Invalid clicks in Bidvertiser

For several months now, Bidvertiser is becoming a good complement to Google Adsense as a money-making program. During our first month, we earned $33.15 from Bidvertiser and every month since then, we average $40-50 a month.

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Is Bidvertiser a good alternative to Google Adsense?

For the past 3 years, our online income came primarily from Google Adsense. But with so many not-so-good things going on with both Google and its Adsense program — PageRank penalties, new rules regarding ad units, and declining Adsense earnings, to name just a few — we thought now might be a good time to try other Adsense alternatives.

There are a lot of Adsense competitors around such as Yahoo! Publisher Network, AdBrite, and Bidvertiser. In our first attempt searching for a good Adsense alternative, we tried out Bidvertiser.

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