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10 thoughts on “How to open a bank account in the Philippines (for foreigners and Filipinos)”

  1. lovelylady says:

    So why is PDIC asking for a third government ID in case of bank closure and claims with them. Is there any logic at all?
    How sure are you that your money is insured? by the PDIC logo?? You better be kidding…
    PDIc has not paid me a dime since they closed since Dec 2008. You think, I will deposit a single dime in the Phil again? You bet… NADA!

  2. Swag Codes says:

    Awesome.. Just the information that I needed.

    Maraming salamat : )

  3. Jhen_pablojhen says:

    hi im jhen just want to ask if the kabayan dollar saving account is having atm card too or only passbook?

  4. Ate Myrna says:

    Also, nowadays banks would like clients to bring a copy of proof of billing o kaya ID with your complete address. The proof of billing doesnt have to be on your name, because the Bank just want to verify the address. I was at BDO SM Fairview yesterday, and a Teller and Client is arguing about this, hindi daw kasi specifically sinabi sa kanya when he asked previously

  5. Carey Sisko says:

    Outstandingly illuminating thanks, It is my view your current subscribers may well just want a fantastic deal more blog posts similar to this keep up the excellent information.

  6. chloe bags says:

    Wenn ich sage, Parteien, wei? ich nicht, wie betrunken am Verbindungshaus an einem Samstag Abend, ich meine die Firmenfeier, die Ihr Unternehmen hat jedes Jahr zu Weihnachten und Sie und Ihr Freund / Freundin muss in formelle Kleidung zu besuchen. Alkohol ist eigentlich in Gl?sern serviert und nicht die roten Solo Cups.

  7. Shailesh says:

    This is good information on How to open a bank account in the Philippines

  8. Angelica Giray says:

    I just want to ask if it is possible, for example if you have an account here in the philippines but one of your relatives abroad were going to deposit in your account in dollar.

  9. Denise says:

    Thank you for this informative guide. Opening a bank account is a must since you’ll never know what could happen in the future. In case you’re looking for a bank that you can build a financial relationship with, here is a comparison of every bank’s savings account feature, interest rate, and other fees and charges –

  10. Stephie says:

    Hi regarding non-resident foreign currency deposit only account, do you have a recommended banks? I have walked in to a few and all required ACR.

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