Beware of Apple iPhone scammers!

Those turned off by the expensive prices of the Apple iPhone might be tempted to get one from black markets or online stores selling jailbroken versions of this newly-released (and may we add, hyped) phone.

But beware, because scammers who prey on people looking for cheap iPhones also abound.

Art Vasquez in a comment on the article Where to buy cheap Apple iPhones in the Philippines narrated how he got scammed by a scammer seller in a popular Filipino auction site.

I browsed several sites regarding iPhone 3G and came across this site which led me to where an iphone 3g is selling for Php29,000 for the 16GB.

I texted the seller and arranged to buy one. I had all the hesitation to buy when I was told I will need to send the payment first before the item is shipped to me. I asked several questions regarding the safetly of my money from the seller. I was told I can deposit my payment with BPI bank and that they couldn’t be a fly-by-night operation or a scam because having a bank account means that legal documents must be presented to open a bank account. With this in mind, I made the payment deposit. I was told I would get my iphone 3g the next day before 11am.

I guess you know the conclusion to this story. The next day came and went and no iphone. I called the same cell number but it’s turned off but if you text it or call it with a different number it responds to your inquiry to buy.

There you go. I hope you wont make the same mistake as I do.

If the BPI account where the payment was deposited was indeed the scammer’s account, Art can still go after the scammer if he can secure a court order instructing BPI to divulge the details of the account holder. Banks normally won’t release any information about an account because they are bound by the Bank Secrecy Law. But if there is a court order, BPI has no choice but to make public the account holder’s information.

Scammers assume that victims usually won’t take the time to run after them that’s why these scammers have the gall to commit such wrongdoings. If you were a victim, insist on going after them so that they eventually are put to jail.

If you have not encountered these scumbags yet, make sure you won’t become a victim just because you were lured by the iPhone.

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17 thoughts on “Beware of Apple iPhone scammers!”

  1. Yes Dyimz, we do have our own escrow system. That’s why we advise all our members to use the system for them to be protected. The idea of our escrow system is simple, the seller won’t receive the payout if the buyer haven’t receive the item. “The Serrano Boy” maybe you want to give a try buying online and use our escrow system for security.

  2. People shouldn’t be afraid to buy online. Just make sure you buy from websites that are legit and trustworthy like eBay. I’ve bought items from ebay without any problems. This is bad publicity for and they should have a fraud investigation / helpdesk of some sort. eBay has a whole building dedicated to detecting online fraud. Anyways, hindi ba pwede i-track un seller via other means than a court order for bpi to divulge the account holder? yan problem sa pinas, kulang sa laws to protect pinoys online.
    By the way, try Web of Trust to protect yourself online from phishing and risky websites. Read more at 🙂

  3. when buying online, be sure to read the seller’s comments/ratings/testimonials. also check the profiles.

    don’t settle with blank profiles or claims that look too good to be true, this is a tell-tale sign of scam.

    if it is an online shop or store, check for addresses, contact details and reviews from bloggers, forums, etc.

    if you have time to spare, by all means go to a reputable store kahit mas mahal at least its safer.

  4. Common man, anything worth 1k and above is not worth it trading through internet,
    with the exception of the full established websites like best-buy etc.
    I hope you know the other method’s of claiming like C.O.D. method or Meet ups.
    If they disagree, think twice. That might be a scam.

  5. Guyus could ou check po sa facebook yung search nyo. I think im a victim now i ordered ipone 4s then she ask me dep first before shipment. Before i dp the haf i did profiled her. She was base in hk as a front end supevisor at metropark hotel kowloon. Nagsuggest ko kung pwede meet ups and she said yes then since my fren will g to hk on the ffolowing day. She agree, i deo the haf since oct 26 2011 then until now hindi pa din sya ngppkita’ ang dami nyang alliby! I try to contact her using her roaming number wrong number nmn daw. Plese help me profile thus accoubt in facebook! She ask me to dp the bal before she ship the unit!

  6. Yes doomet you’re right, it is a bad publicity for, it seems there are many fraud sellers there, I was a victim I’m glad I used their escrow system. These Nigerians insist on paying them directly through western union. I also had look into some feedbacks ” item not delivered, though they have escrow system it is a waste of time going to the bank to deposit for the payments. I hope can somehow identify these sellers, it gives a bad impression on their site.

    • Hey, I wanna know if you successfully purchased something at How long will it take to process payments via bank over-the-counter? 

  7. Most of the sellers at do not want to use the escrow system. They want the payments to be deposited at their BPI accounts. When I asked one seller why, she promptly answered that most of the sellers prefer not to use the escrow system because it would take a lot of days before they get the money paid by the buyer. How sad. I want to buy from that site because brand new gadgets are sold half of their original price.

  8. Yesterday nangyari din skin yung nangyari sa inyo pagkatapos ko magremit sa account ng scammer d xa ngtxt manlang haist kawawa naman yang mga yan walang pera kaya nang scamm nlng. para sau code name: Rosie N Manzan May karma din na maniningil sau
    D man Direktang sa ang gumawa pero cla padin ung pangunahing daan ng mga ganung pangyayari bagamat may kapabayaan taung mga buyer pero dapat tulungan din naman nila tau kahit papanu
    kahit hindi na mabalik ung pera basta magawan ng paraan para di na cla makapangvictima pa ng iba at wag na sanang mgamit ang sa mga ganitong pangyayari dahil
    maganda din naman ung hangarin ng Auction un mga mas dapat nang magingat’ at magsuri muna nang mabuti Sir/Madam
    sana matulungan nyo poh ako sa kaso Tnx more power

  9. kaka hulog ko lang sa scam.. brought 2 iphone 32gb from mikaelalight of ebay… 5 of her customers received the phone pero sa akin ata bumawi.. bigla naging private yung profile…. I should have taken a screen shot of the other users so that i can get an address from them… She said she was based from Davao, but further inquiries led me to Baguio.. hayzzzz.. how can I reach someone from Baguio… Never ever will i buy online again…. unless trusted talaga… 🙁

  10. I ordered online last tuesday, iphone 6s, from eWireless philippines, warehouse daw sila kaya sealed and brand new, but smuggled daw kaya may process. Need payment before i release yung product, sabi ko hindi ko ibibigay ng buo, but then nag pumilit, 50% downpayment daw, okay i said shoot, para makuha ko na kasi kailangan ko na talaga nung phone at medj gumaan pakiramdam ko na sa meet up na yung half of it. But then no, tumawag sakin ung “sinasabing OWNER” namely, JIGS RAMOS DAW. Tinerminate daw niya ung Alvin “the one i negotiated with” tumawag ako ulit, same ung boses biglang inipit. Sabi nasa Sm San Lazaro na daw ung delivery team, so nag madali ako, kaso sabi na stop daw sa san lazaro kase hindi pa ako fully paid kita daw sa system, kasalanan ko na nag paloko ako, pero HINDI DAPAT NILA GINAGAWA YAN, sana iniisip nila ung pinag hirapan ng mga taong niloloko nila. SO ayun back at it, sabi papunta na silang sm manila, but nung nasend ko ung money tumawag ako ang sabi sakin, na widthraw agad ung pera, and i was crying very hard that time, hindi ko lubos maisip kungg paano naatim ng mga ganyang tao ang ganyang ugali. SO TAYONG MGA UMOORDER ONLINE, KAILANGAN NA DIN SIGURO TALAGA MAG INGAT, AT WAG NA MAG TYAGA SA MGA BAGAY NA MAHAL AT DMO NAMAN KAYA, LEASSON LEARNED, AT SANA MATIGIL NA PANG LOLOKO NG MGA TO, I HAVE PROOFS AND KNOW SOMEONE THAT WAS VICTIMIZED.

    • Lesson learned* wag na ipilit ang mga bagay na hindi kaya, tanggapin nlg kung ano ang meron”. Basta mag ingat sa SCAM! eWrireless philippines. Hindi mura ang tinda dahil wala silang tinitinda mamumura mo lang sla.


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