Top Stock Picks (Maybank ATR KimEng, January 2013)

What are the best stocks to buy this 2013?

For those who are into stock trading, this is perhaps the one question they have been asking everyday. Sadly, no one can give a 100% correct answer to that question. No one can claim he or she has the power to accurately predict what will happen in the stock market.

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Philippine Business Bank (PBB) to IPO in 2012 or 2013

The Philippine Business Bank, a savings bank under the conglomerate of the Zest-O group, is planning to issue shares in an initial public offering (IPO) by the end of 2012 or by the first quarter of 2013.

Last week, the bank filed its application with the Securities and Exchange Commission in a bid to become one of the major players in the local banking industry.

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