Zynga IPO: Stock price down 9.5% after 2 days

How low will the stock price of Zynga go? Or is an uptrend to finally happen today after two consecutive days of price declines?

That’s the $8.9 billion-question in the minds of investors who are wondering whether they made a mistake in buying Zynga shares (stock code: ZNGA) during its initial public offering (IPO) last week.

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MySpace sold for 'only' $35 million; Justin Timberlake joins as investor

The dominance of social networking site Facebook has produced a bunch of winners and losers online.
Among the winners are Zynga, a games maker on the Facebook platform, that will soon have an initial public offering (IPO) estimated to raise around $1 billion for the company. Losers include former social networking site giant Friendster that has now rebranded itself and, most recently, MySpace, which was sold by News Corp. at a heavy loss for only $35 million.
History of MySpace
In July 2005, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation acquired MySpace at a staggering price of $580 million.

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Top 5 Facebook Billionaires

There are more than 600 million users on Facebook as of January 2011, according to the investment bank Goldman Sachs. If that number is not enough to amaze you, let us simplify that by saying it means — hold your breath — one in every 12 people in the world has a Facebook account.

Such widespread clout undoubtedly translates to power and, of course, money. True enough, five people who are or were connected to Facebook are now considered billionaires. They include the founders and investors of the popular social  networking site (whose disputes were the subject of the movie The Social Network).

If you did watch The Social Network, we’re sure you’re familiar with these five Facebook billionaires.

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5 Best Facebook Like / Share plugins for WordPress

With Facebook.com easily becoming one of the most-visited websites on the web, it pays to have your blog connected to Facebook too. Using Facebook’s Share and Like buttons, a reader can forward your post to his or her friends or simply announce to the Wall that he/she likes your blog post. Through this word of mouth scheme, you can advertise your content with no additional cost.

We searched the net for the best, easy-to-use Facebook Like and Share plugins for WordPress blogs. Here are our selected picks.

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