5 Best Facebook Like / Share plugins for WordPress

With Facebook.com easily becoming one of the most-visited websites on the web, it pays to have your blog connected to Facebook too. Using Facebook’s Share and Like buttons, a reader can forward your post to his or her friends or simply announce to the Wall that he/she likes your blog post. Through this word of mouth scheme, you can advertise your content with no additional cost.

We searched the net for the best, easy-to-use Facebook Like and Share plugins for WordPress blogs. Here are our selected picks.

1. FaceBook Share (New) – (Plugin Site)

A very user-friendly plugin with options to choose which position (Before or After the Post) and Blog Location (Post, Page, and Home) you want the Share button to appear. Has an option to place the number counter above or inline with the button. Can also add a Share button in the post’s RSS feeds. Best feature: an Analytics section that tells you which blog posts had the most Facebook Shares, Likes and Comments.

2. WP FB Like (Plugin Site)

Simple, easy-to-install Facebook Like plugin with a few CSS styling options. Possible to place the button anywhere via manual placement.

3. Facebook Likes it! (Plugin Site)

Standard options available such as locations where to post the Like / Recommend button (top, bottom or both) and blog sections (Post, Page, Home, Search, Archive). Ability to identify posts, pages or categories you don’t want the Like / Recommend button to appear. Also available in Brazili

an Portuguese and Polish languages.

4. Like Button Plugin For WordPress (Plugin Site)

Available in English and German, this plugin has more options presented in tabbed sections. Has a Like Button Generator where you can create your own Like button, ability to use iFrame or XFBML Button and option to connect your Facebook accou

nt, Fanpage or Application with the Like-Button on the blog. Best for those looking for more technical functions. Too cluttered for those looking for something simple to use.

5. Facebook Like Button For WordPress (Plugin Site)

Standard Facebook Like / Recommend button that works. Simple, easy to install, with user-friendly options. The only thing annoying: the three big banner logos being promoted in the Plugin Dashboard.

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