Problems with BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands

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Dear Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI),

Here are two of your clients with two separate concerns.

One tried to withdraw cash in your ATM, got nothing because the machine did not dispense any but is still waiting, after two long weeks, for the amount to be credited back to the account.

The other allegedly got victimized by one of your very own bank managers. The client was expecting a remittance from another country, was told there were delays because of numerous problems, but discovered that the branch manager himself apparently took the money. Now, after four long months, the money has not yet been returned.

Pray, tell, BPI, why does it take you a long time to act on the following complaints?

Case #1: The ATM machine that did not dispense cash

Around two weeks ago, Forum member restless apparently tried to withdraw P20,000 (US$440) in a BPI ATM but received no cash. The card was ejected but the machine did not dispense any bills. Although the transaction receipt clearly confirmed, “No bills dispensed,” the account was debited P20,000.

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restless contacted BPI’s Support Hotline and the agent on the other line filed a report. A week later, to his surprise and disappointment, he was told the case had been investigated but the transaction cannot be found. He decided to visit a BPI branch, armed with supporting documents, to file another report. As of this writing, however, no positive response has been received.

Read more about this case in the “BPI ATM did not dispense cash; money still not returned” discussion thread.

Case #2: The bank manager who allegedly stole a client’s remittance

A post from another forum which we reposted in the “Remittance money allegedly stolen by BPI branch manager” thread tells the story of a remittance recipient who has not received the money despite waiting for four months.

The client was expecting a P300,000 (US$6,600) remittance from his mother in Italy. For several weeks, the branch office manager told him the money has not yet arrived supposedly due to various reasons. Annoyed by the two months delay, he decided to file a report in BPI’s Customer Hotline. The ensuing investigation allegedly discovered that the bank manager himself took the money. As a result, the manager was not fired but merely suspended for one month without pay.

However, after two more months, the client has still not seen his money.

Tell us, BPI, is this really the brand of service the third largest bank in the Philippines offers? Why should your clients suffer for problems that were not of their own doing? Why should they wait weeks or months before you solve their complaints?

Your clients want to know, BPI. Don’t ask why.

  • Jimcrocetagamakiling

    I live here at filinvest 2 QC and i used to deposit payment for my obligations at BPI don antonio branch. at first the waiting time was tolerable and just this afternoon (may 7’15) i did transact again for this branch is very much convenient to me because of its close proximty to my house.But to my dismay, service was still bad. It seems that there’s really no sense of urgency for them to expedite the process . Imagine, my number was 266 and when i came in the number being served was 180 with only two counters functioning at a snail paced and for a span of 30 minutes only one number qeue was called. to my mind i thought it wouldtake me eternity to be served,hence i went to their techno hub branch and lo and behold! it took me less then10mins to finish my deposit. I will never ever do business to this branch and to bpi as a whole!……never again.

  • jerick magno

    Yesterday me and my brother went to BPI Gapan Branch to inquire on how to open a checking account for our small business. We were entertain by their supervisor or senior teller I think, my brother is asking a lot of question kasi first time namin magopen ng checking account and since both of us have an account on BPI so pinili namin siya. The supervisor told us that we are eligible to open up a joint checking account just bring the Business Permit on Monday, di pa kasi napipirmahan sa munisipyo. After my brother asked her if maybe he can fill up the form and signed the specimen signature so he doesn’t have to go back on Monday kasi di na sya pwede magabsent sa work, para ako na lng ang babalik. This person from the bank reacts in a very rude manner, she gave the form to my brother and told him this exact same words ” Sir, wag ka masyadong presko kasi ako pa rin ang magaapprove ng application mo. Pwede kong i-deny yan kung gusto ko”, then she stands up and asked the other teller to assist us, pero sinabi nya muna sa teller na, “required kong bumalik pareho yan sa Monday kung hinde di ko aapprove yung application nila for checking account”. Di na ngsalita ang brother ko but he was very offended. Tapos pinagfill up pa sya kung babalik din pala sya. Di na kami babalik sa branch na yun and we were gonna close both our savings account. Di ko lng nakuha yung name nung person.

  • Ben Plores

    Folks, july 21 i tried to deposit 19k so i can pay my bpi bill online.
    So in goes my money,then came shuffling sound that lasted like 3
    minutes, then “hardware error” message flashes on the screen. Spits my
    card out, then the machine goes back to business as usual. Im now
    posting complaint messages on bpi fb page, idiot bpi customer service
    a**hole keeps on implying that i might be trying to scam them into
    giving me 19k. So now it almost been a week they’ve been holding on to
    my money… no news whatsoever and best of all, my own bank who i’ve
    banked with for 16 years is calling me a crook. Way to go bpi. I would
    definitely bad mouth them to everyone i know

    • Ben Plores

      Here’s how our exchange looks so far

    • Ben Plores

      Customer Service Hi Ben, we are sorry for this inconvenience. However, we are unable to confirm your deposit without the official receipt.

    • Ben Plores

      Ben Plores Hi
      bpi cs! Kindly please educate me on how it is my fault that your
      machine not only captured my cash but also did not print out any
      receipt? The only education i gained from all this experience is to not
      put in bpi’s hands. And warn my friends, colleagues and
      acquiantances as well on how winderful your services really are. DO YOU

    • Ben Plores

      Customer Service Hi
      Ben, it is not your fault. We are only ensuring that we do not give out
      free money to scammers who claim they have made a deposit without any

    • Ben Plores

      3 hrs
      Ben Plores but
      now, YOURE GETTING FREE MONEY FROM ME because your faulty machine
      unpredictably swallowed my cash without printing out any receipt. This
      is getting funnier. I, for one, would NEVER RUIN my 16YEAR BANKING
      HISTORY with your honorable bank for a measly 19k. KINDLY EXPLAIN TO ME
      HOW YOUR TAGLINE “Let’s make it easier” FITS IN ALL THIS MADNESS.

    • Ben Plores

      Customer Service Hi Ben, it does not. Our new tagline is “Make the Best Happen.” That must be an old Deposit Machine.
      Like ยท 24 mins
      Ben Plores well, it’s even worse. Make the best happen for who exactly?

  • Louie Cauilan

    Last July 19, 2015, Sunday at 9:34pm, I tried to withdraw P10k from an ATM machine (SID#8858) at BPI-FSB Taytay Ortigas Branch. The machine cannot print receipts but after I accepted the transaction, my card came out but no money came out of the machine. So i reinserted my card and made an inquiry and found that my account had been debited P10k. I immediately went back to the bank, Monday morning, July 20 and filed a written complaint with a Ms. Jacquelyn Bautista and I was told that it would be corrected in at least 5 days. After a week I followed up but I was told that the report had not yet been received. When I called after another week, she told me that according to their report the ATM did dispensed the amount. I argued otherwise that no cash was dispensed and I was told to submit a Balance Statement. Since i have an express online account i printed my balance statement that I accessed online. But instead of bringing this to BPI-FSB Taytay Ortigas, I went to Taytay Bayan branch where I opened and maintained my savings account. Asking for assistance and being a Preferred Client I was referred to Mr. Andrew Pol Lucido and to Ms. Menchie Dawis Manalo (Relationship Manager) who told me that they will personally attend to my problem and that they will call me immediately on the result. But instead of calling me, I was the one calling them and I received alibis and assurance that they will call me later. Now, its been a month and when I called Ms. Manalo, she told me the same as what Ms. Bautista had told me more than 2 weeks ago. She also asked me to write a letter which I submitted the same day. I also asked her if they had reviewed the CCTV of the ATM machine but she told me that the camera wont show if the cash was dispensed. She resigned to just forwarding my letter to their Customer Service at their main office. Now I have to wait further and see if I still have to trust BPI or to withdraw all my money and close both my savings and my trading account with them.