BPI Call Center undermanned or plain lazy?

James Ryan Jonas

Almost a week after I posted my BPI Trade password problem, I still have not solved it because it looks like no one’s around at the BPI Call Center.

On October 9, I made a gazillion calls to BPI’s customer support number 89-100 or 891-0000 but the only response I got was “All circuits are busy now. Please try again later.”

I did try several days later but I kept getting the same message.

Yesterday, November 3, I managed to get connected but — surprise! — the call center representative I talked to told me to call again because “there are no available agents in charge of Password Reset.”

That’s when I had it. I asked how many agents are assigned to do Password Reset. She told me there are a lot. If you have a lot, I said, then how come my problem a week ago is still not solved?

She apologized, then asked for my phone number so they can call me “the moment an agent who does Password Reset becomes available.”

Today — 24 hours later — no one from BPI Call Center has called me yet. Apparently, no agent has become available until now.

BPI’s customer phone support is obviously and terribly undermanned. Either that or they’re just lazy. You choose.

James Ryan Jonas teaches business management, investments, and entrepreneurship at the University of the Philippines (UP). He is also the Executive Director of UP Provident Fund Inc., managing and investing P3.2 Billion ($56.4 Million) worth of retirement funds on behalf of thousands of UP employees.