Scrolling Adsense ads now officially rolled out

After almost four months of beta testing, the Adsense Ad Scroller is now officially a part of Google Adsense ads.

We were one of the first to spot scrolling Adsense ads back in December 2007. Today, the Google Adsense blog officially talked about the details of this feature.

After months of testing, we’ve just updated our text ad format to include ‘next’ and ‘previous’ arrow buttons for cost-per-click (CPC) ads. When a user clicks on the ‘next’ button, an entirely new group of ads will appear in the ad unit, giving your users greater control over the ads they see and click.

Clicking the ‘next’ or ‘previous’ buttons won’t generate earnings for the publisher but the arrows will supposedly help deliver targeted advertisements to users, thus increasing the cost per click.

You probably are now seeing the Ad Scroller in most Adsense ads.





6 thoughts on “Scrolling Adsense ads now officially rolled out”

  1. Yup, I also notice it… very time i browse sites the google ads showed Ad scroller… Lets just wait for something better from Adsense – for publishers and advertisers alike…

  2. ^ maybe your right about that. but i find it hard for readers to use or browse the ads using the ads scoller.. Unless the ads really that important…

  3. Good update news: Thanks, I’m also watching drop down menu in ppc advertisement over Google. Like we searcg homeowner loans or other finance related keywords, there is a drop down coming in PPC ads showing different ranges of interest rates from lender.

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