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Beware of Apple iPhone scammers!

Those turned off by the expensive prices of the Apple iPhone might be tempted to get one from black markets or online stores selling jailbroken versions of this newly-released (and may we add, hyped) phone.

But beware, because scammers who prey on people looking for cheap iPhones also abound.

Art Vasquez in a comment on the article Where to buy cheap Apple iPhones in the Philippines narrated how he got scammed by a scammer seller in a popular Filipino auction site.

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Where to buy cheap Apple iPhone 3G in the Philippines

A year before Apple iPhone 3G phones arrived in the Philippines (thanks to Globe Telecom), hundreds of these exclusive cellphones showed up in several mobile phone retailers in the country.

Back in September 2007, we went to Virra Mall in Greenhills and found at least three stores selling open-line, ready-to-use 8GB iPhones for as low as P30,000 (US$714).

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