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Most Expensive Houses of US Billionaires

Large houses and lavish homes usually define rich people. But if you’re one of the few ultra-rich, how should your home look like and how much would it cost? To know the answer, let’s look at the residences of seven American billionaires whose houses are valued at several million dollars.

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates: Funny Jokes on Being Rich

Yesterday I received a forwarded email showing Photoshopped pictures of tech icons Steve Jobs and Bill Gates delivering jokes about being rich. A sample of their “conversation:” Steve Jobs: Remember when we were poor? Bill Gates: No. Steve Jobs: Me neither. (Both laugh.) Hilarious, indeed. And another one:

Richest Men in the World 2010

The richest person in the world this year is not anymore Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. It is Mexican Carlos Slim Helu — the first man from a developing country to grab that top spot since Forbes Magazine started the list. There are 1,011 billionaires in the 2010 Forbes list of The World’s Billionaires, with …

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