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  1. hi, good morning i would like to open an peso account but would like to ask what is the requirements?because i only have a postal I.d and birthcertificate and i do not know if you will accept and consider it.thanks and hope to hear from you regarding this matter….

  2. Hi Helen, better to drop by any Metrobank branches to confirm what exactly their requirements are. But normally, to open a savings account with a Philippine bank, at least 2 valid IDs are necessary, plus your ID photos and, at times, a copy of your latest billing or utility bill.

  3. hi.. can kindly tell me how much do i need as a initial deposit for a saving Passbook ACcount in metrobank…

    cheers a reply is highly appreciated.

  4. hi,metrobank staff,i would like to ask according for the time deposit,exam.i will deposit 30,000 only for 1 year.how much the interest you give?

  5. hello,metrobank staff,i would like to open a peso account in calbayog city samar in metrobank,i just want to know if i can do it throw internet coz i am in sweden now,i hope you can help me how to open account

  6. laurenciano baracas

    hi metrobank staff, i had already an existing ATM savings account in makati branch, all i want to know if i can use this account to paypal as to recieved and transfer funds into different countries such as USA and Europe counties?please help regarding this matter,,,,thanks in advance!!!!

  7. Hi!metrobank! im a personal secretary of my malaysian boss…He want to open an account here in the philippines worth one million pesos.maybe we’ll deposit it in dollar…we just want to know what was the requirements needed to open an account for foreigner…pls reply asap!thanks so much!

  8. hi metrobank staff, we had an existing acct for almost 10 years now. Can we use our account to receive from paypal and also to transfer funds to paypal? I would like to know to how to apply for a master debit card from metrobank? Thanks.

  9. Hi!

    How much is the charge when withdrawing from Singapore using Metrobank ATM card? Can withdraw in any ATM with Cirrus logo, right?

    Thanks much

  10. I like to deposit a money to my relative here also in the philippines but i dont know what is the procedures, please e-mail what the step by step basis for depositing cash, thnk you and i will wait your response!


    im chona , i just want to ask whatare the requirements for me to open an ATM account, i only got voters id ,, can i use brgy.clearance aswell?

  12. to metrobank how much is the maintaining balance and processing fee in applying an atm card.
    your anticipation regarding this matter is highly appreciated…

  13. Junior Damias, the maintaining balance depends on the type of account you want to open. According to Metrobank’s website, for the basic Metrobank E.T. Savings Account, the initial deposit and maintaining balance is P2,000 but the minimum balance needed to earn interest is P5,000.

  14. Hi James!i have passbook and ATM accounts,i open it when i was in Kaohsuing but the address Cebu,i want to deposit on my account but im not sure if still active since 2 years i left in phils and came USA.please email me how to work it, if i need to open new accounts and how to open new account using my address here in USA.thank you!
    i appreciate your answer

  15. mylene m. ortencio

    may i know my balance in my savings account in the philippines? your response would be my pleasure. thank you.

  16. HELLO!

    I want to open an ATM account, I’m presently working in Taiwan and no day off.What i’m going to do can i apply online? Need your help!

    Thank you and more power!

  17. Jonnel s. Castro

    im working here at adliya, bahrain for about a month but until now im not aware on how to check my remaining account balance in metrobank which until now has a money on it. i want to have an access in your website where i can check my remaining balance without any hastle,because i want to continue to deposit in your respective banking company. i also want to know on how can i deposit my salary in metrobank while im here in Bahrain, because every 5th of the month i receive my salary, i hope that i gonna work here for about 2 years so it is much better that i will continue my savings in your bank.I like to deposit a money to my account and my relative in the philippines but i dont know what is the procedures, please e-mail what the step by step basis for depositing cash, thanks alot and more power.

  18. maria stella belmis

    hi i’m recently working here in toronto canada and before i left phils i opened an account (atm) last month i started saving. i would like to know how can i check my savings thru your website. your reply is really appreciated. thanks and more power!

  19. Russell Joy Gonzaga

    Hi Metrobank!


    I already opened an account here in Metrobank Cebu, and I already enrolled it in an online banking (internet)for easy, safety and convenience purposes, but it was BLOCKED. I need your help regarding this matter. Please help me unblock or re-activate my online banking.

    I hope that this matter will be given attention and I appreciate your reply regarding this matter.

    Thank you very much. God bless.

  20. To Russell Joy Gonzaga Says:

    The best way for your problem is to go your local branch and talk regarding the matter, otherwise you can call them for any available process.

    To: maria stella belmis

    As per my conversation with the metrobank representative when I enroll my account for online access, You need to visit it in the branch where you opened your account for the enrollment- otherwise if you want to enroll it now in USA, you need to contact you local bank and if possibly, they can send the appllication of online form to you or if its possible to download it in there website– when you got the form, you just send it via FedEx or DHL to there address.

  21. hi maria stella belmis,

    im from metrobank…

    you need to apply metrobankdirect if you want to check your account from time to time..
    it is hassle free…just fill out our application form at your nearest metrobank branch..

  22. hi,im ernesto from uk london and already open on line banking in the phils.manila.but my problem BLOCKED.please help me also regarding this matter to activate again my on line banking.sorry for inconvinience.thank you

  23. hi.. m a student,,

    i have this case to answer, what will i do to my $12,000 to grow…
    put in time deposit, dollar savings or invest in money market.
    i am confused on how to address this. if i am going to convert the money to peso or leave it as it is… my professor wanted a justification that my choice is a good decision. will you help me, please?

  24. peace and good will
    hi, good day i would like to ask what are the requirements to open a dollar account? i have a exixting peso account here in cagayan de oro…is the requirement is still the same? and how much is the initial deposit…tahnks and more power….god bless us all…

  25. Hi, just want to know. I have an existing atm saving account in metrobank, how can i make it online so i will have access to may account even i’m here in abroad. it is possible to make the process thru the internet..

    thanks and best regards.

  26. Hello! Metrobank staff. Please help me because I have a balance account in my passbook which was opened at Taipei,Taiwan last Sept.29,2004. I’m now here in Philippines but the Metrobank’s branches here cannot help me.Please I know you can be trusted. Thanks! and more power.

  27. hello metro bank….
    i just wanna ask how canadian time deposits works there?how much is the initial deposit and how much is the interest and how many years?is it like the Time Deposit Extra Assure Plus (TD-EXTRA Assure Plus)? which is 10 years? please keep me updated.thank you.

  28. hello…i would like to know if i will place my 70K in time deposit for 3 mos. how much is the interest?i hope you would help me…thanks

  29. At present i have a passbook savings account with more than P100,000 on my account. Is it possible to convert this account yo Unique Savings Account to earn higher interest? if yes, what is the process?

  30. hello metrobank,i live in japan now.but i have 50,000in my account at metrobank philippines.i want to change it as time deposit extra.what is the requirements and how can i change it.is ok to change it without me.and ask my friend to do the requirements with my name.please help me.please reply.thank you

  31. Kristine S. Piagola

    Good Day. I’m an accountancy student and part of our requirement about financial statement analysis is to provide annual financial statements of metrobank. Unfortunately i cannot find any 2006 annual report. Can I request for 1?
    Thank You

  32. ask ko lng po, if posible akong makapag withdraw using the passbook of my partner. I have his passbook, what are the requirements para mawithdraw ko money nya? thank you

    1. @Bridgette, I’m not from Metrobank but I don’t think they will allow you to withdraw somebody else’s money even if you have the passbook. For the bank to process the withdrawal request, you must have a valid authorization letter or a Special Power of Attorney from the owner of the account. A valid ID of the owner might also be required to be presented.

  33. wala po kase sya, I badly needed money for our son. it is possible to withdraw his money in his passbook even without him? but i have his passbook. it is okay if i only present the passbook even without him? do i need to have his authorization letter? what if wala sya dito?

  34. good evening,i just want to know the telephone no of metro bank here in pusan korea,cause im intereted to open an account coz i work here at this time.is it possible to open an account by my friend,because she work at that area,, coz pusan is too far from my working place,can you send me the requirements needed if possible..ill wait for your reply..thanks for your kindly consideration

  35. Hi Geraldine,

    I visited this site by chance. Maybe God sent me to you. 🙂 Here are the telephone nos. and addresses of the branches in Korea:

    Seoul Branch
    2/F Danam Bldg.
    (formerly International Insurance Bldg.)
    120,5 – Ka, Namdaemun-Ro
    Chung-ku, Seoul, Korea 100-704
    Tel. No. 82 (2) 779-2751 to 52
    Fax No. 82 (2) 779-2750

    Pusan Branch
    8/F Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Bldg.
    1205-22 Choryang 1 Dong
    Dong-gu, Pusan, Korea 601-011
    Tel. No. 82 ( 51) 462-1091 to 93
    Fax No. 82 (51) 462-1090

    Hope this helps.

  36. Greetings!


    I am Marianne S. Sabado gusto ko lang po sana magrequest na pakiforward yung passbook ko dito sa Metrobank Baguio Branch located in Portavaga Philippine.Please Sir/Maam I need my passbook I left passbook in Metrobank Hewa because I go home in Philippine because of emergency reason.

  37. hello metrobank pusan! i just want to ask. what time are you going to close during weekdays and are you open on weekends? thank you!

  38. just to ask my brother had an account frm u and he wanted to clarify why until this moment there was no money from his atm for his self allottment..he kept on sending money frm his account..
    details are as follows :
    rommel s. guinto
    card number :504946-044-020988-8-000
    kindly check above inquiry
    thnk you very much

  39. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I just want to ask. if i can check my savings account balance online?..

    Thanks and Regards

  40. Good day, I have a little question I hope you can help me, how can I check my savings account online I’m a OFW I’m here in Dubai, Please help me, thank you

  41. I also wanted to know if I can check my account online. If it is possible please also include an instruction on how to do it cause I keep on looking for the answer on google and still can’t find an answer. Thank you.

  42. Hi. Can I open a Metrobank account here in Singapore using a Metrobank Philippines cheque that is written to my name? If not, where can i encash it here? Thanks

  43. dear metrobank, yesterday i my withdrawal transaction was cancelled by the atm machine. i withdrawn again with success but i n0ticed that the my savings was deducted by the cancelled transaction whch was 5000 php. i plan to go at the legazpi branch ths pm to query ths problem. any suggesti0ns?

  44. Www Abneriviernes

    dear banker metrobank i am abner a residence of spain what i wanted to know is if it is posible for me to open a checking acount tru net coz i need it badly if it is then what arethe process to fascilitate my request i am in need you quick respons send it in my facebook Abnerio Jordan Viernes thanks a lot


  46. i want to check my account online.my balance in my ATM can you please help me and please include intruction on how to log.please ASAP..thank you Metrobank

    1. How to activate my metrobank debit atm here in hongkong please.
      Its been two weeks since i went to metrobank costumer services to help me activate my atm..but when i try to use in a jetco machines it always rejected..because i need to withdraw my money in hongkong dollar.thanks metrobank

  47. Roslyn D. Orais

    I was looking at your credit card section. Where can i find credit limit for each credit card for comparison. Thank you.

  48. hi,Im marlyn j.lin I want to check my account online and,Im in taipei taiwan but, I dont know how to find the metrobank website and  thiers anything in my yahoo email also please reply me as soon us possible thanks.

  49. Hi, I’m Isagani P. Ico, Sr., an SSS pensioner with account no. 3953395116550. I can’t register with the sss online registry for the reason that my account number where my pension is being deposited since august of 2006 is, accordingly, not registered with the SSS. Please help.

  50. Am Mr. Wilfredo Neyra from Proj. 4 Q.C am now on a visit tour at Boston. MA, my Card # 5464971253173009, l want to know my available credit balance as of today, Thanks!!!


  52. I’m Percella Canoy Tamayo iwant to know my account number which is savings acccount and this is my card # 504946 0140561174000

  53. hi im rushell conag i want to update my email in my metrobank account bcoz i want to check online thanx..here is my new email add conagrushell@yahoo:twitter .com..im looking forward for ur response

  54. hi im bogsz, i would like to invest at least a minimum of P10,000.00 for 5 years what type of investment or products would you recommend?

  55. hi im bogsz, i would like to invest at least a minimum of P10,000.00 for 5 years what type of investment or products would you recommend?

  56. gud a.m,metrobank..ask q lng..ung ATM card b f d malagyn ng laman w/in 6mos.mgkclose po b?sa Abu Dhabi q po un in-open,nw d2 n aq sa KL,Malaysia..last wk..ngsave aq sa acnt.na un..pumasok nmn dw..anyway,b4 aq ngflyt ppunta d2,in-inquire q muna if ok prin un..ehh ok nman pla kc mron pa un bal…ngaun,ang tnong q:magkclose b ang atm acnt.kpg d nlgyn ng laman s loob ng anim na bu1?..sna po msgot nU..2.asap..salamat…

  57. hi. good am. may atm kasi ako ng metrobank ang kaso nadala ko siya dito sa taiwan. gusto ko lang sana malaman if pwede ko ba yun lagyan ng laman dito? and gusto ko rin sana mag online banking ano po ba ang dapat gawin?

    salamat po.

  58. Hola! Metrobank Barcelona Spain branch, sana po i-inform nyo agad customer nyo kapag nagkaproblema sa deposits.. Like sa na experience namin ng mother ko, today lang actually, 560euros umg dineposit namin sa la caixa last sunday, pero sabi ng metrobank barcelona 500euros lang daw finorward ng la caixa sa kanila.. Sana monday pa nila itinawag sa amin na kulang ung finorward ng la caixa, kung hindi pa tumawag mother ko hindi pa namin malalaman, para sana nakapunta kami agad sa la caixa..

  59. how can I borrow money with collateral ,that my land was 170 square meter in tagaytay.how much can I borrow

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