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Where should I invest?

What’s a good investment program? Where should I invest?

You probably are one of the many who keep on asking the same questions. Dr. Noet Ravalo, former Chief Economist of the Bankers Association of the Philippines, says: “It depends.” That is, it all depends on what you have and what you need.

It’s a trite response but he says that really is the answer. How and where you invest is determined by:

how much you are investing;

how big a loss you can afford to accept just in case;

how often you wish to generate returns;

how long you want to keep your investments;

how you react to uncertainties; and

how much access you have to information that you would need to monitor and manage your investments.

“Investment gurus may impress you with their so-called secret methods,” Ravalo writes in an article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, “but the truth is, it’s all a question of how much you have and what it is for.”

Here are some references to guide you find your investment strategy:

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28 thoughts on “Where should I invest?”

  1. alex says:

    have felt the burn and now i need assistance on a reliable hyip to invest on with my e-gold.i will be happy to hear a positive response from you.Alex from nigeria

  2. pinoymoneytalk says:

    We believe that 99% of online investment programs turn out to be scams, so it’s really going to be difficult to find a good investment program. Do your own due diligence and go for programs that suit your risk appetite. We do not endorse any program. Visit our forum if you want to know more about certain programs and the opinions of other PMT members regarding those programs.

  3. greg says:

    I am a realtor and of course lately the real estate business has been hit hard. I deal a-lot with condos. I have noticed the realty business is starting to pick up. I think we have hit the bottom. I feel this might be the time to get into something like a condo.greg moser

  4. potato investor says:

    I think investing in stock market will give the highest return. Although the risk is also higher, but you can invest safely and smartly.

  5. pinoyinvestor says:

    I always say that the FIRST investment should be investment in knowledge. Learn first. Attend seminars, read books, ask the experts. It’s not as complicated as it seems but you have to find the right information in order to make an objective decision. Invest in an instrument you understand and choose a product (and product provider for that matter) which you believe in, a product best suited to your personality, goals and needs.

  6. jonharules says:

    @pinoyinvestor That’s right we need to invest with an investment that has no loss, and that is to invest in knowledge. That’s a gem no one would ever take from you.

    What if you don’t have much in the bank, like if you only have 100k, could you still invest in real estate? I don’t think so. Yeah it’sa pain to pay the taxes when you deposit in the bank, but you see, people like us who just start to save are still a little novice when it comes to what turns to make in investment. Besides, I don’t have much to invest so I’m still a little unsure and nervous.
    .-= jonharules´s latest blog ..Michael Jackson: Grand Come Back or No Return? =-.

  7. Adriane Besinga says:


    I am working in a call center here in cebu earning 18k I just want to know where would I invest my salary? What are the steps or process in investing and how does time deposits work?

  8. DrewCard says:

    Hi, m earning I’m 24 and earning 30k a month. I’ve been leaving for 7yrs here in Manila
    and I’ve been paying 5k5 for my rent. My friends keep telling me that I should get a condo
    or a house as an investment but I don’t know how. I’m also interested in venturing into
    business. I hope you can give some good advise or suggestions. AjA!

  9. miles says:

    Hi DrewCard. Owning a house or a condo unit needs a lot of thinking. you should assess the property if it will give you additional income since you will invest a lot of money on it. with regards to business ideas i can give you some. you can email me @ for more info.

  10. belle says:

    i read a lot of books about investing.Meron tlagang risk,but it doesnt mean n hndi n ntin ittry.Khit s business theres a lot of risk..we need to be wise and the most important this all money its from god…so now i believed n sya n kkilos pra mg earn ang money ko.I have no fear!

  11. Cebu Real Estate says:

    Hi DrewCard. Condominium or Real estate is really good investment but you need to do your homework to research if the property you will buying is a good investment indeed. Pag condo kasi meron low quality but for raw lot investment, malaki yung returns.

  12. webhead says:

    hi, I am always thinking where to invest. even just an amount of 5000. do you think if i will start right even an amount of 5000 where do you think to invest?!

  13. fmincome says:

    Fixed Monthly Income Inc. gives you a monthly income at a guaranteed rate of interest without touching your original capital. The Monthly Income Plan is tailored for those individuals who regularly need money to supplement their income i.e. each month. You must give it a try, it will be the program of the year

  14. moneysmartpinoy says:

    webhead, 5000 pesos is enough to invest in the Philippine stock market.  Here’s how:

  15. Victor says:

    Im Victor Miranda and i work at Ayala Land Premier. I believe that real estate is the way to go. I have seen how lots and condo units appreciate in a short amount of time for example, one of our projects in Nuvali almost doubled it’s price in just 3 years. If anyone is interested you can contact me and i may shed light to some of your questions .

    Victor Miranda
    Premier Property Specialist
    Landline: (632) 759-4788 to 91

    Fax: (02) 759.4792

    Mobile No.: (0927) 311.42.96


    Ayala Land Premier, 18/F Tower One & Exchange
    Plaza, Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue, Makati City
    We offer Condo units and lots in prime locations

  16. financial investment guide says:

    I think this post is very useful for investing.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Invest in the stock market. for a know nothing investor Index Funds is a good place to start. The Investment amounts is scalable and can be increased gradually as more expereicne is gained.

  18. Issa / YouWanttoBeRich says:

    I agree.  Know thyself first and then act accordingly so that there will be no surprises.  

  19. sandu ioan says:

    Invest liberty reserve best program is MoneyLR!

  20. kenneth says:

    avoid companies associated with pangilinan, this guy is very savvy in manipulating shares of company stocks to the detriment of minority stock holders, pldt & meralco might be safe but one can never know, just research what he did with negros navigation, metro pacific & the recent buy out of digital.  

  21. kuhamo says:

     guys try investing in . It’s worth putting your money here instead in banks.

  22. DavidBean says:

    I have read about Uinvest on   I agree with kuhamo. Really good dividends and interesting invest projects.. ;)

  23. Online Investor says:

    You can try to check this out. Or if you can find a glitch on their system, the owner will pay you $1,000,000.00 USD. 

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    Don’t forget to claim your $10 to start investing after you register for FREE.

  24. Hyip3ractiv3 says:

    Agree try UInvest and Mytrafficvalue

  25. choiederio says:

    Hi, i am an ofw, i intend to invests but i dont know exactly which type of investment i can start?

  26. lovely says:

    Hi i really wanted to invest my money in stock market but i dont know where to start.would u please help me. ?THANK YOU

  27. Marco Eckle says:

    Is there an RSS feed when using the entire content pieces as an alternative of just the teasers?

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