Apple biggest tech company in the US; larger than Microsoft

Apple, not Microsoft, has largest stock market valueSome of you don’t know it yet, but Apple Inc. (AAPL) is already the largest tech company in the United States. Actually, it has been the largest tech company since May 2010, when it surpassed Microsoft Corporation’s market capitalization for the first time.

Market capitalization refers to the size or value of a publicly listed company and is computed by multiplying the number of shares in the company by its current stock price.

In the past, Bill Gates’ Microsoft Corp. has long dominated the tech industry. But in recent years, the company struggled to match the tremendous growth rates it experienced in the last decade. Although Microsoft remained profitable — thanks to its software and operating systems — it failed to diversify successfully in other product lines.

Apple Inc., on the other hand, benefited from a string of recent successes starting from its iPod line of music players. It successfully ventured into the lucrative but highly-competitive mobile phone market with the launch of the iPhone. And more recently, Apple is again gaining buzz because of its sleek tablet PC, the iPad.

All these successes contributed to Apple beating Microsoft as the largest tech company in the US. Next to Apple and Microsoft, IBM, Google and Oracle round up the Top 5. The complete Top 10 are as follows.

Top 10 Largest Market Capitalization (US Tech Companies)
as of February 16, 2011 (in billion of dollars)


Below is a visual representation of the comparative market capitalization of each US-based tech company.

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7 thoughts on “Apple biggest tech company in the US; larger than Microsoft”

  1. I won’t be surprised if Apple overtakes Microsoft’s spot. Apple has gain growth with their innovative an trendy gadgets which Microsoft has overlooked.

  2. Innovation is the name of the game. Apple is currently raking lots of profits due to its innovative products. But once innovation stops. Apple is in big trouble because its growth engine is not that entrenched in business side unlike Microsoft with its OS and other software products still the choice over Apple.

  3. Market capitalization doesnt really tell the real picture of how big the company is. I-Pod, I-Phone and I-Pad isnt being diversified either.
    While its true that msft has failed in some areas it is still a very proffitable company. Lets also not forget the fact that stock prices can be over inflated. How can Apple eclipse more powerful tech companies like GOOG or huge retail stores like WMT. MSFT is downplayed when it is more diversified than Apple. MSFT is in TV networks, gaming consoles, corporate networks, internet.

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