2009 Best Stock Markets in the World

The year 2009 ended profitably for stock traders around the world. Although Philippine investors were already jubilant with the Philippine Stock Exchange‘s 63% gain in 2009, this was still just an “average” performance compared to the best-performing stock markets in the world.

The Asia-Pacific region is the best performing region in terms of change in market capitalization in 2009. It gained 52.0% on average in local currency terms and 57.6% on average in US dollar terms. The best-performing Asia-Pacific stock markets, in local currency terms, are as follows:

Top 5 Stock Markets in Asia-Pacific in 2009

  1. Colombo Stock Exchange (SRI LANKA) – 125.2%
  2. Shenzhen Stock Exchange (CHINA) – 117.1%
  3. Bombay Stock Exchange (INDIA) – 90.2%
  4. National Stock Exchange of India (INDIA) – 88.6%
  5. Indonesia Stock Exchange (INDONESIA) – 87.0%

This means if one invested in the market index in those exchanges, one would have doubled or almost doubled his money in 2009.  A $5,000 investment in the Colombo Stock Exchange, for example, would be worth $11,260 at the end of 2009.

Equity market indexes in the Americas region increased on average by 34.0% in local currency and 40.8% in US Dollar terms. Latin American exchanges boosted the Americas performance, with the 5 best equity markets coming from this area.

Top 5 Stock Markets in the Americas in 2009

  1. Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (ARGENTINA) – 103.6%
  2. Lima Stock Exchange (PERU) – 101.0%
  3. BM&F Bovespa (BRAZIL) – 82.7%
  4. Colombia Stock Exchange (COLOMBIA) – 53.5%
  5. Santiago Stock Exchange (CHILE) – 46.9%

In Europe, Africa and Middle East, average performance in local currency terms was 30.8% and 39.2% in US Dollar terms. The top 5 stock exchanges are as follows:

Top 5 Stock Markets in Europe, Africa and Middle East in 2009

  1. MICEX (RUSSIA) – 121.1%
  2. Istanbul Stock Exchange (TURKEY) – 96.6%
  3. Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (ISRAEL) – 78.8%
  4. Budapest Stock Exchange (HUNGARY) – 73.4%
  5. Oslo Bors (NORWAY) – 60.1%

The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), the trade association of stock exchanges in the world, reported that compared to 2008, WFE member exchanges in 2009 increased market capitalization on average by 38.0% in local currency and 44.9% in US dollar terms.

The 10 stock markets in the world with the best performance in 2009 are as follows:

Top 10 Stock Markets in the World in 2009

  1. Colombo Stock Exchange (SRI LANKA) – 125.2%
  2. MICEX (RUSSIA) – 121.1%
  3. Shenzhen Stock Exchange (CHINA) – 117.1%
  4. Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (ARGENTINA) – 103.6%
  5. Lima Stock Exchange (PERU) – 101.0%
  6. Istanbul Stock Exchange (TURKEY) – 96.6%
  7. Bombay Stock Exchange (INDIA) – 90.2%
  8. National Stock Exchange of India (INDIA) – 88.6%
  9. Indonesia Stock Exchange (INDONESIA) – 87.0%
  10. BM&F Bovespa (BRAZIL) – 82.7%

With its 63.0% increase in 2009, the Philippine Stock Exchange is ranked 17th best-performing exchange in the world, behind other Asian equity markets Shanghai (#11), Taiwan (#13), Singapore (#15) and Thailand (#16).

Source: World Federation of Exchanges

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  2. Yesterday I was scanning a trader’s blog and maybe the information was different because I think we ranked 22nd in all the countries in the world with great performing Stock Exchange. Well it only means that we’re becoming more and more sound economically and the plans of improving our internet infrastructure is one good sign of it.

  3. Looks like SRI LANKA is gonna top again this year! What a run they’re having. I saw a report from CNBC Asia earlier today ranking SRI Lanka as the top gainer for this year followed by Indonesia. The Philippines was included in the 3 choices but the anchor didn’t say if the Philippines was the 3rd overall. But certainly, it’s in the Top 10 this year as well! Wow!

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