Metrobank Credit Cards — Annual Fees

We continue our Credit Cards series here in PinoyMoneyTalk with a listing of fees and charges for all local credit cards.

Metrobank credit card Annual FeesWe know that it is expensive to maintain a credit card, so we want you to be aware of all fees and charges you have to pay in order to own a credit card.

Here is a summary of the annual membership fees charged to all Metrobank credit cardholders.

Metrobank Credit Cards — Annual Membership Fees

Metrobank Credit CardAnnual Membership Fee for Principal CardholdersAnnual Membership Fee for Supplementary CardholdersWaived Annual fee for the first year?
Metrobank Femme VisaPhp1,600 Php900Yes
Metrobank Classic / GoldClassic: Php1,500 / Gold: Php2,500Classic: Php800 / Gold: Php1,500Yes
Platinum Peso MasterCardPhp3,500 Php1,750 Yes
World MasterCardPhp5,000 PHP2,500 (First supplementary is perpetually waived)Yes
Metrobank Dollar MasterCardUSD80USD40Yes
M Free MasterCardPerpetually waivedPerpetually waivedYes
M Lite MasterCardPhp1,500 Php800No
Metrobank ON Internet MasterCardPhp500Php250Yes
Robinsons-Cebu Pacific MasterCard ClassicPhp1,600 Php900Yes
Robinsons-Cebu Pacific MasterCard GoldPhp2,500 Php1,500 Yes
Toyota MasterCardPhp2,000 Php1,000 Yes

Take note: it is expensive to maintain a credit card, so make sure you manage your finances properly! Use your credit cards wisely!

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