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Saving P1 million by age 30, is it already an achievement?

What do you think of someone who’s already saved a million pesos by the age of 30? 

Would you already consider that an achievement? Or is that something normal?

For some people, one million pesos (P1 million) is already a big amount of money, but for some, this may not be enough.

What’s your take on this question: Malaki na ba ang makaipon ng P1 Million by age 30?

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We picked out some of the best answers from the forum discussion and shared them below. Here are the views of some Pinoy Money Talk (PMT) Forum members.

Langerhans says:

If you are an average income earner (say P10k-15k/month), P1 Million is already a relatively large savings especially if you will consider the salary of a regular employee here in the Philippines. On the other hand, if you belong to a job that pays high (i.e. Bank managers, Real Estate developers, Financial analysts, etc.) plus you have a regular income-earning business, then P1M is small savings.

In my own perspective, to live comfortably, you must not rely on what you earn from your own employer/company. There a several business ventures you can go into — farming, apartments, hog-raising, etc.

Another option is to go abroad and look for greener pastures if opportunities allow you.

ultimate says:

I treat monthly savings as a regular expense. I set aside a certain amount, say 10K per payday by putting it in a passbook savings account. I consider it as a monthly expense like utility bills, etc.

If I stay at this course and only keep the money in the regular savings account, I’ll have a little over 1M in 4 years and 3 months. It’s a bit tough and I know I can’t do it. So I invest part of the savings to get there in a shorter period of time.

ociregjm‘s opinion:

Para sa akin, ok ang P1 million at the age of 30 if you have a plan of getting more cashflow from that money. Wag po tayong magisip na porke may isang milyon tayo e ok nayun. Kailangan din po nating tingnan yung expenses natin.

Emo’s view:

I believe the more important consideration is not the amount that you save but really just the mindset that you gain in becoming disciplined and sound-minded with regards to following proper financial management practices.

For lucky_pinay:

P1M is not a big amount when you consider that you want to buy a lot of things like cars, condo, and travel. But P1 Million is also really hard to earn so it is a big amount for me in that sense.

Do you agree with these opinions? What’s your own take on the issue?

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11 thoughts on “Saving P1 million by age 30, is it already an achievement?”

  1. Charissa says:

    It doesn’t matter how big you earn but how big you save. 1 million is easy to spend but to think that you practice the proper financial management. It’s worth it!

  2. pinoymoneytalk says:

    I agree! Earning money is just half of what financial management is. Growing and saving it is the other half. And that’s the part where most people fail.

  3. Jay-R_MTS says:

    1M at the age of 30? What are the other aspects? You got 1M at the age of 30 but don’t have your own family? You don’t have your own house? Car? Well, if you don’t, 1M is definitely a small amount.

  4. Jay-R_MTS says:

    Relatively to what Charissa and pinoymoneytalk just posted, well, they are right. But the answer is irrelevant from the question “Saving P1 million by age 30, malaki na ba yun?”.. =)

  5. Joebel Roa says:

    Saving money at aged 30,malaki ba yon?

    In my point of view,1 million to save at age 30 is an achievable amount eventhough a person start from earning at a minimum wages.what a persons need is a financial education and a better money management habit.Because the more the person becomes financially literate the more he can save and invest in a fast moving and high yielding investment.

  6. Joebel Roa says:

    jay-R_MTS Says:
    January 25th, 2010 at %I:%M %p

    1M at the age of 30? What are the other aspects? You got 1M at the age of 30 but don’t have your own family? You don’t have your own house? Car? Well, if you don’t, 1M is definitely a small amount.

    To Jay-R
    Managing money does not restrict freedom,but it promotes it!you can still own a house and
    buy luxurios things that you want while and have a family.managing money doesn’t mean you put everything for savings,managing money means you have separation of accounts for each specific purpose
    and that includes account for savings and investment.

  7. Jdevelasquez says:

    Million pesos or more is irrelevant as the saying goes ” HAVING LOTS OF MONEY DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY BUT HOW YOU SPEND IT DOES ” Lampas na ako sa edad na 30 years, not to brag about have at least more than 3 million in the bank, have a house and lot and so with a waterfront condo by Roxas Blvd. as to cars drive a PORSCHE BOXSTER and an older VW Golf. Worked hard for all of this, still I have compassion to my fellow citizens who are trying to survive in our economy. I always donate financial assistance to those in need. Saan ang mga mayayaman na palaging nasa newspapers natin? I love this country so much ” GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES”

  8. Maryjane Kool says:

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  9. Jewell Stankey says:

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  10. George Town says:

    Looking at my peers, I feel that 1million is a large amount because it is still beyond the reach of a lot of working professionals – whether highly paid or not.

  11. Secretguru says:

    As a business Owner at the age of 30 this 2019. 1 million is hard to earn. I started doing business at 21 before I held 1 million. But I had to make a lot of sacrifices even personal happiness and letting go of time & some opportunities just to focus on money earning and nothing work as planned, there was always surprises along the way. So the guy is right. It doesn’t matter how much you earn. What matters is the BALANCE in between. I like this saying before I was thrown into this page “YOLO is all about focusing on the present and enjoying the “now.” But in enjoying the present, you must not lose sight of the future.”

    And yes 1 million is a big deal, IT DEPENDS ON HOW YOU EARNED AND WORK HARD FOR IT. The value depends on your effort towards achieving it cause we came from different financial backgrounds with support or no support from our parents or someone, starting from when we are young until now – everything adds up. In the end, having it is not the factor but achieving it is part of the story, so yes its a big amount.

    Moving forward, now what matters is not how much you have but how you are willing to ADJUST & GROW IT without sacrificing your contentment in life, cause happy contented and inspired people makes more. ;) Your quality of life is more important. Ether you have more or less money.

    1 MILLION at the age of 30 is okey/small if your earning your daily maintenance from business cause you never know if it will work out when. So in the end, it mostly depends on your lifestyle, dreams and the quality of life you want. Having more money doesn’t necessarily mean having more quality life. Decide first what you want in life then you’ll know if its already enough to consider as an achievement. So advice try to have both.

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