Apple iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Toshiba Folio 100

With Christmas just a few months away, I’m thinking of getting a new PC to replace my 5-year-old Fujitsu laptop which is starting to break down. Touchscreen tablet PCs seem to be the in thing these days so if the specs and price are right, I might get this gadget as a Christmas gift to myself this year.

Which one is the best? That’s what I’m about to find out. I’ll use this space to post some good and bad reviews that I can find for these tablet PCs.

The 3 emerging choices for me, after a preliminary search, seem to be the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Toshiba Folio 100.

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Hewlett-Packard (HP) Service Center — bad, bad, bad!

HP sucks!

Rant mode alert!

Over a year ago, I bought an HP Compaq nc2400 laptop in South Korea. The laptop performed superbly during the first few months (no surprise), but starting on the 8th month, its battery life dropped considerably to half and processing became slower (for example, opening an MS Office file took 1 minute). These did not bother me much then because I thought these were the trade-offs for having a small, lightweight notebook.

Left-click malfunction

But in November 2007, the left-click function of the TouchPad started acting weird. Clicking the TouchPad’s left-click button also opened the right-click functions and this could not be rectified by simply adjusting the TouchPad settings.

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