Alcorn Gold (APM) stock surges 300% in 2 weeks

How much did you earn from Alcorn Gold Resources (APM)?

In the past two weeks, this has been the common conversation topic among jockeys, tsupiteros, and speculative stock traders. True enough, if you were able to join the speculation bandwagon, your APM stock would have already given you huge profits.

During last Friday’s trading, APM closed at P0.075 — a 317% price increase in the past two weeks alone.

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Details about PGOLD (Puregold) IPO in October 2011

The second initial public offering (IPO) this year — and probably the last for the year — is the IPO of supermarket chain Puregold Price Club Inc.

The final offer price will be determined on September 21, although the company already said each share will not be priced higher than P18.00. Domestic offering will run from September 23 until September 29.

The Puregold shares, with stock code “PGOLD” — will be listed on the exchange and will be available for secondary trading beginning October 5.

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