by 1.5% today but shares of media network GMA (stock code: GMA7) jumped on its IPO debut. Triggered by the big drops in the last two trading sessions in Wall Street, the main Philippine index ended 51.30 points lower at

Stock Market jokes: What stock jargons ‘really’ mean LOL

So you aced the stock market vocabulary quiz, huh? Are you sure you know what stock market jargons and terminologies really mean? About this post: share market terms and definitions pdf, stock market terms and definitions pdf, stock market terms for kids

Philippine stock market rebounds after yesterday’s slump

Share prices in the Philippine stock market closed higher across the board, with the main index rebounding from Wednesday's 7.9%, as investors took comfort in Wall Street's recovery overnight. At the close, the 30-company composite index was up 122.67 points or 4.0 percent at 3,190.12,

PSE sharply lower after massive Wall Street sell-off

Note: Article updated to reflect market closing figures. Original story published thirty minutes after the stock market opened today. The Philippine stock market plunged to its six-week low today, ending almost 8% down from yesterday’s closing. The sharp decline followed the massive sell-off in Wall

10-points Stock Market Quiz: Test your stock market knowledge!

Are you done taking┬áPart 1 of this quiz? If you still haven’t, head over to this Stock Market Jargons Quiz (Part 1). If you’re already done with it, you’re probably ready to take Part 2. About this post: stock market test questions, quiz on stock

Stock Market Quiz: How many correct answers did you get?

When you’re asked to “hit” the shares, what do you do? Should you feel afraid if you were offered a “warrant”? Take this 10-item quiz and see how much you know about several┬ástock market jargons. You’d be surprised that some familiar words have different meanings