Making money from blogging is not easy

You have been blogging for months now. Almost everyday, you come up with at least one blog post. And yet, your site’s traffic is not increasing and, worst, your online income is still close to zero. What’s wrong?

You are not alone. Several PMT Forum members who have been blogging for some time now have reached the same conclusion: Mahirap pala kumita sa blogging.

Indeed, making money from blogging is not easy.

Fortunately, several members of the PMT Forum have been giving tips on how to make money online through blogs. A few points raised:

On SEO, links, and ad optimization

FrugalPinoy says:

Here are some of your problems why your blogs don’t seem to be monetizing well:

  • 1. No SEO (search engine optimization) effort.  How can search engines like Google crawl your sites and make it show up in search engine results?

  • 2. Technically, hindi blogs yung websites mo dahil parang 1 post or 1 page lang sila.  Ang blogs ay regularly updated, parang online journal. (Your blog is not a blog if it only contains 1 post or 1 page. A blog must be regularly updated, like an online journal.)

  • 3) Do you have other sites linking to your site?  Dapat meron, or else mahirap hanapin ng search engines at ng mga tao yung site mo, how will they hear of it? (You should have, otherwise, search engines and site visitors themselves will fnd it difficult to find your site.)

  • 4) Medyo magulo layout ng site mo, hindi optimized ang pagkakalagay ng ads. (The layout of the site is a mess, ads are not located in their optimized position.)

  • 5) There are several sites about your topics on the internet.  Why should visitors go to your site and not to others?

On clicking your own ads and click fraud

Jaypee1985 says:

I hope you guys don’t try unethical methods (just to earn from blogging). It’s really not going to help in the long run. Kung mapapansin ng isang advertiser na wala naman siyang kita sa pag-advertise sa Google Adsense, hindi na siya gagamit nito. (If advertisers notice that they are not getting anything from advertising in Google Adsense, they will stop using it.)

When that happens, one paying advertiser is lost. Dadami ang mga hindi na magpapa-advertise sa google adsense kaya tayo rin ang magiging kawawa. (In the end, us publishers will suffer because many advertisers will not use Adsense anymore.) Play it nice guys. The ones who are now earning huge sums are those that followed the rules and policies.

On creating quality articles

tyronesolee says:

It took me 8 months before I first made my first $100 in adsense. But now, with my new self-hosted blog at WordPress, I think in just 3 months, it’s possible to get my second Adsense payment. Hopefully. Provide quality articles so that people will keep visiting your site and market it thoroughly. Sometimes, when you also write quality articles, people will spread it through word of mouth especially if they found your articles very useful.

Other Tips

geek says:

If you really want to earn from blogging, follow these simple tips:

  • post at least 3 unique posts a week

  • exchange links with other bloggers

  • submit to digg

  • use wordpress

PinoyMoneyTalk says:

We have been blogging for 3 years now but decent income started only on our second year. During the first months, average online income was $10 at the most. Constantly reading tips about blogging, trying and testing changes on the blog, and regularly improving the site were the key factors that brought the site to where it is right now.

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28 thoughts on “Making money from blogging is not easy”

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing your tips on how to succeed in blogging. Please count me as one of those who want to know how to make money from blogging.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my answer James! 😀

    Indeed, making money online is not an easy job. You have to put hard labor for it to work. It’s not a quick rich scheme. However, if you made it right, it will be an automatic passive income generating asset.

    For the second adsense payment, I got the minimum $100 for 3 months. And I guess I will make the third $100 payment in just 2 months.

    I’m also becoming an active networker as I recently attended the iBLOG 5 event to see the faces behind those URLs. I knew you attended but we haven’t met. 🙂

  3. Providing quality articles would also be helpful. Provide articles that will surely help the readers. People do read and they come to your blog expecting to learn something. So as a blogger, provide them something useful and informative.

    And of course, market it. Network with other bloggers. Link to other posts. Join carnivals. Etc.

    As they say in blogging, CONTENT is KING and MARKETING is QUEEN.
    When both king and queen unites, money and wide readership is the outcome.
    And of course, behind it is a successful blogger.

  4. Lastly, we should learn from the SEO experts like Jehz and Macuha! These are all SEO gurus. You can really learn a lot from these people. They are earning from their blogs defnitely more than my day job. 🙂

    Also, develop articles for a wide variety of readers from other countries. Not just the Philippines.

    I also agree to the theme. Use an optimized adsense theme. I paid a web developer for her to develop my customized layout. See the positions. See the narrowness. See the colors. It’s all in it. I admit, I don’t have a huge number of visitors but I think because of how my layout was organized and the attractive ads that’s appearing since there’s a “millionaire” in my URL, I am getting clicks from time to time. 🙂

    Just sharing what I knew to help other readers as well.

  5. Interesting post. I agree that making money with blogging is not as easy as it seems. One important factor that people keep forgetting is the marketing part. All they think about is content and content but nothing will happen if no one knows about your blog or your posts.

    Btw, if I may share a post I made:

    It’s basically my personal experience with how I made money through blogging.

    All the best,

  6. At first, I also thought that earning from blogging is really hard. My first venture went flop, simply because it’s not my kind of niche. Buti na lang nag click yung second (my preferred niche). It will be my 3rd month now and at the current rate its going, adsense cash out is in the bag end of this month. Sa una lang talaga medyo kailangan ng tyaga, but once it took off.. smooth sailing na. You just have to maintain it though. Just one key factor that I’d like to point out if you wan’t to succeed making money through blogging. You should be able to offer some value from your blog that your readers will really like. Or else, it will not take off.. kahit pa anong SEO tricks gawin mo. It’s no different from marketing any product. Basta kung sa tingin mo mabenta at pang-masa, the better… more traffic and more profit for you.

  7. Good post James. Indeed it is hard to make money from blogging specially when your blog is new. I received my first adsense payment after 3 months of blogging but now I earn every month.

    I think newbie bloggers get discouraged by that $0.01 they see on their account so they quit posting contents and maybe quit blogging.

    Here’s my tip:
    1. Bloggers should think on how to generate traffic first before thinking how to make money.
    2. Create quality content
    3. Post regularly
    4. Learn basic SEO and HTML
    5. Adsense is a good source of money but there are others schemes out there.
    6. Ads placement is very important (gayahin ang ad placement ni James) hehe!

    Nice meeting you bro sa iBlog5!

    Mataas pa pala eCPM ko kahit papano. Thanks!

  8. Amazing post. And the tips of the commenters are amazing too. I’m also a newbie blogger and currently finding a way to increase my online income. I look forward to hearing more blogging tips from you. Thanks!

  9. what an enlightening post but sad to say, I am quite clueless right now how to direct my site for earning. In the first place, it caters on movies which I believe is pretty low on the SEO/Monetary scale. Someone who can give any tips will be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  10. Hello po, im offer SEO service po. Sa loob ng 3 months nasa 1 page na ng google ang site pero dipende rin sa “keyword” kung masyadong maraking kalaban. Price $100. Contact me at 09054582757

  11. I agree with all the tips given..

    SEO is really the key in getting tons of traffic. Newbies will learn it little by little..It took me few months to get a decent $100 a month to over $1000 a month.. My earnings have dropped though since am not always online and i have classes right now.. ..

    It’s not easy to make money online at the start I think ,mas madali na if you know SEO and other strategies..

    James, share mo tips mo..Laki ng income mo eh..hehheh..

  12. I got my first $100 after only 4 months of blogging. I even have no idea what blogging was before I attended an Internet Marketing Workshop in Manila. But after nun, in just 4 months kuha ko na yung first $100 ko then consecutive na, month after month ang cash out ko. All I can say is SEO lang talaga. Learn SEO SEO and SEO. Kahit gaano ka pa malakas mag promote sa mga social or bookmarking sites, wala yang effect. Dapat yung traffic mo galing talaga sa search engines. =)

    Janmck Hilado (18 yr old from Cebu)

  13. And also, I have another tip for newbie bloggers. You don’t have to be a good writer to start earning from your blogs. Bloggers who have bad English even get more comments! Just don’t mind their bad comments like “wrong grammar” or “check your spellings”. You should even be proud of it because you know people are reading your blog! =)

    Janmck Hilado

  14. Amazing tips from the commenters themselves! I’m sure a lot of our readers have already learned a lot from you. I’ll be posting my own blogging tips next week. Some things I will be posting:

    – Making money from blogging without really trying
    – How to earn from blogs without making quality articles
    – Using the power of marketing in blogging

    Oks na ba yan? 🙂

  15. waiting with bated breath ako dun sa “Making money from blogging without really trying”
    ang hirap pag wala kang alam sa technical side. he he.

  16. i know that blogging is not easy but because of these wonderful tips
    coming from you guys well i know i can do it..
    thanks for sharing this, it’s really helpful for us
    who is neophyte in blogging..

  17. earning big bucks on blogging as advertised by some is one great myth. until now i am reminded of my own comic earnings from adsense of the fact that this may require from me to sweat with blood, eheh!

    but the point is not to give up. just look at my buddy tyrone. i think i need some tutorial from you, ehehe

    elmot’s last blog post..Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Value My Family!

  18. yes, it’s definitely not easy! I got my first 100 after 3 years! But 90% of that came in the last 9 months. It was encouraging to know that Pinoymoneytalk also started with earnings of only around $10 a month. I’m at that stage right now. I hope to be able to increase that in time. Thinking of getting my own domain ^^ earnings seem to be higher that way.

    In any case, I guess I am able to continue blogging because my main aim is not to earn money online. Starting a personal finance blog allows me to be updated with current events and it increases my financial knowledgea as well. That’s really the goal, and I want to share anything I learn with those who are interested in learning as well. Being able to earn through adsense is just a bonus (^o^)/

    FREE Personal Finance Advice
    Start a small business

  19. Blogging for money is never easy, but I was able to quit my day job on my first year.
    It was risky. But hardwork and smartwork pay. Combine those with what you learn or have learned from other successful bloggers, and you will on the right track.

    But wait, again, it is never easy and is very frustrating at times. Take your time, try different revenue streams, and learn from your mistakes -eventually, you’ll get there!

    Good hunting.

  20. i think the key in making money online is making your site optimized thru some SEO techniques more traffic means more money

  21. yes, it isn’t easy. i have a blog which top the search engine but not enough traffic so i changed the url, title and descriptions with the keywords i’ve searched on adwords but i will start from the scratch and repeat those seo and backlinking because the keywords i chose are competitive keywords. maybe, you can visit it.


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