43 thoughts on “Banned by Google Adsense? Here’s how to reinstate your account”

  1. Jason (blogAGLOCO.com)

    That’s some helpful information. I haven’t been banned from AdSense, and do not plan to be in the future, but that is nice to know just in case.

  2. Hi Jehz, ano binanggit na reason ng Google bakit daw na-ban yung account mo? Kung invalid clicks at tingin mo wala kang kasalanan, explain mo sa kanila yun. Although maganda kung makakapagbigay ka ng mga proof, halimbawa access logs, ad click history, etc — yun ay kung meron ka. Kung wala naku mukhang mahirap nga ma-reinstate yung account mo. Try mo patulong kay Aileen 😀

  3. me, the first time na biglang nag triple ung click ratio ko, nag email kaagad aq tapos the next day, i’m suprised na they answer my reply! (2 times pa!)

    they stated, don’t worry daw, they will keep monitoring my site, and report any unusual clicks on my site!

    yun lng…

    (sana di aq ma-ban!)

  4. Thanks for tips.

    I got my account reinstated the other day!
    That’s after following up 3 times thru email. Mine was probably easy as I proved that my domain was ‘stolen” from me by a cybersquatter.this after two years of being banned though.

    Still i’m glad I have my account back

  5. And if reinstating the account does not work even if you really didn’t click on your own ads, why not just join an alternative ad network? There are many services out there, and some of them are really good. My personal favorite, for example, is Oxado, a provider of contextual advertisements.

  6. I got banned a couple of months ago. But I didn’t tell anyone about it because according to what I’ve read from a blog somewhere that you’ll have higher chances of getting reinstated if you don’t talk about it in your blog. So I wrote Google a letter using their Invalid clicks Appeal Form. After a week, I got my account back.

  7. Well, charge to experience I say.

    And forget thinking about your ads and focus on content. Soon traffic will flow naturally to your site, then your revenue on your ads.

    Good luck to all.

  8. Getting adsense unit reinstated after being banned is one of the most toughest job. I have put together the links to 6 people’s experience with the same. Link is in my signature. Please let me know what you think of the same.

  9. Great tips. A basic guideline for those that got banned without doing anything wrong themself. Infact it should be a general guideline for sending a mail to any company/individual.

  10. I was banned from adsense last year. I felt sad at first because I was only left with adbrite ads that time. I earned all in all almost $400 during Summer up to August. And now I came became active again and my earnings are looking great and it seems that I could get at least $100 a month. I recommend Adbrite Ads because it pays more because of so many advertising options such as text links ads, full page ads, banner ads, britepic ads, etc. Hope to get $500 this summer if my visits increase. And note, I received my $400 check which I earned last year during the summer season and start of classes. It’s true and I have deposited it on my dollar account. Thanks to adbrite, my earnings became reality.

  11. I was banned by Google without any explanation. They have refused to reinstate me and will not tell me what I did wrong. I earned $100 over a period of six months. There are sites they claim they earn thousands a day. My explanation is that a large source of Google’s revenue comes from banning the smaller sites and refusing to pay them. The Adsense program is a fraud. Now I am looking for a program that will pay the same or more.

  12. I was too banned from adsense program due to using online advertising for driving traffic. You have shared a nice way for reinstating the account. Just take a look at my story that how I got my account reinstated

  13. Ad Sense Aspirin

    aacrepairbible@gmail.com– The new account process has to be done to perfection. Please do not make it seem this simple. Anyone who wants the process, done in order and to make sure Google doesn’t BAN you again because of a misstep, email me for the information.

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  15. Great advice! I recently wrote an article discussing how Google catches even the most clever Adsense cheaters. It is located at the URL I provided above.

  16. Michael Morpheus

    Great article on getting your account reinstated. It is important to not click on your own ads as they will catch you. There is more money to be made with landing pages and affiliate marketing like the material found in Secrets of Osiris at where you can drive your own traffic. Google Adsense is only one of many ways to generate income.

    1. I open new account via flixya.com but it closed after around 5 days before i use it! any one can tell me why? thanks

  17. Thank you for this. I got banned also from Google adsense. I think I better find an alternative.
    .-= dokwayne´s latest blog ..Managing crisis =-.

  18. thank you very much for your tips sharing with us yes i have banned with the google but your these tricks help me so much and now my account again refreshed as i send the request …
    thanks again for your help us

  19. My account has been disable from Adsense on 11 February 2011.
    I do not login to my account as I know Adsense have some cookies to play around with my pc. I do not contact Adsense. I just leave it there. Today I got this email from Adsense.

    We previously sent you an email stating that your AdSense account had been disabled due to invalid click activity. After thoroughly re-reviewing your AdSense account, we’ve decided to reverse this decision and reinstate your account. Please note that there may be a delay before ads start running on your website, as it may take up to 48 hours before all of our servers are informed of the change.

    If, upon the disabling of your account, we made a deduction on your remaining account balance, then we’ve credited back to your account any earnings we found to be valid. While this credit wouldn’t appear immediately in your reports, it would be reflected in your finalized earnings for this month once they’re posted to your Payment History Page during the first week of next month. After this time, if you have any questions regarding this credit, please feel free to reply to this email.

    We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center at http://www.google.com/adsense/support, or contact us at http://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/request.py. Thanks for your interest in the AdSense program.

    Google AdSense Team

  20. getting suspended adsense account is very difficult and there are some alternative ads programme you can use to earn online like adbrite, smowtion, infolinks, chitika etc…

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