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Getting Philippine ePassport or Machine Readable Passports (MRP)

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e-Passport or Machine Readable Passport (MRP) in the PhilippinesMaroon is the new green. For Philippine passports, that is.

The new maroon-colored passport is machine-readable, in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s requirement. Green passports, however, will still be valid until their validity date according to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), but there might be a catch.

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Photo requirements

The photo of the new passport must show a full frontal shot of the passport holder’s face, occupying approximately 70-80% of the photograph. The photograph should be printed on good quality photo paper, preferably matte, and must be free from ink marks, dirt, grease, or other stains.

Background color of the pic must be royal blue or dark blue. Size must be 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm.

Applicant should be in decent attire with collar and sleeves and in dark-colored shirt. Ears and forehead should be visible. Wearing of accessories, colored contact lenses or eyeglasses, with name/name board are not allowed.

Application requirements – New applicants

  • Personal Appearance is required
  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Birth Certificate in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO); if unreadable, bring a Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar
  • Three (3) colored photos of the applicant (see photo requirements above)
  • Original ID (e.g., Senior Citizen’s ID, Voter’s ID, digitized government-issued IDs like SSS, PRC, BIR, Driver’s License, original school ID for students only) AND original supporting documents indicating full name, date and place of birth and citizenship (see list below)
  • NBI Clearance (not required if presenting 2 digitized Identification Cards)
  • NSO Marriage Certificate of parents if Last & Middle name are foreign sounding (Chua, Ong, etc)

Application requirements – Renewal for those holding brown passports or passports issued BEFORE May 1, 1995

  • Personal Appearance is required
  • Old passport and photocopy of passport pages 1,2,3 (amendment)
  • The pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps
  • Supporting document (see list below) with complete middle name and Original ID
  • Three (3) colored photos of the applicant (see photo requirements above)
  • NSO Birth Certificate in Security Paper (SECPA) or Negative Birth Record from NSO if born in 1950 or below

Application requirements – Renewal for those holding green passports or passports issued AFTER May 1, 1995

  • Personal Appearance is required
  • Present passport and photocopy of pages 1,2,3 (amendment) inside and back cover
  • The pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps
  • For illegitimate minor, personal appearance of mother is required
  • Three (3) colored photos of the applicant (see photo requirements above)

Other supporting documents

  • Marriage Contract
  • PRC / IBP ID
  • Land Title
  • Driver’s License
  • Government Service Record
  • Old SSS-E1 form or digitized SSS-ID
  • School Form 137 or Transcript of Records
  • Other documents that show full name and birth details of applicant and/or citizenship
  • Voter’s Registration Record
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Income Tax Return (Old)

You can apply for a new passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) office.

Or if you want to save time, you may apply online or via phone using the Philippine Passport Express Delivery Service by Pilipinas Teleserv ( Processing fee is P1,300 payable upon the delivery of your passport to your house.

* Note: We are NOT in any way related to Pilipinas Teleserv.

Update (January 2014): Green, Maroon MRP Philippine passports valid only until 2015

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