New Apple iPad Mini — Like it or Hate it?

It’s pretty much the same Apple iPad tablet — except it’s lighter, cheaper, and fits comfortably in one hand.

That’s how Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the newest member of the iPad tablet lineup, the iPad Mini, during an Apple press event on October 23.

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Google’s April Fool’s joke: Adsense for Conversations

Google does have a funny side and it shows every year in its collection of April Fool’s Day hoaxes.

In the past, it offered TISP, a free broadband service that would make use of a standard toilet and sewage lines to provide free Internet connectivity.

It also launched Google Romance, an online dating service which uses “Soulmate Search” to get back search results that could, in theory, include the love of one’s life.

Google started venturing into food and beverage too by introducing Google Gulp, a line of “smart drinks” designed to maximize people’s surfing efficiency by making them more intelligent, and less thirsty.

Adsense for Conversations

This year, Google took the contextual advertising power of Adsense further by offering Adsense for Conversations.

Adsense for what? That’s Adsense for real and actual conversations, where people talking will “begin displaying ads that are relevant to the topics you’re discussing — in an unobtrusive screen above your head.” (see image)

How does it work? Read on.

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Microsoft-Yahoo to merge vs. Google?

If you’re Microsoft Corporation, what do you do to challenge Google’s dominance in the online advertising industry?
You acquire another search engine, albeit struggling, company such as Yahoo!.
That seems to be Microsoft’s plan when it submitted an unsolicited takeover bid of $44.6 billion.
The offer of $31 per share is a 62% premium to Yahoo! stock’s closing price on Thursday. Yahoo climbed $10.40 a share, or 54%, to $29.58 in premarket trading after the announcement.

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WidgetBucks is banned in Google and they know why

Google is at war again.

Yesterday, it slapped a lot of websites with a PageRank (PR) downgrade to send a signal that it hates paid text link ads. Now, it has been discovered that Google is also against WidgetBucks, a recently launched widget advertising program, apparently because of hidden text links.

Go to and try searching for “WidgetBucks” or “”. Chances are you won’t see its official site ( on the first page of the results. In fact, you won’t see it even on the next 10 pages.


Because Google has banned the site from appearing in the search results.

But why?

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