18 thoughts on “How to open a Philippine bank account (for foreigners and Filipinos)”

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  2. My friend from Mumbai, India wants me to open him a CORPORATE FOREIGN EXCHANGE ACCOUNT here.

    Is this ever allowed here in the Philippines?

    He is not here physically.

    If yes, will you process this request for a fee?

    You just advise us what to provide for you, ok?

    Please let me know so I may advise my friend about.

    Thank you very much and more power.

  3. the info here is wrong and unfounded I took all my required paperwork THAT THE BANK ASKED FOR which included a letter of endorsement for the US Embassy ACR card Passport to 3 different BDO banks I got 50 diferent different answers and all 3 refused to open an account for me! one bank told me the letter of endorsement was the “wrong one” the other told me i needed a “permanent resident ACR card” not a tourist one (ive been here 2 yrs now) and the 3rd bank told me i had to be married for at least 3 yrs to a filipina!
    i strongly believe that this is disrimination if not racism. I know at least a half dozen American pensioners that had absolutely ZERO issues opening an account … i rather continue to be hijacked for 3,000 pesos a month in fees by BPI & BofA … in ATM fees and international fees. its not worth going to jail here for the incompetentness of non professional just plain stupid bank employess.

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