Land Bank of the Philippines’ “Harvest 5” long-term time deposit

James Ryan Jonas

Product Name

Land Bank of the Philippines' Tax-Free "Harvest 5" Long-term Time Deposit

Product Description

A long-term time deposit offered to individuals (single or joint accounts) by Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), earning the prevailing market interest rate.


Five (5) years and one (1) day

Minimum investment


Interest Rate

Prevailing market rate

Tax exemption

No withholding tax and documentary stamp tax if maintained until the end of the investment period

Options for Interest Crediting

Compounding – Interest earned is reinvested with the capital and compounded monthly until maturity

Monthly Crediting – Interest earned is credited to an affiliate LBP account every month

Pre-Termination Penalty

If the investment is pre-terminated within ninety (90) days from the date of placement, interest rate to be applied is the prevailing regular savings interest rate. If pre-terminated beyond ninety (90) days but below five (5) years from the date of placement, interest to be applied is the time deposit posted depending on the amount and days of placement. 

Contact Details

Land Bank of the Philippines
1598 M. H. Del Pilar cor Dr. Quintos Streets
Malate, Manila, Philippines 1004
Office Numbers: (632)5512200 / 6220000 / 4507001

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