Review: SkyBroadband vs. SmartBro internet

Last week marked the third month I subscribed to SkyBroadband internet. As promised in the earlier article SkyBroadband internet trial review, I will post an update describing how the first three months of SkyBroadband subscription went.

First, let it be known that I was not paid to make this post and I am merely describing an objective experience with the two internet service providers (ISP) I have subscribed to in the past. I do not work and have never worked for SkyCable/SkyBroadband or Smart Corp. and will not get any benefit, in whatever form, by making this post.

With that disclaimer, let me share my experiences with both SmartBro and SkyBroadband.

SmartBro experience

When I was living in Quezon City until a few months ago, I used to subscribe to the SmartBro wifi internet service and paid P999 a month for a 1MB package. I was a subscriber for close to three years. I don’t remember anymore how the first years of service were but I know my internet connection was suffering badly during my last months with them.

My internet connection frequently experienced service interruptions, usually happening at least once a month. Service interruptions means losing the internet connection for several hours. After experiencing these frequently, I have accepted it as normal and I ultimately learned to deal and live with it.

I remember one time when I did not have internet connection for one whole day. I simply thought Smart was doing maintenance work. But the next day, internet connection still did not return so I decided to inquire with Smart’s Customer Support.

That’s when they told me that they updated their software (something about the Canopy) which affected my connection. It was annoying that I was never informed about the software upgrade and that I even had to call to find out why I did not have internet connection. They did offer to send maintenance guys to replace the canopy and perform software upgrade, but their available schedule was in two or three days. The problem was eventually solved but I did not have any internet connection for almost one week.

Worse, during the last months of subscription with them, I seem to experience very slow internet connection usually averaging only 0.20 Mbps. Here’s a screenshot of results of my SmartBro connection in April and May 2012.

SpeedTest results: SmartBro internet


I thought then that this was the best I could get for P999 per month.

SkyBroadband experience

In June this year, I moved to The Fort in Taguig City and subscribed to SkyBroadband internet. My application experience and first week with them was described in the article SkyBroadband internet trial review.

Three months later, today, I can say I’m still satisfied with the service. In my three months with SkyBroadband, I have rarely encountered any service interruption. Of course, there were a few instances of internet disconnections, but they would only last for several minutes, never more than an hour. Actually I have never contacted Sky’s Customer Support yet because I never had any need to do that.

What about internet speed?

For my 1.5 Mbps package costing P999 per month, I can say I’m pretty satisfied with the connection. On average, I’m getting 3 or 4 times the average speed I got from SmartBro. Specifically in July — technically my first month of subscription after the trial period — internet speed was averaging more than 1Mbps.

Of course, not everything was smooth-sailing. As seen in the SpeedTest screencap below, I had dismal 0.10 Mbps and 0.17 Mbps connection on September 30. The good thing, though, was that this does not seem to be the average speed performance.

In fact, while writing this post, I checked SpeedTest again and my internet connection clocked at 1.36 Mbps. Not bad.

Here’s a screenshot of my SkyBroadband internet connection in July, September and October 2012. Compare that with the speed performance of SmartBro in the previous screencap.

SpeedTest results: SkyBroadband internet


Again, let me reiterate that this is not a paid post and I am neither for nor against either SkyBroadband or SmartBro. I’m just a regular internet user and all I want is consistent, fast, and reliable connection.

I understand that internet speed is affected by a lot of factors — location, modem/router quality, time of usage, etc. — but in the end, it’s all about overall satisfaction.

After three months of subscribing to SkyBroadband, I can say I’m a generally satisfied customer. Let’s see if they will live up to this expectation in the future. I’ll post another update to monitor SkyBroadband’s speed and performance in the coming months.

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45 thoughts on “Review: SkyBroadband vs. SmartBro internet”

  1. Thanks for this post! I really hope that the internet service in Pinas would improve. I understand it would probably take long for the infrastructure itself to improve but the customer service… I don’t think it would be that difficult to implement changes for improvement. Here in Tokyo, if a provider’s going to implement major upgrades that would affect the connection, they would always send notification minimum 6 months ahead. And they would send not just one notification but several to remind the customers. And I could not remember any service interruptions here (except maybe on extreme circumstances…)

    And I think the price that you pay for this package(1MB) value-wise is “expensive”.

    • Hi @caaf3e2bb3f9e3e1bd3b7b87731a0b16:disqus, I hope too that internet service in the Philippines would improve and catch up with other countries. I agree with you, I also find the P999 for 1.5Mbps package relatively expensive, but here in the Philippines, that’s the going rate. I don’t think you can find decent internet service with less than that amount. PLDT is even testing a 100Mbps service and initially charges a huge P20,000 per month. I hope in the next years they can bring that down.

      • Hi, do you have an update on your experience with Skybroadband? I’m planning if I will continue to apply or not. Thanks

        • Hi Mark, I’m still generally satisfied with my SkyBroadband connection. It’s not of course perfect all the time. Once in a while there are periods (lasting hours) where there is no internet connection. But in general, it’s still pretty OK. I can’t compare the service with other internet providers since I’ve not tried their service for a long time now.

        • Sky broadband is really crappy! No internet connection for several hours and sometimes day! Customer service is bad too. It seems they don’t know what their doing. You spend several hours calling them. Their concierge is useless. Don’t get sky broadband. You always get disconnected and go offline for half day, whole day and up to 3 days. That is my bad experience with sky broadband. You will waste your money with sky broadband.

        • Sky broadband is really crappy! No internet connection for several hours and sometimes days! Customer service is bad too. It seems they don’t know what they’re doing. You spend several hours calling them. Their concierge is useless. Don’t get sky broadband. You always get disconnected and go offline for half a day, a whole day and sometimes up to 3 days. That is my bad experience with sky broadband. You will waste your money with sky broadband.

        • Hi Radiance. I have been a Skybroadband subscriber for more than a year already. There’s problem from time to time like intermittent connection or no connection for a day or two but generally I’m satisfied with their service. I used Globe before but i happier with Sky.

        • I’m not happy with Sky broad band. They say you can send a message to them to 23662 to report or ask for help and they will call you but they don’t. They will reply saying to further assist you call their 3810000 number which takes a very long time for them to answer. You wait and wait,
          Their technicians if they do come make you wait for a whole day 9am to 6pm to fix yiour internet but when they leave, 2 hours after, the internet is gone too. And sometimes the technicians can’t also fix your no internet problem. They say the problem is with their system.
          Or sometimes they will send a text msg saying they have been trying to reach you but I was just waiting for their call but no call. They will also sometimes send a message saying that they can’t contact my number and asking for another alternate number, Such bull. My phone was just with me the whole time and I was waiting for their call.
          I don’t have internet at home up to now. I have my online courses and work that all went down the drain because of their no internet service, Their technicians say that it’s congested that’s why we have no internet. They should stop getting more subscribers if they can’t deliver good service internet, So much money wasted with them. So many days with no internet and I missed a lot of my online courses and work because of their no internet service for days. Stressful and very disappointing.

    • Asa ka pa. Kaliwa’t-kanan ang balita na naga-upgrade ang mga telco ng infra nila, pero not to improve their service, but to add more subscriptions with their new scams.

  2. You are not alone with Smartbro, I even cut/trimmed a neighbors tree all expenses comes out from me and then the problem with interruption did not disappear. They then admit that they have made changes in the base station, the same thing they kept on denying. Fun part, even the technicians don’t know of this update.

  3. I have the same problem. I’ve called them thrice this week na yata, but nothing happened. They sent a tech guy here and the guy said wala na daw pag asa so ire recommend na daw na putulin, I asked him why, mahirap daw kasi mag acquire ng signal dahil sa update chever nila, ang point ko lang, kailangan ba customers ang mag intindi? Bakit di nila ayusin yang signal na yan sa lugar na mahina? Nakakainis. May contract pa kami kaya di mapaputol, ililipat daw kami sa ibang smart bro plan. Talaga po bang dapat tapusin ang contract sa ganyan? Ano pong ginawa nyo?

  4. I bought a prepaid smart dongle before ako magpostpaid, Ang bilis ng speed nung free days nya.
    Then I subscribe sa unlisurf, bumaba ang speed, pero ok ung speed for a promo.
    Nung nag pospaid ako(unlimited surfing), nabwisit lang ako, sobrang bagal ng download speed, Buti ang subcription contract ko ay 6months lang.

    I can say na ang company na ito at mga sister company related dito ay PERA PERA LANG.
    Di naman sila concern sa clients nila, they are just after sa kung ano ung papasok na pera sa kanila. Syempre postpaid yon, automatic kasi may contract, kikita sila, pasok lang ng pasok ng pera sa kanila. If hindi ganun ang motive nila, sana after knowing ung issue ko na for 2 weeks i am sending them emails daily(Ang haba na ng email Thread), im calling their hotline at pumupunta ako sa mga service store/center nila, sana vinoid na nila ung contract if they cant serve me better.

    After ko mabwisit since di nga maayos ung internet ko, kumuha ako ng unlimited surfing sa globe, this is better. The costumer care knows how to respond to costumer na may issue. Pumunta ka sa service center nila, maaayos ung concern mo at kung tatawag ka sa hotline, maayos kang sasagutin ng call center agent, if maputol ang call, they will get back to you, hindi ung iriring ka lang tapos ilalagay nila sa report nila na tinawagan ka nila at naayos na kahit hindi pa.

    Hindi rin po ako binayadan, kasi if magdedefend sa smart, ipapakain ko sa kanila ung printed documentation ko as report ko as email thread.

  5. So you really recommend sky broadband. Thanks for the review. I have decided. It’s sky cable. But if i may ask, what will the people from sky do when I call them to install the modem? Thanks

  6. Sakit talaga sa ulo yang Smart Bro-ken. Dito sa lugar namin sa Cavite, NON-EXISTENT ang Internet ng Smart Bro-ken 8:00 PM until 11:00 PM. Grabe! Ito pa naman yung time na nagwo-work ako online. And guess what… naka-off yung ilaw ng tower nila during that time, malapit lang kasi tower nila sa amin. But malapit na ang one year of hellish subscription namin sa buwisit na ISP na ito, ipapa-cut ko agad.

    Sky Cable naman, I’ve tried inquiring to them thru their website, walang man lang reply after 3 weeks. I think that’s already a bad sign of customer service.

    • SkyBroadband is usually “intermittent” thus downloads from torrent and other file hosting sites are as slow as dial-up connection.

      Imagine the internet full of connection time out, game lags, forever loading websites, and interrupted downloads on an UNLIMITED 1.5 Mbps plan. What more can you expect if subscribing to higher plans when their basic plan is already a crap? The “ONLY GOOD THING” I can tell about their service is that the speed really reaches the subscribed speed, sometimes it exceeds. In Plan 1.5 Mbps, usual sustained speed is 1.2-1.4 Mbps while it also bursts to 1.6 Mbps. The maximum speed reaches 2.1 Mbps, but not continuous or sustained speed. All other else, IT IS A JUNK.

      Their customer service seems to be unprofessional compared to PLDT/Smart or Globe. If you have connectivity problems, it’s hard to contact them. They sometimes DON’T BOTHER TO ANSWER YOUR CALLS. Thus, they don’t seem to have coordination with the other staff. They will tell you that a technician will arrive at this date and time but believe me, EITHER THEY WILL NEVER ARRIVE OR WILL ARRIVE LATE. They have no commitment and that’s very disappointing especially when you’re busy and allot time to wait for them but they don’t arrive.

      Just to give quick review, if you’re a person who plays online games or downloads large files, you will definitely suffer if you subscribe to their service. For me, intermittent connection is always there. It’s either mild or severe. I’m a SkyBroadband subscriber in Laguna.

      To future subscribers of SkyBroadband, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  7. I am a skycable home tv subscriber in marikina and i am about to subscribe to sky broadband in the coming days, they are offering a 15-day free trial. if they prove to be a much better provider then i will discontinue my subscription with my present 1Mbps DSL/internet provider. I have apprehensions though, because my Skycable tv gets interrupted whenever there is thunderstorm or light-heavy downpour that last for hours. This may be the same with the broadband connection because they will use the same cable. But don’t b mistaken, my DSL connection is not bad at all. It is just the cost of package that i am considering to move to another provider. Can anybody share their experiences on sky broadband?

  8. ang SKy broadband ba ay kayang pumasok sa Baseco, Port, Area, Manila? may internet shop kasi ako pero walang broadband na makapasok sa lugar. sana matulungan nyo ako, ang PLDT kasi ay zero percent ang chances dun pati. globe at smart…

  9. Hindi maganda para computer shop ang Sky Broadband. Napaka unstable ng signal. yung ping kulang nalang mas mataas na sa download speed. Laging DC sa games. Ok lang sya para sa internet browsing (not in game). Pero sa internet games isusumpa nyo talaga. Ok sa akin Globe wala akong naging problem kahit sa games. Pero wala ata silang wired connection kaya di pwede sa mga condominium.

  10. @jessie delmo so sa tingin mo pwede sa lugar namin ang globe broadband? kahit hindi wired ok lang kasi di talaga ako satisfied sa wi-tribe nung gamitin.

  11. i subscribed for a plan 1.5mbps for 999php hir in makati, on the 1st 3 months trial of sky broadband ok naman connection nila but after 3 months super bagal na, download reading 0.20mbps lang grrrrr…. i called their hotline but answering machine lang thus saying “the area is in under repair” words something like that… now i want to disconnect their dsl pro naka lock in period for 12 months, im really disappointed in their internet connection. im so pissed!!!!!!

  12. puro stressed ang inabot ko dyan sa smartbro na yan unang una I paid them on 16th of AUG.they promised they will deliver my order within 48 hrs but I don’t get any feedbacks till on the 5th days I try to contact them and fissed me off they just keep asking your name your account number,birthday etc.over and over again evrytime you call them while I don’t get any feedbacks from them when they will able to installed it ,they finally informed that I was escheduled that day but that is already 4oclock so I waited until 5 but nobody appeared so I called them back again more than 3 times until they said that I was rescheduled on aug.23.untill 12 am but then nobody come so I called them again and ask for their supervisor they put me on hang waiting for about 5 to 15 minutes on the phone so they finally come in about 4:pm then ive learned that it was just for individual computers it pissed me off again coz till now we are all using laptop here with Wi-Fi and you have to pay them again before they will set up your router…F-O-A-D that smart bro I don’t need it and they leave nasty wirings in front of my house too their installer are not well trained and uneducated…


    SkyCable has no customer service to speak of. Last June 24, 2013 I availed of
    the free 15-day trial of Sky Broadband, having been informed by the technician who came to our house that at the end of the trial period SkyCable or its contractors will pull out the modem and return the Php2,000 deposit. Since I was not impressed with the speed when I compare it to PLDT, on July 8 I called SkyCable to request discontinuance of the trial.

    Pull out of the modem was scheduled on Monday, July 15, 2013, as per my conversation with telesales representative Christina. On that day, nobody from the company came or called.

    The next week I followed up and was promised that the pull out will be rescheduled to July 29. I begin to get irritated but give lousy SkyCable the benefit of the doubt. July 29
    came and went but still no one from this lousy cable company came or called.

    On August 5 I made another call to the lousy cable company and was told by agent Alex that the pull out will again be rescheduled to August 30–THAT’S 46 WORKING DAYS (from the date of first request) TO RETRIEVE A MODEM! Worse than that, Alex repeatedly advised me to just bring the modem to the lousy cable company’s main
    office in Ortigas Center, which is a 90-minute commute from my residence (one way) on any weekday. As of Sept. 1, 2013, no one, absolutely no one, from the lousy cable company has come to retrieve the modem and return my Php2,000 deposit.

    Here’s the warning to prospective subscribers of SkyBroadband:



    3. MY EXPERIENCE WITH SKYCABLE SHOWS THAT THE COMPANY COULD’T CARE LESS ABOUT ITS SUBSCRIBERS. If in the future you encounter problems with their service or equipment, prepare for a response that will surely frustrate you.

    I hope this post will give you sufficient idea of what to expect when subscribing to SkyCable or SkyBroadband.

  14. Sky Broadband is a ripoff, the service is slow with packets dropping all the time and the support is terrible. They simply don’t care about customer, just signing people up as fast as possible. I live in the Fort now, going to throw out my Sky Cable connection and go back to PLDT.

    • This is true. 2 weeks pa lang ako sa sky broadband pero naranasan ko na yan. Nawalan ako ng connection after just 2 weeks of subscribing. When I called customer service, wala silang sinasabi kundi call the agent or magpapadala ng service team but nearing 5 days and still no service team. Sayang 999. Bilis kabit bilis putol bagal service.

  15. Honestly you paid P999 for a 1.5 mbs connection? What a ripoff! We are surrounded by countries that offer 100mbs speeds on average for a reasonable price. For P999 you should be getting at least 20mbs download speed.

  16. The reason we don’t have good internet service here in the Philippines is our elected representatives don’t demand better service from providers. I hear in Korea the government will not issue licenses to operate until service providers offer a minimum speed at affordable prices. Korea has the fastest internet in the World and the government is demanding the providers to step up their service and make it faster. Here we get the slowest speeds in Asia at exorbitant prices, actually ungodly prices for the level of service. There isn’t any reason for this other than GREED!

    • LOL….I can get 50MBPS here in U.K for 35.00 Sterling Pounds…the reason why Pinas is very slow on everything is because the officials that buys the hardware is not concerned about the quality of the hardware or service. They are more concerned on which company can give them more money in their pockets. There’s no difference in the transportation system or anything else. The end results is the consumer suffers.

  17. Lots of overhead in telecommunication development and maintenance in Philippines Bill, but still a ripoff.

    Tropical weather patterns, a place where its common practice for a person to climb a telephone pole attach a cable of their own and steal electricity and cabletv service, often resulting in interruption for legitimate subscribers, corrupt senators often pocketing money that would otherwise be used for public development such as sewer and underground cable laying development. (and my god is the sewer development and maintenance funding pocketed, every damn year there are floods within metro manila simply because no one was paid to go into the sewers and dig out some accumulating dirt and trash. Same damn story every year.)

    So in the end the ones laying cables are often private contracting companies or corporations hiring people that don’t know how to properly lay lines using the same telephone poles erected 50-80 years ago. Some of these telephone poles survived the clash between MacArthur and the Japanese during WWII.

  18. I’ve experience the same with my smartbro connection.. this review helped me a lot. I’m planning switch to skycable but decided to find some reviews on the internet. Well my smartbro connection really s**ks and to find out why, I checked their website and read about their “Fair Usage Policy” that seems to be service that gives customers a consumable of Gigabytes for their 1.5mbps connection speed which is I don’t know how much it was and if its per day or per month. After the customers consumed this Gigabytes, your connection will probably go down to at least 200kbps. My ping reached to the maximum of 3xxx ms between 8am – 11pm. but from 12am-7am the connection was really fast. That’s the time people are resting and sleeping.

  19. I have been with SmartBro for 3 miserable years with an “unlimited” package (more later on that). Initially when I had connection problems, they would eventually repair them and I would get reasonable speeds. The past year PLDT has taken a more active role in administering SmartBro. When I complained of ridiculously slow speeds, I was informed that I was exceeding my use allowance. ???? I explained I had an unlimited package and was told that there was still a cap on usage. “Then it is not unlimited.” Yes, it is but it has a cap under “fair use” agreement. We can throttle your speed if we determine you are on the internet too often. WHAT??!!!??? I was then told that the package was for a single USER, not single address. ????? “This is nonsense, it is advertised as family oriented.” No, it is single user. THEN COMES THE INFURIATING PART! If I want “unlimited” without the restriction (read DATACAP) then I should purchase the DSL “unlimited” account, but it also has a cap on use!!! So there is “unlimited” wireless and “unlimited” DSL but both have caps on usage, one is just more “unlimited” than the other. Needless to say when my contract finally expires I will be leaving.

  20. masaklap talaga ang experience kapag sa Smartbro tapos tali kapa ng ilang taon, well same goes to Globe. but luckily 4g area na located ang house namin so im getting a very good speed. speedtest 10mbs+ always kaya sinusulit na ang pag gamit download lang ng download…lol

  21. You are lucky, I am stuck with Globe broadband on the island I live and during the day it goes down to like a 14.4k modem did back in the old days. After midnight it goes back up to acceptable speeds, but only download about 1/2 a megabyte a minute.
    I use a VPN to get around their 1gb a day limit.
    I downloaded, off download/CNET a bit meter and I can clearly see how Globe is manipulating the net. One would expect, with usage in the system, the internet speed to go up and down like hills and valleys, but with them, it suddenly jumps late at night to much faster speeds, then around 10am it drops off like jumping off a cliff at about 10am.
    I lived in China for 7 years and one would expect internet usage to slow down after school lets out when the gamers hit the internet by the millions till about 8pm. I had no problem with that. But with Globe it is clear they are manipulating the net for profit, to get people to sign up for faster speeds. It is so bad at times that it takes 1/2 an hour to just get my email, if at all!!! Plus in China there is no limit to the amount of downloading, whereas Globe (and Smart) have their fair use policy of 1gb a day download. I was told by a Globe representative that it is a national law, later to find out it is a company directive. She was guessing to make me shut up.
    Customer service is terrible, when I talk to a representative it is like they are reading the answers from a book, always the same answers, always ending with “sorry sir” which insults my intelligence when I am talking to a person who is not allowed, or can not think outside the box.
    If the people, in unison would tell the internet providers enough of the BS, the broken promises, the false advertising, the poor customer service and demand an internet for the people, things would change. But this is the Philippines and everyone accepts terrible service and false advertising without a complaint. I don’t,. but I am a foreigner and complain for all the chicken Filipino’s for them.

    • Lol dude… Being a foreigner in the Philippines you end up just sounding like an asshole because you can basically complain about everything. All true though. Customer service here is non existent and actual service delivery is a joke. It’s like living in a time warp. Pity that most consumers just bend over and take it, otherwise companies like Globe, Sky, PLDT etc. might change how they operate.

      • I am an asshole. I’ve lived in 4 countries and by a major league mile the Philippines is the worst I have ever come across. I can put up with a lot of crap, and have a lot of patience, but the internet problems here are a clusterphuk.

  22. The Philippines has one of slowest internet speeds AND the most expensive internet rates in the Asian World. See GMA news for details. It’s a total shame. Imagine, many other poorer countries do a better job than this country. We must revolt/demand for change, simplification, and some serious improvements.

  23. I’m using Sky broadband now and it is really bad! You always have no internet for several hours up to 3 days. Their customer service is bad too. They give you the run around but never fix your internet problems. It’s hard to contact them. They make you wait and wait for a very long time before they answer and sometimes they don’t answer your call. You call their concierge which is useless because they don’t answer. You send them a text message and follow their key words to report internet signal problem but you only get a text reply thanking you for your message and that they will call you in 2 hours but they never do, sometimes you would get a half a ring and they will hang up right away before you get a chance to answer their call. That is so they can say that they called you and put it in their report. Technicians come and go but problem was never resolved. The technicians will make you wait for the whole day 9am to 6pm if ever they do come. They have no definite time when they will come so you have to wait for them the whole day. It’s very stressful, time consuming to contact them and very disappointing. Sky Broadband should stop getting more subscribers which is what they just want to do but they never fixed their internet problems for years. You are always offline with Sky Broadband for like 14 hours to a day and sometimes up to 3 days! And they don’t return your money or give you rebates for the days that they didn’t give you internet service. Can anyone give me feedback on the globe fibre optic home broadband and pldt home fibre optic broadband service and also globe and pldt home broadband? I’m looking to switch to another ISP. Please help. Thanks.

  24. Never ever make the mistake of subscribing to Skybroadband, all the complaints here are true. Funny how consistent Sky is for their inefficiency and crappy customer service. I had thesame exact experience as Radiance, it has been 3 weeks already and the service team said they can’t reach me through phone and they are having a hard time to locate my address. What a lame stupid excuse. Do not subscribe to SKY, SKYDONOTSERVE !!!

  25. Probably the worst internet connection I’ve ever experienced. For those people who wants a good internet connection don’t subscribe sky broadband you’ll regret it. The connection is very slow sometimes it’s disconnecting . We pay on time but the services is lacking.


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