Philippine National Bank (PNB) — Credit Card Fees and Charges

James Ryan Jonas

We continue our Credit Card series here in PinoyMoneyTalk with a listing of fees and charges for all local credit cards.

pnb-credit-card-pinoymoneytWe know that it is expensive to maintain a credit card, so we want you to be aware of all fees and charges you have to pay in order to own a credit card.

Here is a summary of fees and charges that apply to all PNB credit cards.

Philippine National Bank (PNB) Credit Cards

Fees and Charges

Fees and ChargesDescriptionAmount
Card Replacement FeeIncurred when card replacement is requested due to: a. Lost or stolen card; b. Spoilage (defective magstripe, plastic peeled off, unreadable CVC2, cracked card, wrong name embossed); or c. Change in Name (from single to married and vice versa).Php 400
Cash Advance FeeIncurred when a cardholder makes a cash advance (CA) transaction on his/her credit card.5% of CA amount for Peso or 2% for Dollar + transaction fee of Php 100 (Peso) or US $3 (Dollar)
Certification FeeIncurred once a cardholder requests for a particular certificate: Full settlement of account / Good Credit Standing / Card Replacement IssuancePhp 200 / Php 300 / Php 300
Credit Card Rate FeeUsed when a US Dollar billing is paid in Peso.Depends on MasterCard, Visa or UnionPay conversion rate of the day.
Finance ChargeIncurred when a cardholder pays only a portion of the total amount due but not less than the minimum amount due.3.25%
Foreign Currency Transactions Service FeeIncurred when a cardholder makes transactions outside the Philippines (excluding US Dollar).1.50% of MasterCard's and 2% of Visa/UnionPay's foreign exchange rate at the time transaction is posted.
Installment Pre-termination Service FeeIncurred when a cardholder cancels an installment transaction prior to the posting of the last amortization5% of the remaining unpaid total installment amount or P500, whichever is higher.
Late Payment FeeIncurred for non-payment, payment after due date or payment below the minimum amount due.Php 300 or US $10
Refund FeeIncurred when a refund for over payment is requested by a cardholder.Php 300 or US $10 - if credit to a PNB/Allied Bank account; P500 - for deposits to other bank Peso CASA account; for deposits to other bank US CASA accounts - depends on amount
Returned Check FeeIncurred when a check payment was dishonored or returned by the bank for reasons such as account closed, Drawn Against Insufficient Fund (DAIF), Drawn Against Uncollected Deposits (DAUD), etc.Php 1,000 for Peso account or US $10 for Dollar account
Sales Slip Retrieval FeeIncurred once a cardholder requests for retrieval of a particular slaes slip to verify a transaction.Php 400 or US $15 (per Sales Slip)
Statement of Account (SOA) Retrieval FeeIncurred when a cardholder requests for a fax or mail copy of his/her old statement of account (beyond 3 months from current SOA).Php 50 per statement

* Note: All fees except for the Refund Fee and Credit Card Rate Fee shall be charged to the cardholder’s Statement of Account (SOA). The Refund Fee will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. The Credit Card Rate Fee will be charged at the bank level during the sale of USD Notes. Peso amounts are for Peso accounts and Dollar amounts are for Dollar accounts.

Take note: it is expensive to maintain a credit card, so make sure you manage your finances properly! Use your credit cards wisely!

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