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Asia Century affiliate program: Scam?

Last year we wrote about Asia Century, a Philippine-based “make money online” program similar to Google Adsense and Commission Junction. Affiliates of Asia Century get to earn whenever a click, lead, or sale was generated through his site.

But as shared by Paul of the blog, supposedly this was not the case.

Paul emailed us about Asia Century and how they are allegedly not paying him the earnings he had already earned.  An excerpt of his letter goes:


From the start, I was really hesitant to join Asia Century on their website alone, you would see they’re being unprofessional. They claim to be a foreign-owned company but they have typos all over their website content and links that do not work. It’s only because and featured them that made me join them. I don’t know if I’m just being a perfectionist or what. But in an online business, I believe that a company’s website always gives a first impression.

With regard to their e-mails to me, I got irritated and frustrated at first that I deleted all of their e-mails. I believe it was like more than 20 same e-mails telling me that merchant has no money to pay me. Good thing that another e-mail (just 1 e-mail this time) was sent to me.

Then I thought of seeking assistance to other popular bloggers like you to somewhat “expose” their wrongdoings to their members. I’ve been trying to contact them MANY times and asked the status of my payment. But I got no reply. I even tried to do long-distance calls (I live in Cavite City now) and called their office but all I got was: “The telephone number you’ve dialed is not yet in service”.

On my last screenshot, that is my business e-mail from my host. I decided to blur out other e-mails I received and only highlighted the last e-mail that was sent to me by Asia Century PH. I hope that’s alright with you.

If there’s anything else I may assist you with, please let me know. I thank you in advance for everything.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Andrew Pisig


Paul sent us screenshots of his Asia Century affiliate account and the email telling him the “Merchant has no money to pay for the affiliates.”

Based on the screenshots, Paul has already earned P2,325.05 as of December 2008. This is already way above Asia Century’s minimum payout so he really is entitled for payment.

But according to Paul, despite several follow-ups, he still has not heard anything from Asia Century about payment. They even sent him emails telling him that the “Merchant has no money to pay for the affiliates.” Not good.

In our case, we have also reached the minimum payout level last December and just waiting for notice about payment. If we’ll have the same experience as Paul’s, we’ll take out all Asia Century ads from the site and will start branding them as scam.

At this point, we’d appreciate any correspondence from Asia Century’s CEO Anders Barris or from any of their representatives to explain their side.


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19 thoughts on “Asia Century affiliate program: Scam?”

  1. SoNn says:

    i did get a payment around november i think. But i had to blatantly ask for it via e-mail. I didn’t even think I’d get paid at all. That’s why i removed my ads nalang.

  2. Jay Castillo says:

    Let me guess, they’ll probably use the excuse that they have no money due to the global financial crisis.

  3. geeks says:

    bigla nalang na wala ang account ko sa AS nung nag update ako ng profile, ang saya ko panaman kasi $ dollar na yung currency eh.. pero bigla nawala account ko :(
    I already informed them pero wala paring reply. badtrip!…

  4. Mikko says:

    Wala rin ako natanggap sa kanila or any notification regarding pay-out.

    Tinanggal ko na rin ads ko sa kanila.

  5. Leo says:

    I thought I was the only one not receiving payments. Madami pala tayo.

  6. Zaldy says:

    Few days after noticing that they forgot to renew their domain last year, inalis ko na lahat ng asia century ads sa mga blogs ko, naisip ko na yung domain nga nakalimutan i-renew, paano pa kaya maaalalang magbayad –

  7. James | says:

    Looks like the problem is not just limited to a few bloggers. I already emailed them this concern. Hope to receive some clarificatory responses from them.

  8. Paul Andrew Pisig says:

    Hi James,

    I would like to thank you for helping me on this matter. I do hope that Asia Century would find some time to respond to our concerns.

  9. secret says:

    hi james,

    this is all your fault, before you publish an article in your blog, please review it, again and again.

  10. Paul Andrew Pisig says:

    @ secret:

    Hey buddy, no need to blame other people. We are all victims of circumstances.

  11. James | says:

    @Paul, yup I too hope Asia Century will respond to the issue. If they won’t, then I myself will official declare them a scam.

    @secret, you give me too much credit. In the first place, I never actively promoted Asia Century. Just like other online opportunities I’ve found, I simply document them based on my opinion of them. I don’t think people lose their sense just because they’ve read something on this blog. Unlike you, I think highly of people who read this blog and I don’t believe that whatever they see here will be considered the infallible truth.

  12. ceblogger says:

    with our desire to earn quick bucks online or offline, we are all prone to scams.

  13. lady says:

    yung akin iba naman experience ko.. dun sa account ko it says I’ve been paid about 196 pesos na daw.. eh wala kaya akong natanggap na payment. I haven’t added my bank account number pa.. wala din naman checks akong natanggap. I have not been promoting ASIA CENTURY for months kasi liit ng kita eh.. Tapos eto pa ngayon problems- walang pambayad at ako na nabayaran daw pero hindi naman..

    I just sent them an email about my issue.. I hope they’ll respond soon…
    hmmm..baka scam nga eto.. ill come back for your updates..

    ingatz james..


  14. secret says:

    James said “I never actively promoted Asia Century.”


  15. Paul Andrew Pisig says:

    @ secret

    James was right. You’re giving him too much credit. If you call posting ONE entry about Asia Century an “active” promotion, then I guess you need to re-check your vocabulary. No offense though. I just don’t understand why you need to put blames on James and his blog. Why not look at Abe of He also wrote a post about Asia Century. And personally, I also tried to ask Abe if this company is legitimate and he replied to me that it is. I even tried to ask assistance from him to send my concern to Asia Century since he said he personally met Anders Barris. But I guess he’s too busy to make me a small favor. (Don’t get me wrong Abe. I’m not upset or anything.) Again, I JUST DON’T GET WHAT YOU’RE UP TO, secret.

  16. vincent says:

    Akala ko ako lang ang biktima, so I do the google thins. At ito ang nakita ko, AsiaCentury SCAM. Shity Website. If you like i send you a screen capture of their email.

  17. boy kuripot says:

    I think they just went bankrupt. I met the owner of Asia Century at an office building near EDSA Shang. I believe his name is Anders Barris. He showed me that he was just cloning a model he had already established in Germany (or some other country). He even showed me some of the screen shots of the website in Germany.

    I only got the 1st payment from them which was around P1,000 plus. When my 2nd payment was due, I tried contacting them via email but they didn’t answer. Eventually, their portal went down and so does the money they owe me.

    They have a website called that is still operational now. Although, I’m not sure if they sold that to another party or if they gave it to one of their web developers. I tried contacting the webmaster of that website but never heard from him/her.

    To tell you the truth, I feel sad for them rather than angry. I really thought that the PPC model they had would have worked in the Philippines. O well!
    .-= boy kuripot´s latest blog ..Ultimate Thailand Explorers =-.

  18. Na Beamish says:

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