Money Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer of Google Adsense earnings in the Philippines?

Google Adsense recently announced that publishers in Hungary and Hong Kong are now able to receive their Adsense earnings via Electronic Fund Transfer or EFT. Through EFT, earnings are deposited directly to the publisher’s bank account in his country. Payments are made in the local currency and converted using the exchange rate at the time of the payment.

EFT definitely saves one’s time especially if the publisher’s current mode of payment is checks, which arrive several weeks later. In the Philippines, publishers can be paid via Western Union but the hassle of visiting a WU branch will be gone if EFT is to be implemented.

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New scam using fake Paypal email

A Pinoy Money Talk (PMT) member emailed me yesterday to ask whether a Paypal transaction she is planning to enter into is a scam or not.

Apparently, some guy supposedly from the UK contacted her asking help to transfer Paypal funds. The guy claims he plans to visit the Philippines and needs help moving funds to the country.

This should already raise a red flag. Never, ever agree to such transactions because you may unwittingly be a conspirator to money laundering. A suspiciously large amount being withdrawn to a Philippine bank account raises the bank’s alarm and if you could not properly explain how you got the amount and why you are transferring money, you may be charged under the country’s Anti-Money Laundering Law.

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