Philippines' inflation rate hits 11.4% — highest in 14 years!

Here’s one sad, bad news for all of us: the Philippines’ inflation rate in June 2008 jumped to 11.4% — the highest ever recorded in the last 14 years.
The figure was beyond the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines)’s forecast range of 10.4% to 11.2%.
It was the fastest pace in 14 years since May 1994 when inflation was recorded at 11.5%.

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Long 12-day holiday during Christmas 2008

Did you know that we’re having an almost 2-week long holiday this Christmas 2008?
A combination of special non-working days and the government’s policy of holiday economics — wherein specific holidays are moved to the nearest Mondays — made possible as many as 12 consecutive vacation days this December 2008.

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