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Top 100 Popular Blogs in the Philippines (June 2011)

Top 100 Most Popular Blogs in the Philippines (June 2011)During the first six months of 2011, we assessed the performance of more than 200 blogs using four (4) measures related to Website Traffic and User Engagement. The result: a list of the Top 100 Popular Blogs in the Philippines.

As we’ve explained before, high traffic alone does not make a site popular. A truly popular site has HIGH-QUALITY TRAFFIC, which is a combination of high number of visitors and high level of interaction between the user and the site. A detailed explanation of these metrics can be found in our post 100 Most Popular Blogs in the Philippines in 2010.

Here is the list of the Philippines’ Top 100 Popular Blogs from January to June 2011. If you want to announce to your readers your achievement, you may download and use the Top 100 Popular Blogs badge below and link it to this article.

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Top 100 Most Popular Blogs in the Philippines (as of June 2011)


Top 10 Blogs with Most Unique Visitors (from January-June 2011)

  1. – 246,192 unique monthly visitors
  2. – 162,051 unique monthly visitors
  3. – 70,079 unique monthly visitors
  4. – 55,113 unique monthly visitors
  5. – 48,615 unique monthly visitors
  6. – 42,393 unique monthly visitors
  7. – 38,886 unique monthly visitors
  8. – 37,587 unique monthly visitors
  9. – 30,818 unique monthly visitors
  10. – 29,503 unique monthly visitors

Unique Visitors refers to the number of visitors per month that registered a unique pageview. Of course, the higher the number of visitors, the higher the traffic to the site. However, high traffic alone does not automatically translate to popularity. This traffic must be of high-quality in order to produce quality interaction between the user and the site and, ultimately, effective advertisement to advertisers. This is the reason why, aside from Unique Visitors, three “User Engagement” metrics were also employed in this survey.

Top 10 Blogs with Highest Pageviews per User (from January-June 2011)

  1. – 15.20 pages viewed per user per visit
  2. – 11.20 pages viewed per user per visit
  3. – 7.90 pages viewed per user per visit
  4. – 7.30 pages viewed per user per visit
  5. – 7.00 pages viewed per user per visit
  6. – 7.00 pages viewed per user per visit
  7. – 6.60 pages viewed per user per visit
  8. – 6.20 pages viewed per user per visit
  9. – 5.30 pages viewed per user per visit
  10. – 5.10 pages viewed per user per visit

Higher Pageviews per User means a site visitor is browsing through several pages on the site, a sign that the blog is useful to the visitor.

Top 10 Blogs with Longest User Time on Site (from January-June 2011)

  1. – 17.09 minutes per user
  2. – 17.05 minutes per user
  3. – 15.24 minutes per user
  4. – 14.43 minutes per user
  5. – 12.34 minutes per user
  6. – 9.8 minutes per user
  7. – 9.16 minutes per user
  8. – 8.61 minutes per user
  9. – 8.36 minutes per user
  10. – 5.99 minutes per user

Longer Time on Site means longer interaction period between the site and the user, a sign of the blog’s usefulness to the visitor. Longer interaction could also lead to user loyalty and ad conversion.

Top 10 Blogs with Lowest Bounce Rate (from January-June 2011)

  1. – 16.8% of visitors viewing only one page
  2. – 25.3% of visitors viewing only one page
  3. – 26.8% of visitors viewing only one page
  4. – 32.8% of visitors viewing only one page
  5. – 32.9% of visitors viewing only one page
  6. – 34.8% of visitors viewing only one page
  7. – 35.3% of visitors viewing only one page
  8. – 35.4% of visitors viewing only one page
  9. – 39.6% of visitors viewing only one page
  10. – 49.1% of visitors viewing only one page

Bounce Rate refers to the percentage of visits compared to the total number of visitors that viewed only one page on the site. A lower Bounce Rate suggests that the landing page (entry page) was effective and not a disappointment to the user.

Top 5 Biggest Gainers

Here are five blogs that surged the most in terms of ranking during the 6-month period from January to June 2011.

  1. – up 53 notches, to #14
  2. – up 40 notches, to #4
  3. – up 34 notches, to #15
  4. – up 34 notches, to #61
  5. – up 33 notches, to #33

Top 5 Biggest Decliners

There were also blogs that suffered steep declines during the past six months. They are:

  1. – down 50 levels, to #78
  2. – down 41 levels, to #97
  3. – down 35 levels, to #75
  4. – down 33 levels, to #88
  5. – down 32 levels, to #68

Criteria for Eligibility

Only blogs that meet the following criteria are included in the list:

  • “Filipino-made” and/or “made primarily for the Philippine market”
  • not owned by a private or public company
  • have at least one (1) new post in the last six (6) months
  • not a content farm or blog scraper
  • does not primarily feature nude or sexy pictures or videos
  • does not primarily offer streaming / download / links to copyrighted media or themes, layouts, games, software, etc.
  • should not promote sex, violence, terrorism, discrimination or anything that violates generally accepted morals and public policy

Some blogs included in the previous list were removed from this list because they have been offering videos or streaming of copyrighted media. Other blogs were also not included because they do not have data yet.

If you know of a blog that should be part of the list, email us or post a comment below.

The next update of the Top 100 Popular Blogs in the Philippines will be on January 16, 2012. Enter your email address below to be notified of the list once it’s released.

Disclaimer: The figures for each blog are estimates provided by and Actual site data may vary.

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  1. Jonathan Malubay Jacob says: is on the list! Thanks for the update! =D

    1. James | says:

      Congrats! :)

  2. popazrael says:

    salamat sa updates!

    1. James | says:

      Welcome! :)

  3. Nica Mandigma says:

    Do you need to submit your blog in order for it to be included on the list?

    1. James | says:

      If it’s in or, it’s most probably already in our list. Better still, inform us of the blog URL so we can surely include it in the next update.

  4. Anonymous says:

    oopss nawala ako he he he :) any better luck next time

    1. James | says:

      Hi Dexter, your blog is at #114 in the list. Better improve your stats to be included in the Top 100 next time! :)

    2. Jay Castillo says:

      Siguradong pasok na Dexter ang sa next update! :-)

  5. PinoyDough says:

    sikat nga sila wala naman pera. the dough is on the games and streaming. eztvstream, streampinoy and other site like those are racking dollars in big 4 G’s each months.

    1. James | says:

      It depends on one’s purpose for blogging. But if bloggers do want to blog to make money, then you’re correct, bloggers should pursue income more than popularity. This list does not take into consideration the monetary value of the blog or the potential income derived from the blog.

  6. dimaks says:

    COngratulations sa mga nasa top 100.. more power to pinoy blogs and bloggers

  7. Coolbuster says:

    Thank you for the update, but we don’t believe we only had 10K+ UVs. It’s OK, no big deal.

    1. James | says:

      Hi, that’s the average number of unique visitors per month during the last 6 months, based on Estimates provided by Alexa and Compete may indeed be different from actual site data but they provide standardized data for all websites that’s why they’re still useful.

    2. Coolbuster says:

      Thanks for the reply James. Is it possible that you can put a column that shows the total points obtained, per site, so we can at least view your overall calculation and easily understand how you came up with the ranking?

    3. James | says:

      Well, we use a “secret formula.” If we release that, then other sites can easily come up with their own version of our list. :) Suffice it to say that we rank all Filipino blog sites we know based on the four factors identified above.

    4. Jay Castillo says:

      Hi James! I believe the data from refers to the average unique visitors per month from US traffic only. I said this because I noticed that my blog’s stats for traffic coming from the US is somewhat similar to that of Maybe this would explain the discrepancy as mentioned by Coolbuster. :-)

    5. Jay Castillo says:

      Confirmed, US traffic lang ang, I checked my site’s stats and the page said “US Data only”. Checkout

  8. Dennison Uy says:

    I just added my site, Audio Visual Junkie. Hope I make the list!

    1. James | says:

      Noted. We’ll include your blog in the next update.

  9. Pink MagaLine says:

    Congrats to those who made it to the top 100! I recognize some of them. Cool!

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  12. Bob says:

    You may check if this site qualifies. thank you

    1. James | says:

      We’ll note your site in the next update, but based on a quick browse of your blog, live streaming posts comprise a majority of the articles posted. We do not include sites with live streaming, downloads, videos, etc. of copyrighted media.

    2. Anonymous says:

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    1. James | says:

      Noted. Your blog will be included in the blogs we will track for the January 2012 update.

  15. NursingCrib says:

    This gives us added motivation and desire to strive for more.

    Congratulations to all!

  16. Jeff says: – Life of a PC Enthusiast and Anime Fanatic V2.0 I hope it get’s in.

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    I’m a total newbie. How I wish one of my blogs will be included on those lists someday :)

    Anyways, Congratulations IDOLS! :D

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    I’d like to see my blog, considered for inclusion.  In the 1 Jan 2011 though 30 Jun 2011 time period it has logged more than 75,000 unique visitors.  More than half of those are from the Philippines.  The owner/author is an American who lives full time in the Philippines and the subject matter is 100% about living in the Philippines.

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  34. Vic @ Business Tips Blog says:

    I’m happy to see Filipino blogs here. Congrats to all. BTW, isn’t Compete’s information on number of unique visitors only came from visitors in the US? I wonder why these blogs have very low UV per month. It would be great if the UV from the Philippines or globally will also be considered. Quantcast shows both US and global visitors. I think also rank pinoy blogs according to visitors.

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