Earn money while giving away free magazines

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can earn money while distributing free copies of magazines such as Time, Newsweek, Fortune or Forbes?

You can, with RevResponse, except that what you give away are industry reports, trade publications, business resources, and technical magazine subscriptions.

What is RevResponse?

RevResponse is a program that pays a commission on every qualified magazine subscription or download request. You can get paid even if the person who made the download is not from the US, Canada, or UK.

What publications are available for download?

A lot — and from various industries, too! There are magazines and reports on the Telecom & Wireless, Internet, Automotive, and Finance industries, among others. Search for your magazine of choice here.

Sample magazines:

Electronic Gaming MonthlyThe EconomistGlobal Finance Magazine

eWeekCFO Asia MagazineStores Magazine

How much can I earn?

Every qualified subscription or request generated by your visitors earn you a guaranteed minimum of $1.50. Imagine if you can get 10 downloads a day, that’s at least $15 every day!

How will I be paid?

By check or via Paypal. Payments are made in US dollars and are sent every month.

I’ve already signed up. How do I start giving away free magazines?

Log in to your account and go to the Promote section. Create your ad module then copy and paste the HTML codes into your website. Once people start downloading, you start earning!

Is it really for free?

Yup! Joining the program is free and the publication downloads are also for free!

A week after I’ve signed up, I already had 2 downloads — meaning, $3.00 earnings. Still not that much, but it’s a start!

Won’t you join yourself? Sign up now!

13 thoughts on “Earn money while giving away free magazines”

  1. @Jehz and Pinoy Nurse, puwede yan siguro, basta “qualified” yung nag-download, meaning kung taga-US o Canada o International resident yung requirement at pasa siya dun, maki-credit yun sa inyo.

    Pero kung puro ikaw lang yung nagda-download, I’m sure mapapansin nila yun at baka pagbawalan ka at nde ka na bayaran.

  2. May minimum po ba for cashout d2? or Automatic na nila send ung payout every month kahit wala minimum? ok to ah

  3. Thanks nice info.. question lng, kailangan p tlga n nag ooperate k ng website pra mkpgsign up?, credit din s u yung nagddownload n outside us, canada?

  4. @abz, no need to have a site. As long as the valid downloads are using your link, even if they were on an email, you’ll get credit for it. Those downloading from outside the US or Canada also earn you money, but I’m guessing downloaders from within North America will give you higher earnings.

  5. Revresponse is one of the biggest scams. You will have nearly 90% rejections for your subscriptions and the reports are false..They take us for ride and make money. Revresponse is a big scam..I have very bad experience from my high traffic site. Huge rejects and these bast…ds make money out of our visitors. They mail all the rejects with their address. We make traffic for them.,DROP REVRESPONSE LIKE A HOT POTATO…Netline/Revresponse is a scam of the highest order!!!!BEWARE!!!

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